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Angel Squad Goals- You Have The Dream Team on Your Side!

Jessica Wiggan

Yummy vegetarian breakfast bagel with oracle cards makes for the perfect morning!  

Yummy vegetarian breakfast bagel with oracle cards makes for the perfect morning!  



1.) You have a team of angels & guides that are here to help you! #TheRealDreamTeam

2.) They step forward when you give them permission!

3.) They can bring info/messages (say "yes" to clarity!), redirect stagnant routes, protect & guide, work out blessings, positively influence things, and more!



• ASK FOR HELP... even if you don't need it ;) Either way, the energy they put in ensures a super positive outcome- why do it alone when you have the dream team?!


• LEAVE IT OPEN... this means you don't need to demand a certain outcome, as much as it is desired! You have noooo idea what goodness the universe/the Divine has in store for you so opening up to being MOVED to the best outcome is one of the best things you can do!


• SAY THANK YOU! For real, everyone loves to be acknowledged and your guides and angels are no exception! Say thank you for all of their hard work, time, and attention- honestly gratitude runs through my blood with the awareness that I am being seen, heard, and cared for by such infinitely awesome and loving beings!


Prayer | Meditation | Heart Chakra Work <-- are all encouraged today!

Happy Saturday to you ALL, my loves!

Reading & Interpretation by Jessica of @BehatiLife

Cards Used: @DoreenVirtue Archangel Oracle Cards

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The Magic of Today- 11:11!

Jessica Wiggan



1111 has been popping up EVERYWHERE for me.



As spiritually seeking & as open as I am, I am still the most stubborn, always have been... maybe always will be but this has worked to support me in challenging and strengthing my beliefs.

I see the sign, nod my head- I'm aware & listening- but I CHALLENGE it and say, "Yes. I know you're here... but SHOW me. Talk to me."

Last night while sleeping I had an incredible dream rich w/ symbolism.

There was nothing too special about the circumstances or the environment... but there were 11:11 signs EVERYWHERE!

On a chalk board with the date clearly written as "11/11/16 11:11", 11 on the clock at the moment I looked at the chalkboard, 1111 carved into the wood of a desk!

Number 1111 is made up of the powerful influences of the number 1, amplified and magnified by four. Number 1 resonates with the vibrations at attributes of NEW BEGINNINGS and starting afresh, independence and individuality, INITIATIVE and assertiveness, AMBITION and motivation, success and leadership, COURAGE and strength, creation and creativity, self- reliance and tenacity, attainment, happiness and fulfillment, INNOVATION, self-discovery and oneness with life.
Number 1 reminds us that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and actions.
— Angel Numbers- Joanne Sacred Scribes


For me, this symbol has simply been a 'head nod' from the universe that intentions are manifesting and that now more than ever was the best time to let go- let go- LET GO- choosing to follow intuition👁 & heart💕 over rational and logical thought!

This has ALWAYS been important for manifestation because when you LET GO you allow yourself to flow with wave of the universe instead of fighting the wave that you think will take you to the shores of your dream and desires!



Now more than EVER- step into the mindset, if not permanently than at least temporarily, that the universe is actually conspiring on your behalf!

💕✨👽 I've seen miracles happen- in fact, my entire LIFE has been built upon this simple but magical belief and it hasn't failed me yet!

Open UP🙌🏾, Loosen Up💕, Allow yourself to FLOAT into alignment!

Let me know how this works for you in the comments below and definitely feel free to share this message with a friend!

Love & light to you!


The World Needs Your Light- LOVE YOURSELF TODAY!

Jessica Wiggan


Did you know that you are your OWN worst enemy?

It's true.

You either build yourself UP with words of love and affirmation supporting your own strive... or you tear yourself DOWN reminding yourself of all that you are NOT.

Did you know that you were designed with your own unique gifts and skillsets that this earth NEEDS you to share and develop?

It's true.

We need your light... your shine.

This is not a cowpoke towards perfection but a loving reminder to BE EASY ON YOURSELF WHILE YOU ARE LEARNING, GROWING, STRIVING.

You have spoken to unkindly of yourself for TOO LONG and I'm here to break you of that habit and remind you if you should ever forget that- my goodness- you are AMAZING, PERFECTLY CREATED, and was NEVER A MISTAKE.

There is a WHOLE WORLD full of people who are ready and willing to bash and try and break you- simply because you THINK differently, LOOK differently, EXPRESS yourself differently.

They're scared because it threatens their built up view of the world... that anything OUTSIDE of what they feel & think & believe is a threat or LESS than.

And quiet frankly... they SHOULD be scared... because it's true, we are the new breed of women & male warriors sent here with a divine purpose to LIFT THIS WORLD UP WITH LOVE... to be the beacon of LIGHT and an example of true HEALING.

Thats why, tribe, you NEED TO BE THERE FOR YOURSELF.

You need to boot up and love the yourself daily and keep going and keep striving!

No more killing your Self and your spirit with evil unkind words, lashing yourself with thoughts that work only to hold you back or make you feel weak!

You are NOT weak... you are a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH.

You are NOT crazy- you are a visionary and most likely intuitive.

Yea, that may scare some people and have them shaking in their boots... but in time they will look and reach to you for insight, direction, and an explanation. You will look at them with your beautiful million watt smile and with your entire LIFE as the best example and answer of HOW TO CONTINUE TO RISE despite the external circumstances, what it means to have faith & to pursue your highest purpose, and what it looks like to forgive and love and still continue to move forward!

Follow your inner voice and bathe yourself in divine delicious love daily- not only because you deserve it but because we're waiting to hear your voice and to feel your passion!

Love and light to ALL of my tribe- today and always!

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You Are One Bad Ass Love Beam!

Jessica Wiggan

todays intention

Sending love & light to ALL of my bad ass love beams!


What I LOVE about our tribe:

✨ You strive DAILY to become and share the beauty of your highest self!

✨ You are SO incredibly gifted- and we inspire each other daily!

✨Your love is UNREAL & so priceless! You are gift to this planet!

✨ You're not afraid to SPEAK YOUR MIND- and this world needs that! ;)

✨ You are FEARLESS- I see you taking those leaps and bounds! ;)

✨ You are BRILLIANT- creative, innovative, change agents, thinkers, & doers- each of you contribute a unique "something"!

✨ You are HEALERS learning and growing within your abilities heal your Self, others, and the planet- yessss!

✨ You're NOT AFRAID to let your FREAK FLAG FLY! And dammit, that is refreshing in world full of people ALL trying to blend in! Your light SHINES and is a beacon for others!


I could go on and on!

ENJOY this day, tribe- You DESERVE it! 💕🦄🌸

Keep your thoughts ✨LIFTED✨, don't allow anyone to bring you down or block your light- you can consciously choose to participate in negativity orrrr you can remove yourself and continue to build and grow your gifts & encourage healthy & happy mind and body ! Love you ALL! Make this day MaGiCaL! 🌻🌿🦄🌸😜🌿🌸🦄

Work Your Magic- Daily Message!

Jessica Wiggan

Today's Message: WORK YOUR MAGIC!

Yesss (as if you even needed my permission!

Do NOT forget or abandon your gifts- USE them to help yourself as well as to help others!

This is NOT selfish or evil... it's resourceful & wise!

To NOT use your gifts is to walk forward without asking for help or directions- sure, chances are you will find your way but you waste time walking around in circles!


❤️❤️❤️ What are YOUR gifts? ❤️❤️❤️

• Focused intentions: these are Magic! ✔️

• Positive Expectations: Magic! ✔️

• Prayers & Decrees! Yup, magic ;)✔️

• Plant & Herbal Medicine!✔️

• Healing- Mind, Body, Energy! ✔️

• Communication & Heart flow! ✔️

• Alchemy, candles, meditation, tarot, the study of the stars, deep cleansing breaths, power of persuasion, honesty, LOVE!

ALL of these things are magical!

Be OPEN to using them & have faith in the positive outcome!

Tonight I'll be working my OWN magic- moving through readings, monthly reports, etc! I live for nights like these!


Deck Used: Ascended Masters Oracle

Message: Always 100% Original & Authentic by yours truly ;)

The Perfect "Trinity"- for the High Stress Times!

Jessica Wiggan

Image Credit: Brandon Stanciell

The Perfect “Trinity” for the High Stress Times ;)

High stress, anxiety, and moments where you feel loss happens to EVERYone and are to be expected- here is what I use to reprogram, relax, and also use to invite great shifts to happen effortlessly within my life within moments!


Here’s why:


Simply put, prayer changes things. It is open communication between you and the Divine. Keep that convo real, raw, and in a space of pure vulnerability (I mean, where else can you be your complete unadulterated weird self?!). Don’t worry about your prayer dialogue being “pretty”, using big fancy words, or even making sense- the Divine knows your heart 100%  and the only thing that is important is the fact that you are talking and opening up! Prayer gives the angels and your guides permission to intercede and apply the energy to make the necessary needed changes within your life while deepening your connection and relationship with the higher power- a bonus and my own personal lifeline ;)


This means cry, journal, run/power walk it all out, scream into your pillow, whatever... just let it go! Remember, you are a human being having a human experience and the journey here on earth will not always be effortless as much as it is beautiful and totally worth it! You are allowed (and expected!) to at times feel:

  • Exhausted
  • Frustrated
  • Weak
  • Angry
  • Disappointed!

Acknowledging, feeling, and expressing these feelings is HEALTHY and NORMAL- to hold on to them, suppress them, hide them, and ignore them is DETRIMENTAL to your health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual!) and will work only to crunch your growth and stun the time it takes for you to move forward!

Releasing allows you not only to begin to feel better but frees up the space to allow healing and miracles to wash through!

 And finally (and my favorite!) SLEEP!

Sleep is miraculous is many ways than just one! Outside of the obvious physical benefits that come with a good night’s rest sleep spiritually and energetically is a surprisingly active time of movement, transformation, and shifts! Although the body is still active by taking a nap or going to bed you quiet your thinking space and give plentiful time for the angels and guides, prayers, and intentions to work and unfold uninterrupted from your thoughts, doubts, fears, and your own attempts to force thins to work out. This is space is NEEDED and gives everything the chance to manifest where if you were still awake and overthinking even trying to understand the process slows down the process!


 This magical trinity has worked for me since the beginning of time and it will absolutely work for you! Use as needed and you’ll a.) never have to worry about a thing anymore and b.) experience incredible and effortless shifts within your life!

Try it out and comment below and let me know how it works for you or what methods you use to maintain your sense of peace and to reconnect!

Flow with this Astrological Ocean Wave- Aries Full Moon Details!

Jessica Wiggan

I blend the science of astrology with the magic of intuition to provide all the juicy details of full and new moon energy for an astrological breakdown unlike any other! Subscribe to the BehatiVibeTribe newsletter to continue to get all the astro 411!

On October 16, 2016 at 12:23 AM EST we have a full moon occurring within the sign of Aries. This is a planetary shift that will affect us ALL whether you are an Aries or not as you can find Aries and the movement of the planets within every single person’s chart, regardless of their sun or ascendant sign.

The first thing that draws my attention is the connection of the moon and Uranus. Uranus provides disruption, change, and breaks the rules (and not always just for the hell of it)!

Uranus reminds us that sometimes we get stuck in old patterns of doing things not understanding why we ever decided to do them to begin with! Sometimes our old established routines and guidelines for living may be detrimental to our Self or hasn’t served the greater whole but yet we continue to mindlessly follow them. Uranus works to disrupt and change that and in this case connects directly and intimately with our full moon energy bringing these old ways to the forefront.

Sun in Libra ideally would like to work in unison with others but the Moon in Aries (the sign of independence, courage, action, and assertion) conjoined with the voice of Uranus pushes back saying, “I need to do what is best for ME. I can not alone serve only you. I love you or I respect you but this is for me”.

Mercury the planet of communication and thought as well as manyother things boxes with Pluto the planet of transformation and mars the known warrior planet. With this, disagreements and tension can build to a point where it can feel pretty damn uncomfortable for everyone in the room!

Natal Node (karma and direction) and Saturn- the planet of lessons that we need to learn- looks directly at us as the sweat builds on our brows. Saturn watches closely and challenges us with stern eyes that communicate the message, “What will you do..? I am watching. Have you learned from the lessons of the past I’ve placed in your life to teach you? Or will you give up, melt down, take the easy way out?”

You know instinctively what this means for you, tribe.

For some of us, this means finally saying, “No.” For others, this is about putting yourself FIRST because you have been putting the focus on others to the detriment of your Self.

Some will be “kicked out” of their current situations into the cold, banging on windows and doors begging to be let back in because you have energetically refused to move forward and step out with something you have been needing or have been guided to do. You will realize soon that you have everything that you have ever needed to thrive and be successful and that this push forward is actually an incredible gift! After every astrological storm you will find a beautiful rainbow!

Globally tensions build and can explode this weekend and the week ahead, especially as people are fighting for equality, truth, and balance! Tensions can rise in ways where violence that has been brewing UNDER the surface for a while can erupt to the surface. For this reason we will need to be aware and vigilant.

Chiron in Pisces connects us ALL to a spiritual and higher level of healing. Pisces sees the greater picture and will help us to make tremendous progress- globally and intimately within our own personal lives- within the areas of love, healing, art, and expression.

This full moon’s chart may be filled with tension pulled as tight as a stretched rubber band but we are with placements like these we are pushed up and forward to grow, to take much needed risks, to strike out on our own, express and stand up for ourselves, and take the next steps towards our highest purpose!

If you’re feeling the powerful nudge in your life- EMBRACE it and develop along with it! Don’t fight the wave- flow with it and you will be surprised what beautiful place this astrological ocean is trying to take you!

LIBRA NEW MOON BLOWS KISSES! Get all the "Dark Moon" details!

Jessica Wiggan

Could this Libra New Moon be ANY more beautiful?! After the slamming around that occurred during the eclipses and retrograded periods we’ve all been feeling a bit like pebbles rattling around in an old rusted tin can! The cosmos sense our need for beauty and respite...and here comes this Libra Moon rushing around the corner on its white horse to infuse beauty and lovely vibes into our lives!

Libra is in the sign that is connected to beauty and aesthetic, attraction, luxury, balance and partnerships so instantly those areas of our life are being triggered. Also, you’ll definitely want to check your natal chart to see what house- or section- of your chart Libra rules as that is where you’ll see doors opening and the corners of your life receiving light and a breath of fresh air!


New Moons (as you know, my wise astrologically in tune tribe of stargazers and lovers!) are symbolically the universe’s way of nudging things into motion, signaling you to set an intention for the blessings you wish to bring into your life (whoop! Just looked at the clock and it’s 3:33- total confirmation!)!


To add another scoop of goodness onto your plate of life we have Jupiter’s move into the sign of Libra!

Jupiter is a bit slow and sluggish in making moves but when he does he brings gifts and those gifts are of high value and worth- things we can feel “over the moon” about!

These ‘gifts’ don’t necessarily have to be actual physical things but could arrive as people, opportunities, and exciting moments of growth and experiences that we wouldn’t trade for the world!

All of this again is happening in- Yup! You guessed it!- the sign of Libra… exactly where this new moon is sitting and stirring!

Now, let’s look and find the planet Venus (who rules Libra!). We find her sitting in deep, sexy, passionate Scorpio- a sign that is known for its ability and interest in “diving deep” into the depths of the human experience! This sign loves hard and sees all! This sign does not entertain superficial relationships or experiences. It wants the real deal… all or nothing! Because Venus is currently moving through this sign she picks up and wears these traits like a coat.


To make it all the more magical she (Venus) and Neptune are here blowing kisses at each other in their lovely magical trine! Neptune rules the ethereal pieces of life so when he makes a connection like this we can’t help but to feel those butterflies in our stomach and have stars in our eyes! If you’re asking if this is “too good to be true” then just allow yourself the time to enjoy the present moment for all that it is, realizing that wonderful things can absolutely happen for you!

The sun (life energy!) is sitting side by side with Saturn, who normally can be a bit grumpy but here he is nodding his head quick and sternly in approval leaving his signature of confirmation that locks in this blessing and gift for the long-term!


If you’re setting intentions for this new moon (which I STRONGLY suggest that you do!) allow your heart to feel warm, mushy, and pink with all that you feel will be wonderful to receive!

Envision how you would like your life to look like, your love life (especially!), miraculous healing, and other ways you’re ready for the universe to sweep you off of your feet!

Love and light to you all!

Jess of BehatiLife

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Pisces Powerplay- Full Moon Eclipse Details

Jessica Wiggan

moon phase

Full Moons are energetically designed to expose and bring information to the surface but with a Lunar Eclipse this energy is intensified!

This Full Moon Eclipse is occurring the effervescent sign of ethereal Pisces on Sept 16, 2016 at 3:05 pm EST.

No matter what your sun sign, ascendant, or how your natal chart falls this eclipse will have an effect on you and holds important influence- some more than others- so it is always worthwhile to have a look into your chart to see where the moon falls and how the transiting planets are aligning! (If you need help with this and want to book an astro reading, click here!)

Pisces is ruled by Neptune- a planet that is widely known as the “higher octave of Venus”, meaning that where Venus (the planet ruling beauty & aesthetic, love, & valuables) remains at most on a superficial level (no offense, Venus, but let’s be real!) Neptune deepens the love to a spiritual level, lifts us to see that nothing really is ever impossible (I see you rolling your eyes at me for saying this!), and that there is more to the life experience than work and things.

Full Moons are raw- stripping away the fluff to see what truly lies beneath the surface and with this moon falling in Pisces we are given a glimpse of what only few will ever experience- a glimpse into our soul’s purpose, reason for existence, ways to profoundly heal, as well as connections to spiritual and soul love (cue twin flames and soul mates)!

The vibration is higher- matching what many of us spiritual seekers and thrivers infuse into our lives daily… yet here it is now freely sitting here at our fingertips waiting to be further activated!

The moon (the driving force of this eclipse) is moving away from an opposition with currently retrograding Mercury which for many of us could bring back thoughts of the 'mistakes' of the past. We think about what we could have done differently, how we can further help to heal ourselves as well as be of service to others, and our own personal evolution while we’re here on earth. We find our thoughts and mind lingering and drifting.

This is not something to fight... rather observe where your mind wanders and your feelings flow. Absorb the messages that they bring.

This is a chance to be honest and vulnerable with the self (something a lot of us like to avoid!) and with that comes the opportunity to heal and dissolve obstacles and lingering belief systems that were placed into our lives by karma to encourage us to grow and evolve further in love!

This is the moon eclipse for soul mate and twin flame connections, for divine interventions, for magical insight and psychic vision, for finding and pursuing our soul’s purpose, for using our gifts to heal and be of service to others, to expose our hearts and vulnerabilities (especially with Chiron being so deeply connected to this eclipse!), and for artists and creative people to unfold further in their wondrous expression!

Happy Full Moon Eclipse, BehatiVibeTribers!

The Message of the Emperor

Jessica Wiggan


The Emperor has been LEAPING from the deck for the last week whether I'm shuffling for mySelf or for others! Again this morning he jumped out (oh hello again, sir... 😏) so yea, it's time to share his message!
This card is MORE than just structure & stability.
He is confidence, focused energy, drive & motivation, & the ability to pursue and be successful in your endeavors!The Emperor is connected to the sign Aries where fire runs straight through their blood! This (RARELY FOUND!) passion & focused determination can lead an entire nation into battle & win despite all the odds based on bravery, logic, and strategy alone!
YOU are the leader & in charge of YOUR life as well as your success! The Emperor carries the energy of both the fool card (new beginnings and the leap of faith!) as well as the magician (co-creation & intention!) & merges it all with his steel force desire to gain & accomplish!
This reminds you that you are FULLY capable!
You are ready for the "battle" + any obstacles that may lie ahead!
You are SURROUNDED by an army (Angels, guides, supporters, etc.!) who are working to defend you & what you hold dear! They are WAITING for & will act on your signal- just give the word & they will MOVE MOUNTAINS (think of the movie 300- where the odds seemed stacked against them but in the end they used wit & vision to defeat armies 10 times their size!! 😉)

At the same time, the appearance of this card can represent a strong force or presence in your life who acts as a LEADER, an INITIATOR, a PROVIDER, or even the man's man who is the perfect compliment to the Empress's devoted & generous softness & beauty! Ladies, this can also be YOU taking over the reins of life!

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New Moon Eclipse in Virgo- Sept 1, 2016

Jessica Wiggan

It's the season of change and on September 1st, 2016 at exactly 5:03 am EST we have a New Moon Eclipse in Virgo!

Why is this so important?

Artwork by Sheeba Maya ;) 

Artwork by Sheeba Maya ;) 

Well, for TWO reasons!

1.) New Moons are the universal times that bring to us the potential for new beginnings and pathways, asking us to plant seeds of intention and ask for brilliant things to light up in our lives to make our day to day more magical, fun, and bring to us abundance of all types (health, wealth, happiness, love, adventure, etc.)!

2.) Everyone has Virgo in their chart somewhere- some are more influenced by its energy than others. You're going to want to check to see what area of your chart is being lit up by pulling up your natal chart and finding what house (or section) Virgo rules. This will give you a clue into partly how this eclipse is working to bring you. If you need help with this or want to schedule a chart reading, click here to be redirected to my readings and offered services!

Now, Let's Talk About the Details...

Sun (life energy) and Moon (feelings/intuition) conjoin energies in the sign of Virgo- an earthy, highly detail oriented, and beautifully particular sign. We can LEARN so much from Virgo energy- expecting ONLY the best for ourselves, striving for WHOLENESS and WELLNESS in everything that we touch or allow into our energy fields/environment, and cleansing out the muck that clogs our lives and clocks out abundance!

Virgo is known for its cleanliness and dedicated upkeep of the things and people that it cares about and is committed to. Why? Because Virgo energy understands the importance of caring for the Self in way that allows the body and mind to be a pure and fertile ground for reaping abundance and blessings which in turn effects our happiness, health, and our ability to THRIVE... not just survive!

Virgo naturally is linked to the 6th house in astrology which rules the day to day life events, our service to others, health, pets, our daily environment, and even our tiny pets and animals (like dogs, cats, pet birds and turtles, etc.) however, you're definitely going to want to check to see what house Virgo rules in your own chart to see how the energy is building to unfold for you :)

Looking at the chart of the moment of this eclipse I'm seeing this:

- The Sun conjunct the Moon in Virgo

This is the new moon and the energy of that is what we just discussed above :).

- The North Node lingering close to the conjunction of the moon and sun.

The North Node (or N.N) is important because it shows what we are striving to become in our lives, what we NEED to achieve and experience, and karmic connections which work to push us to move past our current personal perceived limitations. Because this point in the universe is being orbited so closely by the new moon (sun and moon conjunction) I'm seeing the push to strive for better being so strongly linked to our purpose here on earth- in ways that will be seemingly magical in their appearance in your life! You're going to want to be aware of what doors are opening up for you now and what ways you are being tested from now on and moving forward for the next 6 months. The key here is always to follow and connect with your HEART- just like the NN this works as our own tool for growth, direction, and answers... just like a compass!

- Jupiter and Mercury conjunct, with Mercury Retrograde

Jupiter is the planet that expands everything that it touches and is currently in the process of existing out the sign of Virgo (where our eclipse is occurring!). Where ever you find Jupiter you will find him working joyously to bring blessings and gifts, but especially so when he is about to exit a sign... kind of like a going away gift ;) That is what we're going to be seeing here as now he is preparing to transition out of Virgo and move into Libra where he will bring goodness and luck to wherever Libra touches in your personal chart! Mercury (planet of communication) is currently retrograde (read about that here) bringing blasts from the past but also chances to revisit, heal, and revise. Mercury spins hazily now around Jupiter so although we are making plans and envisioning the future we still don't want to set things in concrete and stone- for that we would want to see Mercury in a stronger position.

However, Mercury rules Virgo and is largely important in the energy of this eclipse. Sitting with Jupiter now it asks us to look back at how we have LIMITED ourselves, to look at what we have been working towards- does this still line up with what we want and see for ourselves and what we want for our future? Be picky and particular- your happiness, health, and ability to THRIVE depends on it! Virgo knows that we need to set a standard for the BEST of what we can receive- and if you decide not to raise your standard and to not ask for or require what you want how can you get it?

Remember, Jupiter EXPANDS all that it touches- which includes our vision and perspective. Jupiter pushes you up to the podium and encourages you with, "YOU CAN DO IT!". Jupiter rises you up so you can see that there is so much more out there in the world that is available and ready for you- if only you lift your head and see! With these two together, make the commitment to limit yourself NO longer, to be picky about what you will and won't accept in your life, to raise the standard of your expectation, and to know that you deserve MORE!

With Jupiter and Mercury here together make the commitment to limit yourself NO longer, to be picky about what you will and won’t accept in your life, to raise your standard of your expectation, and to know that you deserve MORE!

- Saturn and Mars Conjunct and Squaring the New Moon

Saturn and Mars together can cause some serious irritation especially rubbing elbows with the new moon but what I see with this is a lot of people feeling like their current fishbowl environments that they've been feeling confined to are pushing them out to find a place, person, or environment that is supportive and deserving of them. Think of it as a beautiful fish that for its whole life is stuck in a small bowl filled with cloudy water where he feels sick, looks dingy, and is bored with normal day to day. If someone scoops him out and places him in a new and larger fish tank with fresh clean water and room to grow his scales will glow and become more vibrant, he'll have the room he needs to swim, and the whole world will then see how beautiful and magnetic he is! The same is true for YOU! You've outgrown the old- whether it be a job, a relationship, an old way of living... and by cleaning out and purging your energy field after receiving this nudge from the plants, you will be placed in a spot that gives you what you need to show your wonderful magical colors!

Let your

Pluto trine our New Moon Eclipse

Pluto rules purging, death, and transformation and here on this eclipse it brings a healing and cathartic touch to all that it is transitioning out of our lives! With the trine the energy of Pluto and the new moon blend wonderfully together so transformations and adjustments here are absolute blessings as something new beginnings after something else has had a chance to phase out! Trust, trust, trust adjustments as this is positively going to effect you with blessings that can ripple for even years to come!

Set POWEFUL Heartfelt Intentions!

You are the ONLY thing that can limit yourself and this new moon opens doors for us in ways that is explosively wonderful! You are supported in your dreams, goals, and intentions and the last thing I want you to do is think that you CAN'T ask for something that you really want to manifest in your life or to believe that there is no way that something can happen. It CAN! The planets are stars have aligned now for all of our greater good that tests us with the question, "Just how GOOD do you want it to be?"

You are ready for the gifts and blessings that are waiting to rain down into your life! All you've got to do now is set the ball in motion by asking for what you wish you to achieve, knowing at least how you want to FEEL (and leave it to the universe to sort out the smaller details of how its going to happen and how you're going to get it!), and open to receiving it!

Love you all! YOU CAN DO IT! I'm here available for you if you need to work one on one or need an astrologer/tarot reader to help guide you over any of the obstacles you encounter in life! Email me at or click here to see a list of services offered!


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All You Need to Know: Mercury Retro Info Guide- Make It Work for YOU!"

Jessica Wiggan

Mercury Retrograde is not NEARLY as bad as people make it out to be! As a professional (and super passionate!) star gazer and astrologer there are far worse thinks, trust me!

In fact, you can make mercury retrograde WORK for YOU- skipping over all the snags and snafus!

Magic, indeed, is all around us, in stones, flowers, stars, the dawn wind and the sunset cloud; all we need is the ability to see and understand.
— Doreen Valiente

Mercury falls in all of our chart and is important because this speedy little planet rules such a large chunk of our lives!

Mercury Rules:

Thoughts/Thinking/ Mind Activity
Electronics and items with working/moveable parts
Education (sometimes)
Contracts/ Agreements

When it is direct- meaning the times when it is moving forward through the cosmos normally, i.e. not retrograde! - it brings movement, momentum, and activity to all it touches… usually in a positive way, despite being a bit of a trickster sometimes ;).

However, when it is retrograde- meaning when it flips its rotation and appears to spin backwards- it can change the way the little guy would normally operate, so the things that he rules will need extra attention or TLC.

The planets rely on Mercury’s work to move messages around swiftly and to increase productivity but even planets need to take a break from their normal responsibilities so when it is his retrograde time you will notice some changes:

What You Can Expect:

Activity begins to slow down- mental and physical
Things get lost in the mail, small items get lost
Electronics need extra attention- loosing/deleting files, crashing phones and laptops
Transportation issues- missing flights, confusion, etc.
Miscommunications- extra clarity will be needed and is called for!
As all things in the universe- when something may SEEM bad it’s actually RIPE with potential… if you know what do and what to look for!

Make it WORK for YOU!


As mercury slows down so should you. He rules thoughts and mental activity so if you're still trying to push a project forward or race against time you're only wasting your own resources and energy. Take this as a chance to slow down, breathe, and revamp your calendar and schedule so that when the planet is finally moving forward you are ready to maximize your time and effort with an updated game plan that works!


Return to open or lingering projects that need your attention! Fine tune details, cross those T’s and dot those I’s, and make corrections to tiny (and usually missed!) mistakes!


Mercury Retrograde brings back the times that we thought we may have lost forever… this includes people and things! The universe was designed whole and complete so because of this it will bring you back the chance to try something again… only this time to do it better and right the second time around! Watch what shows itself during this period and take some time to consider whether or not you want to give it another ‘go!


Many people hear from their ex’s or people that they’ve lost contact with during this timer. Use this as a time to repair an old relationship, to gain clarity, or try love again! Even if you decide that you don’t want to be with this person moving forward into the future, this can still be a chance to settle your differences, be honest, or to resolve any lingering wounds that have been left sitting open. Mercury retrograde is wonderful for this!


This is PRIME TIME for my fabulously thrifting friends! Mercury retrograde brings back the gems of the past so if moving through consignment, vintage, or thrift shops is your ‘thing’ then now is the perfect time!


Mercury rules small parts and movable things so when he goes retrograde he’ll nudge any weak parts to the surface to avoid larger problems down the line. Capitalize on this! If you hear a weird noise under your car- get it checked out.

I would, however, avoid phone updates during this time simply because 9 times out of 10 you will find annoying problems with them that will later have to be addressed and fixed once mercury goes direct again. Just trust me on this. ;)


Now is the BEST time to move through your closet and get rid of old things that you’ll no longer want or wear, to organize and refresh, and to organize your desk or other storage places!

However, there are a few things that you’re going to want to avoid:


This means no starting new jobs or new relationships! However, if an old job or person from the past is a part of what you are considering then you may be in the clear! Remember, Mercury retrograde brings back the things from the past… a chance or opportunity that could have been missed. So if it feels right, then I say go for it!


Chances are you will need to change your mind later on or there is something that is missing/ you’re not seeing. Mercury rules contracts and also mental clarity so if you’re saying yes and signing on the dotted line you may find yourself having to revisit or even regretting it later. It’s best to wait a week AFTER mercury has moved back into forward motion again.


Remember, Mercury is HIGHLY connected to brain activity- so what you THINK is what will come! Flip the switch during the retrograde period by acknowledging and capitalizing on the abundance of gifts and opportunities this planet can give, even in its backwards motion!

It's always good to have a back up plan and additional energetic support! Check out my Mercury Retrograde Intention oil that was blended by hand and charged with the intention of helping you to reap the benefits during this time as well as protect against the annoyances that can bring you down!

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New Moon in Leo- Romance, Baby Making, & Beauty

Jessica Wiggan

The New Moon in Leo is setting the stage for a beautiful fire cracker show of positive energy, romance, expansion, beauty... and even baby making! Read on to get all the juicy details!


Hey star gazers and astro explorers! I'm so excited to reach out to you again to talk about this upcoming new moon and can I just say- I absolutely am in LOVE with it and the picture that it's painting for all of us! It's a feast fit for the kings for setting intentions and cosmic positivity and it's all swirling around and above our heads waiting for us to reach up and grab it!

Let's start with this:

New Moons are astrological symbols of new beginnings and endless potential! This is where the moon and sun meet together with love and rain blessings down upon us! Doors that normally would stay closed and sealed tight are now blowing wide open bringing a gust of exciting and positive changes!

Open Door

This New Moon falls in the sign of Leo a sign that is deliciously passionate, exciting, fun, and expressive! Leo is ruled by the sun- the same sun that all the other planets revolve around- and this hot blooded glowing star that rules our galaxy desires recognition, infuses us with life giving energy, and encourages us ALL to glow internally from within- from our hearts!

This is the new moon to SQUASH your own self limiting belief and doubts, to believe in yourself and in your vision, set some BOLD intentions (anything can happen here- do NOT hold back in asking for the life of your dreams!), and to live your life with example and incredible purpose!

This is the new moon to SQUASH your own self-limiting belief and doubts, to believe in yourself and in your vision, set some BOLD intentions, and to love your life with example and incredible purpose!

This New Moon encourages us to put ourselves out there by speaking up, singing loud, letting your voice be heard, share your grand ideas, switch from the dull and mundane to a bit of the outrageous, to be PROUD and BRAVE, to lead by example, to ask for MORE, to love LOUD, to ask for the BEST, to believe in the magical, to take that risk, to create something AWESOME!

This is YOUR moon to paint and even more colorful picture that is your life!


This is the time to:

- Positive changes made now during this time can have a lasting rippling effect, so SEE and ACKNOWLEDGE the best of what can come, set the bar HIGH, and follow your heart with your intentions! It's not possible to mess this up so don't nip your fear in the bud when moving from a heart guided place!

- Plan a beautiful trip that factors in some time for relaxation, luxury, or beauty!

- Try a new beauty regimen (something that makes you FEEL fabulous and glow!

- Switch up your old exercise routine with something that is fun and lifts your spirits!

- EXPAND your horizons with dating & avoid LIMITING yourself! Plan a spontaneous beautiful date with someone special! You may find yourself meeting someone you find supremely attractive, adventurous, and fun!

- Get guzzied up & enjoy a night out! I'm seeing someone meeting someone fated and sparking a beautiful relationship that sparkles with chemistry and connection!

- In a relationship? Try new and fun things together! Plan a trip or journey together that may factor in a little couples pampering! Now is also a beautiful time to plan a date night with a hot tub, a bottle of champagne, and a sky full of stars (how romantic!)

- Leo is connected to the 5th house of sex, pleasure, and even children! This is a perfect time for baby making, creative expression!

These readings are written for a general global audience. Work 1 on 1 with Jessica for exclusive personal attention and insight into how your personal life will be effected by these astrological transits and changes!

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Guided Chakra Healing and Meditation Session

Jessica Wiggan

During last night's mediation/ Reiki session I did a full body scan- from all the way down to my toes to the tip top of my head. Images flooded in my mind's eye (as usual! My angels and guides always run to my "third eye window" to fill me with insight and information!) but more importantly that that I was able to "check in" to my core "chakra points" and clear out any toxins that could have built up or sadness, stagnation, or illness I may unknowingly carry.

It's amazing how much we can carry- emotionally, mentally, physically!- and it can drain and drag us to operate from a lower vibration- and we're higher than that, right?!

I want you ALL to reap the benefits of the cathartic releases (and maybe even post a guided meditation release on the YouTube Channel for you to enjoy!) so here's the technique I use meditation to help myself tap into troubled chakra areas and facilitate a release/healing:

Step By Step Guide- Emotional Release During Meditation

1.) Start off in your normal comfortable position for meditation. Most people either sit in the lotus position or lie on their backs but pick a method that works for you (which some days may vary!)

2.)  Set the intention of your meditation for protected healing- keeping in mind that if at any point you get overwhelmed or uncomfortable you can always stop and rest and finish the meditation as you would normally.  Setting the intention is important as it signals your consciousness to open up to the possibility and opportunity for healing.

Setting an intention for your meditation is important as it signals your consciousness to open up to the possibility and opportunity for healing.
— BehatiLIFE Tips

3.) Hold your hands over each chakra point- starting at your base or root chakra- concentrating on each spot exclusively for as long as you feel necessary.  Feel what each chakra is telling you. Your feelings are valid and very real. Acknowledge them. Use your positive intentions and energy to realign the chakra spots. You don't have to do anything but just allow the positive energy and intentions to cleanse the air softly. If you feel like crying, allow yourself to do so. If you're angry- let the feeling rise up and pass on. If you're scared- allow that too to rise up and pass on, keeping in mind that they are just temporary emotions and all serve an importance purpose.

4.) Once you've reached your crown and every chakra has been tended to- ask the universe/ your angels or guides that you are open to receiving any additional insight that will better help you to heal and operate at your highest level and always for your greatest good. Take a mental note of what they show and tell you.

5.) At the end of your meditation quietly wiggle your toes and fingers and come back into grounding with your body, Thank the angels and your guides for their assistance and protection. Enjoy a nice piece of fruit or healthy snack or long walk to help you ground yourself and feel good in your body!

There, wasn't that nice? :)

Do me a favor- {{HUG}} yourself! Right now- no matter where you are or what you're doing- just hug yourself strong and tight and say, "I LOVE YOU. I just do!!! I can't help it- I just love you for you! You're doing great and you're safe here and I love you!" You deserve it.

Want to share your experience with me? Comment below! :)

Love and light to you all,

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Full Moon in Capricorn Detials!

Jessica Wiggan

full moon

Capricorn Full Moon Chart Interpretation:

So, I'm in love with this chart of the moment that paints the picture of the energy of this Capricorn Full Moon! I'll be blending astrology (the math and science) with intuition in order to bring you what I see and what cosmically is swirling above us in the sky!

Let's start with the moon...

The Moon in Capricorn connects us instantly with a sense or need for privacy or even a feeling of guarding or protecting something sacred and vulnerable. This is a beautiful thing if you think about it because the moon represents our inner most sensitive feelings and emotions and sitting in such an exclusive sign like Capricorn the first thing I feel is the desire to protect and shield something special that each of us are holding. I see this "special something" as our DEEPEST desires, hopes and wishes, goals, and long term vision... the things that we are striving for within our lives that we may not always disclose or share publically. Paired with the symbolism and energy of the full moon which gifts us with the chance to sit with our highlighted desires, to bring things to a culmination, and to be honest with ourselves and others I'm seeing the chance for us to bring these quietly brewing plans and desires to the forefront of our awareness tonight and in the days to come!

The universe has a way of nudging us forward and the time around full or new moon are the moments when you will most likely see this movement beginning to happen so it's so important to be aware but also to speak up clearly about your intentions and what you want as the energy around us is quickly shifting and evolving to make room for blessings and opportunity!

The Moon in Capricorn instantly connects us to the planet of Saturn because it rules Capricorn. Here Saturn asks you now to take your dreams and goals SERIOUSLY. Sitting in Sagittarius (the sign that wants to expand & explore with leaps and bounds!) it's leaning back, tipping its hat at us and says,  "Let's make the grand vision POSSIBLE with a feasible plan!"

Saturn asks you now to take your dreams and goals seriously... Let’s make the vision possible with a feasible plan!
— @BehatiLife

Make the plan that will GET you there!

The next thing that is drawing my attention in this chart is the little dance happening between Venus and Mercury- both of them are playing in the beautiful sign of Leo- putting stars in their eyes! They can SEE, FEEL, and CONCEPTUALIZE just how wonderful the future will be- the full bells and whistles, the finer things of life, the romance and drama of a life well lived! Both Mercury & Venus contact Saturn the co-parent of this full moon and Saturn is acting now like the older mature father figure who sits you on his knee and says to you, "Darling- if you want it, it is yours. Just make a plan and put it in to action. I will support you when you need help... but I need to see you take the first step!"

Darling, if you want it, it is yours. Just make a plan and put it into action. I will support you when you need help.. but I need to see you take the first step!
— Saturn ;)

Globally, we are still getting SLAMMED (you will see this tension in the news & in our current events!) so I still caution us ALL to follow our hearts, stay vigilant, send prayers, and keep "connected" to your Higher Power/place of peace. This is important and is felt across the globe but will keep you in a place of guided protection despite external chaos!

Things to Do This Full Moon:

+ Revisit/ Develop your game plan for what you are hoping and ready to accomplish!

+ Set intentions for lasting commitments you are inviting and building in your life (business, romance, contracts, moving, etc!)

+ Make a commitment to be your BEST SELF! To take care of your body, mind, and soul!

This chart interpretation is designed for a GLOBAL audience! If you want a private one on one reading please email me at

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Happy Full Moon, space bunnies!

Beginner's Guide to Meditation!

Jessica Wiggan

I speak a lot about the effectiveness of using meditation. Not only does it bring you peace and help you center yourself in life but it is a tool to use to make you a powerful magnet while practicing the
laws of attraction; increasing spiritual insight; connecting with God, the Divine All Knowing,  and the
universe; giving and receiving messages into the universe as well as an effective method of releasing stress, depression, anger, and anxiety. The benefits of meditation are endless!

More often than not after recommending meditation to a friend or client I hear them come back to me the very next day saying that they felt nothing or that it didn’t work. I want to reassure you that this is
normal and I want to encourage you to continue and to try again. 

In my experience, I frustratingly “tried” to meditate “successfully” for a week and a half straight before I finally starting seeing and feeling “results” or had “experiences”. These showed themselves in lowered anxiety, a release from depression, clearer thinking, and an overall sense of great calm and peace in my life. Without it, I’d be a spinning vortex of static energy… an out of control top jumping at sounds and rushing from location to location. A week after of consistent effort, I’d open my eyes, take a deep breath and had such a solid awareness that what I was previously stressing about is really just… meaningless. I had my breath and life pumping through my body and really, that’s all that matters.

It is 8 years later and I can close my eyes, take a deep breath, and instantly feel the slow rhythmic beat of my heart rock my entire body. When I open my eyes 20-45 minutes later I’m centered and can ride this wave of nirvana for an entire 24-48 hours, feeling completely connected in all of my movement to God or the Universe (whatever you choose to call it). This is what meditation is.

You can use meditation as a tool to simply create peace and calm in your life or you can expand upon it and use it to connect to receive messages from your angels or other information that will help us live
with greater awareness and guidance in our lives. This, of course, is a topic for another blog. Right now, I’m going to focus on just the basics. 
How to Meditate

First thing you want to do is find a quiet or peaceful place where you won’t be interrupted. This is key! You have to find a spot that you feel safe and can let your guard down easily without having to deal with too many interruptions. If this is a public spot for you- then more power to you! Most people need somewhere secluded and quiet.

Next, you want to sit up as straight as possible but keep in mind that you want to remain comfortable as well. For example, yes, it’s wonderful to have perfect posture so while sitting your back is aligned and awesome. But if you’re not used to sitting-or standing- like this it is in my humble opinion that now is not the time to practice- you’ll be too uncomfortable and you won’t be able to relax enough to let go during meditation. I have a tendency to slouch my shoulders typically (to my mom’s chagrin- sorry mom!) so while meditating I hunch a little bit forward. This is what works and has worked for me (yoga has helped me with my posture, however, so if needed you can try that).

Third, you want to set a timer. For this I use an app on my iPhone that dings a soft bell at the beginning and end of meditation. I recommend the free Insight Bell Timer or Meditation Bells App. You can find them in your IPhone’s application store. Beginners may want to set the timer for 7-10 minutes to start. Yes, this typically doesn't sound like a lot of time, but you'll find that the majority of the time you'll be chasing and clearing thoughts from your mind, so until you can do it for that time allotment, I wouldn't pressure you to go for a 30-45 minute or hour long meditation, as it can be frustrating!

With your timer set, you want to start by relaxing your whole body as much as it can in a seated position. Following the flow of your own breath pattern, breathe in and out deeply and slowly enough to not cause dizziness or light headedness. I say this because a lot of mediation classes that I've participated in (okay, mostly all of them!) we practice unified breathing, which is an awesome theory to be One as a class and in breath- but this rate of breathing isn't fitting for everyone (me! lol) and I typically will get the spins and won't be able to feel comfortable. You have to find your own uniquely beautiful pace. This is your body, this is your meditation, this is your breath, and breathing is life, so you call the shots and control your personal rhythm.

When you inhale, inhale deeply and slowly through your nose, completely filling your lungs up with air, feeling them expand. Hold.
Notice/feel your heart beat for 2-3 beats and then slowly exhale out of your mouth, blowing the air out until your lungs have completely emptied. 

Deep breath in, feeling gratitude for this breath. Having pushed all the air out of your lungs in the last exhale, it will feel good to slowly fill them back up with life giving oxygen again. Your body is grateful. Hold and focus on your heart-still beating- for 2-3 beats, and then exhale, blowing from your lips until your lungs are completely empty. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Any thoughts that surface in your mind during this time, release them. Like bubbles every thought (and there will be many!) will rise and lift from your forehead, float away, and *pop!* leaving you to just focus on your heart beat and your breath. The first few times you meditate you will be surrounded by many thoughts in iridescent bubbles, popping all around you, but continue to release them, watch them float off, and focus on life energy moving in and out of your lungs. 

When your timer goes off, silently wiggle your toes, move your fingers, stretch your neck, open your eyes, and give thanks to your body for continuing to provide you with the ability of Life, and thank God/The Universe for the gift a breath, healing, and the life that you have. Tell yourself that you'll spend more time with your Being, becoming centered, and cherishing the steady beat of your heart and breathe, whether you realize it still exists or not, and that it is a gift. 
Namaste- The divine in me sees and acknowledges the divine in you. We are one. Thank you for sharing this experience with me. 

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 How long will it take for it to work? 
That depends on how you define work and what you are looking for. If you're looking for lights and bells and nirvana to be reached, that more than likely will not happen, and is typically something other than mediation. 
Meditation is awareness of your breath, the life that is, and creating peace between "you" and your body. You'll know you've had a 'successful' mediation when you feel calmer then you did starting off and more
centered from your core.
Typically, you'll start to notice a difference within the first 3-5 times of consistent effort <3
What can I use meditation for? 
Meditation is THE gateway drug! Ha-ha, I'm just kidding- but seriously, you can use it to branch out to all types of things- feeling closer to God, communicating with your angels, receiving divine messages and insight from the universe, astral body travel, raising self-awareness, improving health- especially in regards to depression and anxiety and heart related problems!, etc. You name it! 

Why do so many thoughts pop up in my head when I'm trying to find peace? 
Ha! Good question! The mind is constantly whirring, especially in our day to day activities. We typically don't realize this because we spend so much time doing what we do- running errands, chasing expectations, being busy. Our mind is always going! Our minds are so used to having free reign of our thoughts that it can be like trying to reel a wild horse in. What you are doing is developing a new level of awareness and essentially a new thought pattern, and this can naturally take time to develop and cement itself. This of how hard it is to change a bad habit- and how long it can potentially take! The same thing with meditation, but believe me the work and effort will be worth it! Clearer thoughts, increased peace, better ideas, deeper insight to life and what that means for you, overall increase in health are all to gain! We have more control over our static thought patterns then we realize we do and it is beneficial to begin practicing now :) 

Questions? Comments? Message me for more support!

I tried an Isolation tank... and Loved It!

Jessica Wiggan

Isolation Tanks- the ultimate experience in relaxation and sensory deprivation!

Isolation Tanks- the ultimate experience in relaxation and sensory deprivation!

What if I told you that you could experience deep relaxation by stepping into a metal tank or pod filled with salty water, closed the door behind you, and floating for an hour?

Well, what could easily sound like the setting from a scene in a horror movie surprisingly turned out to be something that is ripe with the potential for the ultimate experience in relaxation and meditation!

Sensory Deprivation/Isolation Tank- What Is It?

The black hole *ahem* Isolation tank...

The black hole *ahem* Isolation tank...

I originally heard about the isolation tanks after one of my friends tried it out and raved on and on about how awesome her experience was!

Now, I’m a person who loves all things connected to meditation and relaxation and I’m down to try out *almost* anything once but if we’re being honest here the thought of stepping into a metal tank filled with water and closing the door behind me only to float in complete darkness and silence is nerve wracking to say the least!

I’m not claustrophobic by ANY means but I can’t imagine that your heart doesn’t speed up even just a tiny bit at the thought of voluntary isolation in a metal boxed filled with water.

Nervous doesn't even begin to cover the apprehension I felt prior to leave the house! Photo Credit: Snapchat Screenshot: @BehatiLife

Nervous doesn't even begin to cover the apprehension I felt prior to leave the house! Photo Credit: Snapchat Screenshot: @BehatiLife

So what is it?

Depending on where you go it’s a closed space filled with roughly about 10 inches of Epsom salt rich water heated to 92-93 degrees (to match the average human body temperature) with minimum light and sound, if any. This is designed to minimize any external stimuli and distractions. Yup, just you and your thoughts!

Jasmin and I stop for a selfie! Checking In and Out was a breeze and the front desk person was amazingly informative and friendly!

Jasmin and I stop for a selfie! Checking In and Out was a breeze and the front desk person was amazingly informative and friendly!

My friend and I (yes, I only wanted to go if I could go with a friend! Safety in numbers! Okay, I’m being a little dramatic but still...) chose a location in Philadelphia that had the option to choose either a cabin, a pod, or the tank for our floatation experience. Each one had its own specific and special traits. For example, the cabin boasts high(er) ceilings with light and the option to leave the door open- a must for those who struggle with claustrophobia), the tank that has zero light and sound, and the pod which you allows you to leave the light on and float with music.

For me the obvious choice was the pod! How cool would it be to float in a sleek egg shaped spaced looking shuttle?! How very Lady Gaga!

Doesn't this look like something we can find Lady Gaga emerging from?! This was my obvious choice for it's sleek and sexy modern look... plus, I was allowed to keep the lights on and sound... just in case ;)

Doesn't this look like something we can find Lady Gaga emerging from?! This was my obvious choice for it's sleek and sexy modern look... plus, I was allowed to keep the lights on and sound... just in case ;)

The Process

The pod I chose for the light and sound and coolness factors!

The pod I chose for the light and sound and coolness factors!

For my experience I ended up running in late (Uber driver problems, lolz) so I was about 20 minutes late for my appointment however the girl manning the front desk was friendly, down to earth, and informative explaining the whole process in wonderful detail that was inviting and welcoming. She gave us both a complete tour of the place (we had the place pretty much reserved to just us for this night) and allowed us the option of choosing which method of floatation we wanted to experience (refer to the tank, cabin, and pod descriptions mentioned above).

I froze up even LOOKING at the tank.

I mean, I really FROZE up!

I didn’t even want to ENTER the room but apparently a lot of floaters (Ha! That’s the name I’ve giving to people who float on a regular basis!) prefer the tank simply because of how awesome it is at cancelling outside noise, light, and distraction.

My friend chose the cabin and I went with the pod (to satisfy my inner Lady Gaga)!

The shower was an open door design with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner neatly and conveniently placed along the wall. I recommend bringing your own conditioner for afterwards, though.&nbsp;&nbsp;

The shower was an open door design with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner neatly and conveniently placed along the wall. I recommend bringing your own conditioner for afterwards, though.  

Each of the rooms came with private stone lined open door showers with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. You’re supposed to shower with the body wash thoroughly first to rinse off any lingering body oils and moisturizer, make up, and dirt and then thoroughly shampoo your hair. If you don’t want to get your hair wet for whatever reason (understandable! Salt water can be supremely drying on hair!) you are asked to bring your own swim cap.

An example of the ear plugs they provided! Super comfortable, even for my extra small ears!

An example of the ear plugs they provided! Super comfortable, even for my extra small ears!

Next, you put on the ear plugs that they provide to protect your ears and also for noise cancellation.

You have the option to strip down completely (cue nakedness!) or wear a bathing suit. The rooms are 100% private and comfortably warm so I went in naked to minimize  the irritation and distraction of adjusting my bikini straps or anything else that would take my mind away from getting the full sensory deprivation experience. For the sake of keeping my blog PG-13 (for the most part) I took my photos with my bikini on for obvious reasons (oh, hey internet trolls and creepers!) ;)

My Experience

We booked our rooms for a total of 90 minutes. For the first 20 minutes I spent capturing photos and videos so that I could share with you all here (you’re welcome! Haha)! After that, I stripped down completely and entered into my private pod surprised at how quickly my body adjusted and was ready to float! If you have issues with swimming or floating be advised that you should have zero trouble in this environment! The water is so densely packed with Epsom salts that as soon as you lay back you will feel your body being gently lifted. Allow yourself the beauty of letting go of any fear or resistance. Even if nervous or tense you will guided to let go, which is a wonderful experience!

Flotation was natural and easy... even if you've struggled with it in the past!

Flotation was natural and easy... even if you've struggled with it in the past!

The first 20 minutes I found my mind thinking the most random thoughts (how much time do I have left? What is Jasmin (my friend in the other room) doing? What if I lose a contact lense? Should I take my contacts out? Will I recommend this to a friend? Am I okay?). These thoughts are 100% normal and happen during meditation in general. Simply acknowledging your thoughts and letting them pass with the intention of focusing on breathing/the meditation experience will allow you to maneuver around and quiet any of those racing thoughts. (See my quick and easy guided to meditation here). I was given a small pool noodle to keep with me while I floated which I kept under my neck in the beginning to keep my head extra lifted up. More than half way into my meditation I felt that the pool noodle was distracting and removed it from the pod so I could further dive deeper into my meditation and relaxation. The deeper into my relaxation I went, I felt my body naturally turning to the side wanting to rest in the fetal position- so I reached back for my pool noodle to keep the half of my face up and out of the water. I have to say, that was my favorite part and I found that position supremely nurturing, relaxing, and healing for my body to experience.

At this point I felt like a floatation pro!

At this point I felt like a floatation pro!

I meditate daily but in this new environment (and the excitement over the fact that I was floating in this cool pod!) it took me about 20 minutes to completely clear my mind, which frustrated me because normally that is something that comes so easily to me! Cut yourself some slack if it takes you a little while to initially warm up to the new surroundings and completely relax- mind and body. This is all normal!

About 45 minutes into my relaxation and floatation I decided that I was comfortable enough to click the light off and floated in complete darkness with the lid closed. At first while my eyes adjusted to the darkness it looked and felt like I was suspended in the womb and I found that super comforting however once my eyes had completely acclimated and I allowed myself to fall further into my relaxation I felt a disconnect from my body that made me uncomfortable... at least for my first experience within the isolation tank. I quickly and easily found the light and clicked it back on and lifted the lid to allow fresh air to come in while my mind and body could settle again. This is something that I realized I would like to address and focus on within my meditation as a whole- my personal fear of completely letting go of control. To experience that within the tank was a bit nerve wracking but I love the chance to self explore and heal and the tank gave me that experience to observe how I instinctively react to letting go of my need to control, especially in a place that is safe and so well protective of me and my body.

There is lots of room to stretch your arms and legs out. My body naturally fell into the fetal position.

There is lots of room to stretch your arms and legs out. My body naturally fell into the fetal position.

After my time was up, the music in the pod turned off and a soft automated voice informed me that my time within the isolation tank was over. "Coming back"  was easy and effortless and I stepped out of the pod and into the shower to rinse the salt and any remaining stress I was carrying off of my body!

My Advice

The overall experience was effortlessly easy and relaxing but there are a few things I would recommend before you show up:

- COVER ANY CUTS WITH VASELINE before you step in to float in the water! This prevents stinging that can happen when salt water enters any type of cut or wounded space on the body! I learned this the hard way when my cat decided to scratch my arm a few days before my floatation appointment!

- THOROUGHLY RINSE AND SHOWER! Again, I learned this the hard way! I thought I had done a good job in rinsing the water off however on the way home as the water continued to evaporate my feet and toes were covered in salt powder! Not cute!

Jasmin came prepared and brought with her her (almost!) empty jar of BehatiLife's "The Empress" body butter! All natural, vegan, and wonderful on your skin!

Jasmin came prepared and brought with her her (almost!) empty jar of BehatiLife's "The Empress" body butter! All natural, vegan, and wonderful on your skin!

- BRING YOUR FAVORITE MOISTURIZER  with you to follow after your shower. Here again I learned this too the hard way however my friend Jasmin was prepared and brought with her her almost empty jar of the BehatiLife "The Empress" all natural body butter! She was generous and shared a bit with me ("normal" lotion to me is just awful for the skin!)

- FLOAT NAKED! Straps and bathing trunks are a definite distraction and the last thing you want is to have your meditation and relaxation interrupted by irritating bathing suits! The room is private and it is safe for you to get fully undressed! GO NAKED! Your body is beautiful!

- GO IN WITH AN AGENDA! My only regret was that I didn't have a plan for what I wanted to DO with my meditation! Did I want to use this time to see if anything came to my intuitively? Did I want to focus on chakra healing? Did I just want to enjoy my experience and relax? I recommended setting an intention for the time and space and determine what you want to get out of it before your time is up :)


My Recommendation?

Yes, totally! My greatest fear was that I would feel claustrophobic during my experience. The isolation tank itself is a bit intimidating for me but something that I would be willing to try in the future. I loved the modern feel of the pod and even would come back just for the enjoyment of floating within such a really cool space!

The outside of Floatation Philly on 534 E. Girard Ave! Our appointment was at 7pm!

The outside of Floatation Philly on 534 E. Girard Ave! Our appointment was at 7pm!

The location we visited was called Floatation Philly at 534 E. Girard Ave, phone number: 609-923-1913. I would call them beforehand because at the time of this blog posting their hours were not updated on the website or on Yelp and you may be missing awesome time slots available later on in the evening!

Service was excellent and the space felt clean and comfortable and was easy to get to by Uber, public transportation, or driving with easy to find street parking!


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How to Heal, Release, and Move Forward after a Break Up

Jessica Wiggan

Breaking Up
It is in my opinion that loving someone is one of the most strongest and hardest things that we can do on the face of this earth. Interestingly enough it is why I believe we were all placed on the planet- to open to love, to suffer because of it (we’ll find our deepest life lessons here), to transcend, to move forward, to choose to love again. 

Love is the main motivation behind the majority of what we do, whether we want to admit it to ourselves or others. From this point grows its branches and reaching from that root produces acceptance of ourselves and of others, intimacy as well as vulnerability... here is where we can find the source of either medicine or something that feels like poison.

Am I saying that love itself is poisonous? No, absolutely not.
That is literally never the case. Yes, it feels like it is because when disappointment, misunderstanding, and mismatching happen we are forced to face what feels like rejection.

It is so often that after a break up of a relationship we experience disappointment and anger. Waves of feelings range from extreme sadness to ragingly angry emotions and we can find ourselves cursing the fact that we ever even loved. Heartbrokenness can affect us so deeply in all areas of our lives it is almost embarrassing- We feel like we lose the light within our day, favorite foods are suddenly tasteless, nothing seems funny or amusing anymore, and it feels possible that we may never laugh, smile, or love again. 

This sounds dramatic to some but for a lot of people “losing love” feels a lot like this and is by no means an exaggeration.

 So what do we do to transcend this level of pain so you can move forward and quickly open your heart(*gasp*) to love again? 

For starters, you need to understand that you are just in yourself so completely loved.

You are SO loved.

In fact, you ARE love.

Love simply radiates from your Being. Love is you from the moment that you were born onto this earth no matter what your outside circumstances are or ever will be. This is something that cannot be erased or washed or taken away no matter what could ever possibly happen throughout your lifetime. Take a deep breath in the knowledge of this blessing: Because you are love you cannot ever be without it because you ARE it. 

Second, recognize and realize that you have not been rejected. Understand that there is a level of protection around you that makes it impossible for bad or negative relationships to stick to you. The harder you or the other person fights this, the worse it will feel. You’ll notice this in relationships- where you will have really high highs followed by really low lows. You’ll also notice this in relationships where situations within your relationship don’t seem to improve or things keep getting worse without there being mutual respect or shared love and applied effort.  This explains why it doesn’t feel right or “something just feels wrong within the relationship.” Whether it is you that feels it or the other person, you are being cosmically and spiritually lead away from that who is not right for to the man or woman who is. Sometimes we feel as though that person is perfect or “the One” and you do not understand why your partner would not feel the same way. This is because they are the ones being guided to redirect their time and energy elsewhere, wherever that may be. This does not make you any less of an amazing person or any less special. It just means that you see the qualities in this person that will be in your perfect One and for that reason you find them now irresistible. However, hold out for the one who has all the pieces of your puzzle. The best thing you can do is speak your truth and to simply, at least for the time being, let go. Believe me, if they are meant to be in your life any longer they will. There is no such thing as mistakes or wrong turns or bad luck. Everything happens as it should- we live, we learn, we experience, we grow, we move on. 

Third, you’re going to need to release them. This is the hardest and surprisingly best part! I’ve done this many times (too many times to count! Ha!) for relationships, jobs, homes, etc. I cannot stress to you how important this is to your healing as well as building yourself to be the strongest magnet towards speeding life-giving abundance to you! It works EVERY time. It NEVER fails. If you do it right you will feel it almost immediately or the very next day. 

You will need:

· A candle or fire (jeez guys, be careful with this please! Don’t burn anything or catch yourself or your
hair on fire!) or…
· A toilet
·Paper or a notebook
·A writing utensil

Just like in meditation you will want to find a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for at least an hour and a half or two hours. Maybe light a nice smelling candle, burn some incense, burn sage, clean your space,  or whatever else you feel like you need to do to make the space you’re sitting in special and
sacred to you for this moment.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. In your mind’s eye envision the person or thing that you need to release as clearly as you possibly can… almost as if they were sitting in front of you in the present moment. That ‘person’ will need to sit in silence because right now this is YOUR time to address everything and tell them how you feel… 

… which is the next step. 

On paper, write down EVERYTHING. Write down in a letter everything that you wanted or want to tell them (whether or not you will ever have the chance to or not. ) Be clear, be honest. This is your time to pour it
all out and be completely vulnerable with how you feel, with how you felt, what you thought and think, what you were expected and how they disappointed you, how much you care, how much you don’t understand, how what they did or didn’t do that pissed you off, etc. etc. just keep typing or writing it all in this letter pouring your heart completely out onto this paper! 

If you become emotional or angry or start crying- that is fine! Keep writing until you’ve “said” it all and there is no more that needs to be said.

On an energetic and soul level, the person you are addressing this letter to will feel and hear it, without actually having physically heard it. Think of it kind of like when you are thinking of a friend and then a few
minutes later they call you. It’s not a coincidence- you were connected and they felt your presence. It’s the same exact thing. 

When you are finished your letter take a deep breath and read it out loud to this person. By this, I do NOT mean that you call them and read the letter. I mean that from when you envision them in your mind and you read it to them as if they were sitting directly in front of you. You let them know everything- you let them have it! If you cry or yell or get emotional, that is okay! This is your release process and as long as you are not hurting anyone or yourself you are free to do what you need to do to feel better. 

When you are done, dismiss the person and ask them to leave (again, this is in your mind’s eye… or ‘imagination’… whatever you want to call it.)
In your last and final step, it is absolutely important that you destroy the letter! This is the fun part! Rip it up into tiny little pieces, burn it (my favorite! I love fire!), flush it down the toilet! Do whatever you wanna do to make sure that you completely get rid of it! While you are ripping and destroying say out loud, “I release *insert name here* for my highest and greatest good! I release the stress, anxiety, and pain of this relationship! I completely open myself to the abundance before me and I trust that I will be provided for! I move in faith now and tomorrow. Surround me in healing energy, lift my spirits! Thank you for all that is to come!” 

And then do a happy wiggle dance because you’ve released it all out your hands and you are free to accept and receive something that will now fit better for you! The next couple days, be generous and treat yourself gently. 

You may still feel moments of sadness or pain- and this is totally find! Remind yourself that you are doing a good job, you’ve made some big changes, and you are open and ready now to receive better!

It is true that sometimes you hear from the person you are trying to release because, again, they feel it on a soul level. Stay strong in your movement forward and exploring what else the universe wants to provide for you!

Love and light to you all, always! 


Weekly Tarotscopes- June 13-17th, 2016

Jessica Wiggan


Overall Energy of the Week of June 13- 17th, 2016:

Nine of Pentacles and 6 of Swords

This is the week for KNOWING what you WANT and NOT settling for less! These two cards together areunafraid of the journey ahead- simply because they know that what is ahead is better than any and everything that they instinctively know that they need to leave behind! This is a feeling of trust, of being saved from a negative situation or worse… settling for less than what you deserve!

Things to Do This Week:

+ Take a chance on your future!

+ Make a necessary change!

+ Spend time with and caring for your pets!

+ Realize ALL that you have accomplished!

+ Enjoy any alone time!


Monday: 4 of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles

What I love about these cards together is that they are surrounded in comfort! These two cards are the ones that show up to signify how HARD you work- how much effort and energy you have put in to something! There is nothing wrong with acknowledging, rewarding, and being proud of the work that you have done or your accomplishment… in fact, I highly encourage you now to draw your attention to how far you’ve come and what you have created!  Taking this time to feel proud is positive reinforcement that will work to encourage your growth, energy levels, and you’ll be less likely prone to burn out and more likely to jump back in and make more magic! Yes!

Things to Do Today:

+ Look at what you have and be grateful/excited!

+ Count your blessings J

+ Balance your budget… and maybe reward yourself with a little something special!

+ Spend time in gardens or outdoors!

+ Keep a secret!

+ Know your Self Worth

+ Redecorate your home/take care of what you have now.

Tuesday: The Empress and The Emperor

Today is a day for merging masculine and feminine energies, yin and yang, black and white! Together these two are symbolic of coupledom- father and mother, husband and wife. Emperor brings structure, stability, and order into life while the empress brings nourishment, fertility, and abundance. Both are equally strong and of equal importance but we need the two to create a space and energy of perfect balance. What message are these cards bringing to you in your life today? Do they represent a person or an ideal? Is there an area of your life that needs the energies of one of these cards that you are ready to welcome in?

Things to Do Today:

To Tap into Emperor Energy:

+ Create order, structure, and plan to help organize your life.

+ Approach things from your head today vs. your heart. Think rationally.

+ Stand firm in your belief systems and be direct in your dealings.

To Tap into Empress Energy:

+ Express yourself through creative pursuits and through communication.

+ Talk about your feelings.

+ Connect with women and/or friends that you can be honest with your feelings with.

+ Allow yourself to receive instead of feeling like you need to force things to be.

Wednesday: Death and 3 of Pentacles

Don’t panic at the appearance of the Death card! It simply shows an area that is currently in the process of transformation! Three of Pentacles is directly connected to the energy of work and your talents so there may be some changes going on in that area of your life. Look to see what needs to be shed or changed to allow you to grow even MORE into your own potential! This could be fears and insecurities, a lack of education or talent (the 3 of pentacles asks you to build upon and perfect your skills and current talents!), or to cut out distractions that are sidetracking you from putting 100% of your energy into building something of lasting value!

Things to Do Today:

+ Work on developing your current skills/do research on something you’re studying!

+ Have an honest moment with yourself to see what needs to released/let go of in order to promote growth in an area of your life!

+ Release your fears and anxieties! Allow yourself to show others the magic of what you are made of!

Thursday: The Star and Ace of Swords

The Star card looks towards the future while the Ace of Swords has the clear vision to visualize and surmount all obstacles in order to reach inevitable success! Ace of Swords is connected to the mind, your thoughts, and words being exchanged- your thinking is clear and focused and you want to channel this energy to be direct, honest, and upfront about what it is that you want, what you’re thinking and feeling, and what it is that you are aiming for! The Ace of Swords shows that life will not always be perfect or easy all of the time- but you have the TOOLS in order to tackle and take on the obstacles despite the odds! Look for and be open to being guided today… The Star card is the guardian that works to show you how guided and protected you are. There is healing everywhere!

Things to Do Today:

+ Pray and ask for guidance/clarity

+ Looks for the signs

+ Set a powerful intention!

+ Hold on to hope for the future!

+ Clearly state what you want and open to receiving it!

Friday: King of Pentacles and 8 of Wands

What I love about the King of Pentacles is his unwavering commitment and dedication to his projects/purpose/ and family. He has his priorities completely in order and is an example of how hard work and perfecting your skill will pay off over time! He understands that success usually is not something that happens overnight and he builds his business and all things he is committed to from the ground level and works diligently to see the project through to completion. The eight of wands on the other hand shows speed, movement, momentum, and messages flying in and out! I wouldn’t be surprised if you receive a message today pertaining to business or someone who is an example of earth energy (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus), if there is some kind of important development on the business front ( for example: signing a contract, making important phone calls or business deals, meetings face to face, etc.). Communication picks up and thoughts and creative ideas are flowing and the King of Pentacles is wise enough to know that when opportunity flies in to catch it and make it work for you and your goals!Ti

Things to Do Today:

+ Put your best foot forward!

+ Create a business plan!

+ Take the next step in starting a business/saving money/ budgeting accounts!

+ Have important meetings and discussions!

+ Ask someone you respect and admire for advice!

Email Jessica at  to sign up for your own personal weekly tarotscopes! Starting at $20/ wk!

Email Jessica at to sign up for your own personal weekly tarotscopes! Starting at $20/ wk!

Weekly Tarotscopes- June 6th- 10th, 2016

Jessica Wiggan


Overall Energy of this Week: The Emperor and The Temperance (RV)

This week's overall lesson from the tarot will be called "How to a Grown up!" featuring the Emperor and the Temperance reversed. Why, you ask? Well, because the way that the two are positioned are shoeing some serious polar opposites! The Emperor wants to establish order and roots, wants to maintain structure and control, and works for stability and doing the work to make progress- sometimes at all costs.

The Temperance, on the other hand, is trying to let loose! Temperance shows that the balance is off and will overdo it while it moves from a place of lack of self control and sometimes even poor judgment. Be aware of what areas in your life are off balanced for whatever reason- especially with relationships of ALL kinds! You don't want to drain your energy by constantly serving others to the point that you end up neglecting yourself. Watch your spending and diet restrictions this week- its easy to go overboard or even withhold too much. If you see something "off" simply establish a strict rule or budget that allows you to know when and where you are crossing the line. That way by the end of the week you haven't lost much or even your mind ;)

Monday 6/6/2016: Temperance and Nine of Wands

Temperance shows itself again asking us to start the week with moderation, patience, and even in slowing down. Something is draining your resource/energy supply right now- this could be that you're feeling sick, sad, exhausted, or defensive. Honor your need for time and quiet or whatever it is that you need to do to care for your emotional, physical, and mental self until you can feel 100% strong and capable again. This is the week of reminding yourself of how important it may be to take a break. There is no need to rush anything- remember the quote "slow and steady wins the race"? That couldn't be more true for you today!

Tuesday 6/7/2016: The Lovers and Nine of Pentacles

Most of us look at The Lovers card with rose colored glasses- hoping that it means union, sharing, and intimacy however there are many times when the Lovers card symbolizes your need to have to make a choice from your heart- wherever your heart is being guided. It's so important to listen to the messages and the stirrings of the heart simply because it knows the best path and way that you should take. Logic and over council can't even guide you in pure and significant way that the heart can. The Universe/ Higher Power consistently sends us messages to our hearts- some subtle and some blaringly obvious- so listen and look for them and the signal. Any choice that you make infuse it with what is the right choice for YOU- simply because when you are whole and taken care of you are much more able to share and care and give to others.

Wednesday 6/8/2016: The Empress and the 6 of Wands

The energy of yesterday may be spilling over in to the energy of today! The message of caring and nurturing the self- being gentle with the self and also sharing that gentleness with others- is one that is infused in today's message. A lot of the message behind the Empress is about receiving and being cared for. The other part of this card shows us the importance of creation and fertility in the sense of something of significance that is special being created and given the chance to be shared and loved. Six of Wands supports the Empress' energy saying that whatever she (or you!) create is wonderful and a gift, deserving of recognition and reward! It's okay to share your accomplishment with others, to be proud of what you have done or created, and to coo and fuss over it as you celebrate the efforts of your hard work :)

Thursday 6/9/2016: 6 of Pentacles (R) and 6 of Cups (R)

This combination together makes me feel a bit sad! In fact the visual I get it is someone sitting in a sad position on the floor feeling sad and defeated, pouting! I hope this isn't you!

With the 6 of Pentacles Reversed either we are looking for help or someone is asking us for assistance and we are not willing to provide it. I'm hoping that this isn't because you've spent all that you have earlier on this week (remember, we're supposed to be "Adulting" this week and sticking with our budgets- not going over the top or loosing our minds over anything! The 6 of pentacles reversed shows that there is a lack of some kind that it makes it almost impossible to share- so much so that it leaves someone out in the cold or with nothing. This doesn't have to financial- it could be with emotions, in relationships, or in business, etc. The six of cups reversed is where I see this pouting face- like an adult who is sad and wants to just mope around for a bit (hey, it happens!). Here the ghosts from our pasts want to creep up- sometimes making us nostalgic and sad for the times that have passed or other times its like they're popping p to slap you across the face to get back at you for something that has since happened and passed! What is holding you back,  my love? Do you need further healing? Are you feeling less than or insignificant?

Friday 6/10/2016- Ten of Wands and 5 of Swords

Hmm... watch the energy of today. Are you carrying on the weight of too much stress to the point where you may lash out at others? Are others in position where they are putting to much on you fro their own selfish reasons? Conflict and tension are definitely in the works for today while the ten of wands brings pressure, work force, and the chance of taking on too much and feeling exhausted. Will you need to tap into the overall energy of the Emperor who knows how to delegate and assign tasks so the work is evenly shared? What is the "load" exactly? Emotions? Physical labor? Expectations? Really check in here and see if its worth it in the end or something that is worth your while to invest in!

Love these and want to see more? Share with a friend!