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New Moon Eclipse in Virgo- Sept 1, 2016

Jessica Wiggan

It's the season of change and on September 1st, 2016 at exactly 5:03 am EST we have a New Moon Eclipse in Virgo!

Why is this so important?

Artwork by Sheeba Maya ;) 

Artwork by Sheeba Maya ;) 

Well, for TWO reasons!

1.) New Moons are the universal times that bring to us the potential for new beginnings and pathways, asking us to plant seeds of intention and ask for brilliant things to light up in our lives to make our day to day more magical, fun, and bring to us abundance of all types (health, wealth, happiness, love, adventure, etc.)!

2.) Everyone has Virgo in their chart somewhere- some are more influenced by its energy than others. You're going to want to check to see what area of your chart is being lit up by pulling up your natal chart and finding what house (or section) Virgo rules. This will give you a clue into partly how this eclipse is working to bring you. If you need help with this or want to schedule a chart reading, click here to be redirected to my readings and offered services!

Now, Let's Talk About the Details...

Sun (life energy) and Moon (feelings/intuition) conjoin energies in the sign of Virgo- an earthy, highly detail oriented, and beautifully particular sign. We can LEARN so much from Virgo energy- expecting ONLY the best for ourselves, striving for WHOLENESS and WELLNESS in everything that we touch or allow into our energy fields/environment, and cleansing out the muck that clogs our lives and clocks out abundance!

Virgo is known for its cleanliness and dedicated upkeep of the things and people that it cares about and is committed to. Why? Because Virgo energy understands the importance of caring for the Self in way that allows the body and mind to be a pure and fertile ground for reaping abundance and blessings which in turn effects our happiness, health, and our ability to THRIVE... not just survive!

Virgo naturally is linked to the 6th house in astrology which rules the day to day life events, our service to others, health, pets, our daily environment, and even our tiny pets and animals (like dogs, cats, pet birds and turtles, etc.) however, you're definitely going to want to check to see what house Virgo rules in your own chart to see how the energy is building to unfold for you :)

Looking at the chart of the moment of this eclipse I'm seeing this:

- The Sun conjunct the Moon in Virgo

This is the new moon and the energy of that is what we just discussed above :).

- The North Node lingering close to the conjunction of the moon and sun.

The North Node (or N.N) is important because it shows what we are striving to become in our lives, what we NEED to achieve and experience, and karmic connections which work to push us to move past our current personal perceived limitations. Because this point in the universe is being orbited so closely by the new moon (sun and moon conjunction) I'm seeing the push to strive for better being so strongly linked to our purpose here on earth- in ways that will be seemingly magical in their appearance in your life! You're going to want to be aware of what doors are opening up for you now and what ways you are being tested from now on and moving forward for the next 6 months. The key here is always to follow and connect with your HEART- just like the NN this works as our own tool for growth, direction, and answers... just like a compass!

- Jupiter and Mercury conjunct, with Mercury Retrograde

Jupiter is the planet that expands everything that it touches and is currently in the process of existing out the sign of Virgo (where our eclipse is occurring!). Where ever you find Jupiter you will find him working joyously to bring blessings and gifts, but especially so when he is about to exit a sign... kind of like a going away gift ;) That is what we're going to be seeing here as now he is preparing to transition out of Virgo and move into Libra where he will bring goodness and luck to wherever Libra touches in your personal chart! Mercury (planet of communication) is currently retrograde (read about that here) bringing blasts from the past but also chances to revisit, heal, and revise. Mercury spins hazily now around Jupiter so although we are making plans and envisioning the future we still don't want to set things in concrete and stone- for that we would want to see Mercury in a stronger position.

However, Mercury rules Virgo and is largely important in the energy of this eclipse. Sitting with Jupiter now it asks us to look back at how we have LIMITED ourselves, to look at what we have been working towards- does this still line up with what we want and see for ourselves and what we want for our future? Be picky and particular- your happiness, health, and ability to THRIVE depends on it! Virgo knows that we need to set a standard for the BEST of what we can receive- and if you decide not to raise your standard and to not ask for or require what you want how can you get it?

Remember, Jupiter EXPANDS all that it touches- which includes our vision and perspective. Jupiter pushes you up to the podium and encourages you with, "YOU CAN DO IT!". Jupiter rises you up so you can see that there is so much more out there in the world that is available and ready for you- if only you lift your head and see! With these two together, make the commitment to limit yourself NO longer, to be picky about what you will and won't accept in your life, to raise the standard of your expectation, and to know that you deserve MORE!

With Jupiter and Mercury here together make the commitment to limit yourself NO longer, to be picky about what you will and won’t accept in your life, to raise your standard of your expectation, and to know that you deserve MORE!

- Saturn and Mars Conjunct and Squaring the New Moon

Saturn and Mars together can cause some serious irritation especially rubbing elbows with the new moon but what I see with this is a lot of people feeling like their current fishbowl environments that they've been feeling confined to are pushing them out to find a place, person, or environment that is supportive and deserving of them. Think of it as a beautiful fish that for its whole life is stuck in a small bowl filled with cloudy water where he feels sick, looks dingy, and is bored with normal day to day. If someone scoops him out and places him in a new and larger fish tank with fresh clean water and room to grow his scales will glow and become more vibrant, he'll have the room he needs to swim, and the whole world will then see how beautiful and magnetic he is! The same is true for YOU! You've outgrown the old- whether it be a job, a relationship, an old way of living... and by cleaning out and purging your energy field after receiving this nudge from the plants, you will be placed in a spot that gives you what you need to show your wonderful magical colors!

Let your

Pluto trine our New Moon Eclipse

Pluto rules purging, death, and transformation and here on this eclipse it brings a healing and cathartic touch to all that it is transitioning out of our lives! With the trine the energy of Pluto and the new moon blend wonderfully together so transformations and adjustments here are absolute blessings as something new beginnings after something else has had a chance to phase out! Trust, trust, trust adjustments as this is positively going to effect you with blessings that can ripple for even years to come!

Set POWEFUL Heartfelt Intentions!

You are the ONLY thing that can limit yourself and this new moon opens doors for us in ways that is explosively wonderful! You are supported in your dreams, goals, and intentions and the last thing I want you to do is think that you CAN'T ask for something that you really want to manifest in your life or to believe that there is no way that something can happen. It CAN! The planets are stars have aligned now for all of our greater good that tests us with the question, "Just how GOOD do you want it to be?"

You are ready for the gifts and blessings that are waiting to rain down into your life! All you've got to do now is set the ball in motion by asking for what you wish you to achieve, knowing at least how you want to FEEL (and leave it to the universe to sort out the smaller details of how its going to happen and how you're going to get it!), and open to receiving it!

Love you all! YOU CAN DO IT! I'm here available for you if you need to work one on one or need an astrologer/tarot reader to help guide you over any of the obstacles you encounter in life! Email me at or click here to see a list of services offered!


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