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Work Your Magic- Daily Message!

Jessica Wiggan

Today's Message: WORK YOUR MAGIC!

Yesss (as if you even needed my permission!

Do NOT forget or abandon your gifts- USE them to help yourself as well as to help others!

This is NOT selfish or evil... it's resourceful & wise!

To NOT use your gifts is to walk forward without asking for help or directions- sure, chances are you will find your way but you waste time walking around in circles!


❤️❤️❤️ What are YOUR gifts? ❤️❤️❤️

• Focused intentions: these are Magic! ✔️

• Positive Expectations: Magic! ✔️

• Prayers & Decrees! Yup, magic ;)✔️

• Plant & Herbal Medicine!✔️

• Healing- Mind, Body, Energy! ✔️

• Communication & Heart flow! ✔️

• Alchemy, candles, meditation, tarot, the study of the stars, deep cleansing breaths, power of persuasion, honesty, LOVE!

ALL of these things are magical!

Be OPEN to using them & have faith in the positive outcome!

Tonight I'll be working my OWN magic- moving through readings, monthly reports, etc! I live for nights like these!


Deck Used: Ascended Masters Oracle

Message: Always 100% Original & Authentic by yours truly ;)