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10 Minute Mental Recharge!

Jessica Wiggan


• • • • •
>>PERCEPTION - "The Lense!"
Think of perception as a lens- if it is dark or dirty we can't see clearly or it blocks the light & abundance that is available to you each & every day. (Yes! There's aLOT here for you in this very day, this moment, this LIFE!)

How you VIEW your world SHAPES your world- & you'll never see the gift in each day if the daily lens you're wearing is clouded with OLD FEARS, WORST CASE SCENARIOS, WORRY, LOW SELF WORTH, NEGATIVITY, etc.!

That old low self talk, those limiting beliefs, those moments where you look for the worst to happen, or you overcrowd yourself with painful memories of bad habits... yup, that's GOT TO GO! It clouds the lens of your life!

~ I ask, Universe, that you lift the clouds that fog & bog down your thinking.
~ That you BREAK DOWN the MENTAL WALLS that stop you from seeing the beauty & brightness that is in this world globally & available to you in your daily lives!
~ I ask for AWESOME & PROFOUND experiences that shape & transform your life for the better!
~ I set the intention that HEALTH & HEALING flow through your body now/ that you be VIBRANT & STRONG & the choices that you make reflect your decision to value, care, & respect the temple that is your body!
~ I ask that laughter & good vibes ripple throughout your day- and that through the good and the bad you're able to see the humor in it all, never feel "too heavy", & weighted down by the world or your mind!
~ I set the intention today that you are able to safely RELEASE the burden that you've been carrying to set it down, be free, and walk away!!!

>> THE MANTRA- You are STRONGER than you know!
~ I am capable!
~ The light I bring is needed and I leave a positive impact and mark on this world!
~ Today I CHOOSE to do better!
~ I am able to call the shots on the direction of my life!
~ I am in control!

The Spiritual Person Stereotype!

Jessica Wiggan


There is a stereotype circulating about people pursuing the spiritual path or deepening their connection to Spirit/God/the Universe.

The Stereotype?

- We are quiet and do not disturb the peace or avoid all forms of conflict!

- That we are (or at least expected to be) in a constant state of blissful peace and disconnection!

- That we think we are better than others or are judging your life style, belief, or practice!

- That we have an answer for everything!

- That we are constantly reading you, or your mind, or use our intuition as a weapon!

- That we are perpetually calm and acting upon our inner wisdom!

Yes, it's true that for some of us we spend our time in quiet contemplation and we do pursue a life of inner peace... but inner peace and moments of quiet contemplation or reflection does not reflect the entire picture!

The Truth?

- Spiritually seeking and thriving people are HUMAN- just like the rest of us! Your blissed out yoga teacher has had moments where s(he) has emotionally broken down in their car before arriving to teach the class... sometimes for a reason and sometimes for seemingly NO REASON AT all!

- To have PEACE does NOT mean you speak in soft soothing tones, blink and breathe slowly, or walk like you're floating around a cloud! Again, you are HUMAN, and each human is different in their ways of thinking, feeling, and expressing themselves! Some people are louder than others, some messy or unorganized while others know exactly where they last left their glasses and car keys. Traits vary and do NOT define how spiritual, intuitive, or wise that person may be!

The Truth...

Pursuing a state of peace or stillness doesn’t mean that we become voiceless, withdrawn, or quiet however sometimes that quiet time is needed and practiced. Being in a state of peace and stillness means that within the state of our core being- no matter what is going on around us we have a sense of deep peace within us- meaning that we are aligned with who we are and our path that we are currently on. That inner knowingness is a gift that we searched for and found.

Personal expression comes in all forms- meaning some of us are soft spoken, some are loud, some are high energy and talk fast, others are slow and methodical... the list goes on and on! These separate traits vary and none of them make us any better or less than the other.


The "Perfect" Spiritual Coach

What you need to look for in your coach is their message and their gifted ability to help you transform your life for the better using their words, heart, message, and actions.  

Being a spiritual worker you need to stay at least most of the time 100% authentic to your core self- that means if you are loud or a warrior woman who runs with the wolves than be that passionate person!

If you are quiet and introverted- allow yourself to exist in that state. If you are combination of the two-predictable or not- then fluctuate as your heart, mind, body, and soul desires.

You are you- a uniquely well and divinely made creature of God here with a purpose and a destination- therefore we will not have the same path- and we will touch many different lives as we go along in our weird and most wonderful ways!

Be you. Express yourself. 

Don’t for one second forget that this life and time spent on earth is one that is a delicate balance- even our physical bodies need to stay within a specific homeostatic state- or balance- that when set off leaves us vulnerable to disease and bodily disruption. The same is true for our mental and spiritual selves.
More often than not you will find me in state of high energy, smiling, warm and welcoming. I’ve been told I’m a light in a lot of people’s lives and a strong magnet for abundance and positivity and love- I believe this.
I am usually relatively fast speaking (unless doing guided meditations) and passionate, singing, laughing, dancing, my usual. However, I still need balance- and I need recharging time (quiet time and reflection) to recharge my batteries before I go back into the world as my usual spark plug. This is who I AM. It is a gift that was given to me by the Creator and I use both my strengths and weakness to help all of you.

My question to you: WHO ARE YOU?

Are you a combination? Are you consistent or predictable? Or do you like to switch things up? Are you warrior? A healer? A lover? All of the above?

Let's throw away these ideas of the quiet Spiritual Person/Worker Stereotype and replace them with the truth that we are all beautiful beings spending time here on earth to help lift and love each other and ourselves! It's better this way, don’t ya think?! 

Love and light to you all!

What stereotypes are you coming across? Comment below!

BehatiLife Discoveries- Heart Centered Meditation~ BiNaural Beats

Jessica Wiggan


Hi Tribe!

While working through my clients' readings I like to have music focused on healing and energy playing in the background to provide an extra dose of cleansing and empowerment! I choose each song based upon what I feel would be best for my client and what I pick up on with their energy.

This heart chakra focused meditation was so pure and beautiful with lovely vibrations I wanted to share with you all!

I don't know the creator or who uploaded the video- this was something I just happened to stumble across!


Tremendous Growth is Here, Beautiful Things Surround You!

Jessica Wiggan


I see beautiful things around you... it's true, I do! ⭐️


⚡️⚡️Lately there has been a string of people that I've worked with who are experiencing some serious bouts of turbulence within their lives... like lightening bolts striking that shakes them to their core, making them instinctively draw up in fear & protection. ⚡️🏾

Each story is different but ONE thing remains the same- there was something absolutely BEAUTIFUL growing & developing within their lives despite ALL the outside noise and chaos!

Another thing they each had in common was an energy of PROTECTION. 🏾🏾

Whether it be their own Angels or guides, ancestors or the strength of their OWN spirit- each of these people were VERY obviously protected... and on top of that although they may FEEL timid or shook up, within them lies an incredible WARRIOR SPIRIT⚡️, that of a gifted man or woman who when focused & grounded could shake the EARTH with their determination and is a force to be reckoned with! 🏾

In the moment, they felt frozen in fear or uncertainty but REALLY behind that thin veil is a strong spirit unlike ANY other! 🏾️⚡️

That is us ALL lately- globally, personally- there is tremendous GROWTH here.

It is painful just as much as it is beautiful but guess what... you'll get through this and glowwww in all of your glory!

FEEL for the moment now what you feel... that is normal... but DON'T GIVE UP, BACK DOWN, Or stay DOWN for too long! 🏾🏾🏾🏾

There is something beautiful here developing around you... you feel it in your core (don't you?!) and you've reached the moment of perfect timing and transition!⚡️🏾

If you need help or a reminder, I am here- you know where to find me! ️🏾

Love love and light to you all!


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The Perfect "Trinity"- for the High Stress Times!

Jessica Wiggan

Image Credit: Brandon Stanciell

The Perfect “Trinity” for the High Stress Times ;)

High stress, anxiety, and moments where you feel loss happens to EVERYone and are to be expected- here is what I use to reprogram, relax, and also use to invite great shifts to happen effortlessly within my life within moments!


Here’s why:


Simply put, prayer changes things. It is open communication between you and the Divine. Keep that convo real, raw, and in a space of pure vulnerability (I mean, where else can you be your complete unadulterated weird self?!). Don’t worry about your prayer dialogue being “pretty”, using big fancy words, or even making sense- the Divine knows your heart 100%  and the only thing that is important is the fact that you are talking and opening up! Prayer gives the angels and your guides permission to intercede and apply the energy to make the necessary needed changes within your life while deepening your connection and relationship with the higher power- a bonus and my own personal lifeline ;)


This means cry, journal, run/power walk it all out, scream into your pillow, whatever... just let it go! Remember, you are a human being having a human experience and the journey here on earth will not always be effortless as much as it is beautiful and totally worth it! You are allowed (and expected!) to at times feel:

  • Exhausted
  • Frustrated
  • Weak
  • Angry
  • Disappointed!

Acknowledging, feeling, and expressing these feelings is HEALTHY and NORMAL- to hold on to them, suppress them, hide them, and ignore them is DETRIMENTAL to your health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual!) and will work only to crunch your growth and stun the time it takes for you to move forward!

Releasing allows you not only to begin to feel better but frees up the space to allow healing and miracles to wash through!

 And finally (and my favorite!) SLEEP!

Sleep is miraculous is many ways than just one! Outside of the obvious physical benefits that come with a good night’s rest sleep spiritually and energetically is a surprisingly active time of movement, transformation, and shifts! Although the body is still active by taking a nap or going to bed you quiet your thinking space and give plentiful time for the angels and guides, prayers, and intentions to work and unfold uninterrupted from your thoughts, doubts, fears, and your own attempts to force thins to work out. This is space is NEEDED and gives everything the chance to manifest where if you were still awake and overthinking even trying to understand the process slows down the process!


 This magical trinity has worked for me since the beginning of time and it will absolutely work for you! Use as needed and you’ll a.) never have to worry about a thing anymore and b.) experience incredible and effortless shifts within your life!

Try it out and comment below and let me know how it works for you or what methods you use to maintain your sense of peace and to reconnect!

Guided Chakra Healing and Meditation Session

Jessica Wiggan

During last night's mediation/ Reiki session I did a full body scan- from all the way down to my toes to the tip top of my head. Images flooded in my mind's eye (as usual! My angels and guides always run to my "third eye window" to fill me with insight and information!) but more importantly that that I was able to "check in" to my core "chakra points" and clear out any toxins that could have built up or sadness, stagnation, or illness I may unknowingly carry.

It's amazing how much we can carry- emotionally, mentally, physically!- and it can drain and drag us to operate from a lower vibration- and we're higher than that, right?!

I want you ALL to reap the benefits of the cathartic releases (and maybe even post a guided meditation release on the YouTube Channel for you to enjoy!) so here's the technique I use meditation to help myself tap into troubled chakra areas and facilitate a release/healing:

Step By Step Guide- Emotional Release During Meditation

1.) Start off in your normal comfortable position for meditation. Most people either sit in the lotus position or lie on their backs but pick a method that works for you (which some days may vary!)

2.)  Set the intention of your meditation for protected healing- keeping in mind that if at any point you get overwhelmed or uncomfortable you can always stop and rest and finish the meditation as you would normally.  Setting the intention is important as it signals your consciousness to open up to the possibility and opportunity for healing.

Setting an intention for your meditation is important as it signals your consciousness to open up to the possibility and opportunity for healing.
— BehatiLIFE Tips

3.) Hold your hands over each chakra point- starting at your base or root chakra- concentrating on each spot exclusively for as long as you feel necessary.  Feel what each chakra is telling you. Your feelings are valid and very real. Acknowledge them. Use your positive intentions and energy to realign the chakra spots. You don't have to do anything but just allow the positive energy and intentions to cleanse the air softly. If you feel like crying, allow yourself to do so. If you're angry- let the feeling rise up and pass on. If you're scared- allow that too to rise up and pass on, keeping in mind that they are just temporary emotions and all serve an importance purpose.

4.) Once you've reached your crown and every chakra has been tended to- ask the universe/ your angels or guides that you are open to receiving any additional insight that will better help you to heal and operate at your highest level and always for your greatest good. Take a mental note of what they show and tell you.

5.) At the end of your meditation quietly wiggle your toes and fingers and come back into grounding with your body, Thank the angels and your guides for their assistance and protection. Enjoy a nice piece of fruit or healthy snack or long walk to help you ground yourself and feel good in your body!

There, wasn't that nice? :)

Do me a favor- {{HUG}} yourself! Right now- no matter where you are or what you're doing- just hug yourself strong and tight and say, "I LOVE YOU. I just do!!! I can't help it- I just love you for you! You're doing great and you're safe here and I love you!" You deserve it.

Want to share your experience with me? Comment below! :)

Love and light to you all,

Instagram: @BehatiLife #BehatiVibeTribe
Twitter: BehatiLife

I tried an Isolation tank... and Loved It!

Jessica Wiggan

Isolation Tanks- the ultimate experience in relaxation and sensory deprivation!

Isolation Tanks- the ultimate experience in relaxation and sensory deprivation!

What if I told you that you could experience deep relaxation by stepping into a metal tank or pod filled with salty water, closed the door behind you, and floating for an hour?

Well, what could easily sound like the setting from a scene in a horror movie surprisingly turned out to be something that is ripe with the potential for the ultimate experience in relaxation and meditation!

Sensory Deprivation/Isolation Tank- What Is It?

The black hole *ahem* Isolation tank...

The black hole *ahem* Isolation tank...

I originally heard about the isolation tanks after one of my friends tried it out and raved on and on about how awesome her experience was!

Now, I’m a person who loves all things connected to meditation and relaxation and I’m down to try out *almost* anything once but if we’re being honest here the thought of stepping into a metal tank filled with water and closing the door behind me only to float in complete darkness and silence is nerve wracking to say the least!

I’m not claustrophobic by ANY means but I can’t imagine that your heart doesn’t speed up even just a tiny bit at the thought of voluntary isolation in a metal boxed filled with water.

Nervous doesn't even begin to cover the apprehension I felt prior to leave the house! Photo Credit: Snapchat Screenshot: @BehatiLife

Nervous doesn't even begin to cover the apprehension I felt prior to leave the house! Photo Credit: Snapchat Screenshot: @BehatiLife

So what is it?

Depending on where you go it’s a closed space filled with roughly about 10 inches of Epsom salt rich water heated to 92-93 degrees (to match the average human body temperature) with minimum light and sound, if any. This is designed to minimize any external stimuli and distractions. Yup, just you and your thoughts!

Jasmin and I stop for a selfie! Checking In and Out was a breeze and the front desk person was amazingly informative and friendly!

Jasmin and I stop for a selfie! Checking In and Out was a breeze and the front desk person was amazingly informative and friendly!

My friend and I (yes, I only wanted to go if I could go with a friend! Safety in numbers! Okay, I’m being a little dramatic but still...) chose a location in Philadelphia that had the option to choose either a cabin, a pod, or the tank for our floatation experience. Each one had its own specific and special traits. For example, the cabin boasts high(er) ceilings with light and the option to leave the door open- a must for those who struggle with claustrophobia), the tank that has zero light and sound, and the pod which you allows you to leave the light on and float with music.

For me the obvious choice was the pod! How cool would it be to float in a sleek egg shaped spaced looking shuttle?! How very Lady Gaga!

Doesn't this look like something we can find Lady Gaga emerging from?! This was my obvious choice for it's sleek and sexy modern look... plus, I was allowed to keep the lights on and sound... just in case ;)

Doesn't this look like something we can find Lady Gaga emerging from?! This was my obvious choice for it's sleek and sexy modern look... plus, I was allowed to keep the lights on and sound... just in case ;)

The Process

The pod I chose for the light and sound and coolness factors!

The pod I chose for the light and sound and coolness factors!

For my experience I ended up running in late (Uber driver problems, lolz) so I was about 20 minutes late for my appointment however the girl manning the front desk was friendly, down to earth, and informative explaining the whole process in wonderful detail that was inviting and welcoming. She gave us both a complete tour of the place (we had the place pretty much reserved to just us for this night) and allowed us the option of choosing which method of floatation we wanted to experience (refer to the tank, cabin, and pod descriptions mentioned above).

I froze up even LOOKING at the tank.

I mean, I really FROZE up!

I didn’t even want to ENTER the room but apparently a lot of floaters (Ha! That’s the name I’ve giving to people who float on a regular basis!) prefer the tank simply because of how awesome it is at cancelling outside noise, light, and distraction.

My friend chose the cabin and I went with the pod (to satisfy my inner Lady Gaga)!

The shower was an open door design with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner neatly and conveniently placed along the wall. I recommend bringing your own conditioner for afterwards, though.  

The shower was an open door design with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner neatly and conveniently placed along the wall. I recommend bringing your own conditioner for afterwards, though.  

Each of the rooms came with private stone lined open door showers with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. You’re supposed to shower with the body wash thoroughly first to rinse off any lingering body oils and moisturizer, make up, and dirt and then thoroughly shampoo your hair. If you don’t want to get your hair wet for whatever reason (understandable! Salt water can be supremely drying on hair!) you are asked to bring your own swim cap.

An example of the ear plugs they provided! Super comfortable, even for my extra small ears!

An example of the ear plugs they provided! Super comfortable, even for my extra small ears!

Next, you put on the ear plugs that they provide to protect your ears and also for noise cancellation.

You have the option to strip down completely (cue nakedness!) or wear a bathing suit. The rooms are 100% private and comfortably warm so I went in naked to minimize  the irritation and distraction of adjusting my bikini straps or anything else that would take my mind away from getting the full sensory deprivation experience. For the sake of keeping my blog PG-13 (for the most part) I took my photos with my bikini on for obvious reasons (oh, hey internet trolls and creepers!) ;)

My Experience

We booked our rooms for a total of 90 minutes. For the first 20 minutes I spent capturing photos and videos so that I could share with you all here (you’re welcome! Haha)! After that, I stripped down completely and entered into my private pod surprised at how quickly my body adjusted and was ready to float! If you have issues with swimming or floating be advised that you should have zero trouble in this environment! The water is so densely packed with Epsom salts that as soon as you lay back you will feel your body being gently lifted. Allow yourself the beauty of letting go of any fear or resistance. Even if nervous or tense you will guided to let go, which is a wonderful experience!

Flotation was natural and easy... even if you've struggled with it in the past!

Flotation was natural and easy... even if you've struggled with it in the past!

The first 20 minutes I found my mind thinking the most random thoughts (how much time do I have left? What is Jasmin (my friend in the other room) doing? What if I lose a contact lense? Should I take my contacts out? Will I recommend this to a friend? Am I okay?). These thoughts are 100% normal and happen during meditation in general. Simply acknowledging your thoughts and letting them pass with the intention of focusing on breathing/the meditation experience will allow you to maneuver around and quiet any of those racing thoughts. (See my quick and easy guided to meditation here). I was given a small pool noodle to keep with me while I floated which I kept under my neck in the beginning to keep my head extra lifted up. More than half way into my meditation I felt that the pool noodle was distracting and removed it from the pod so I could further dive deeper into my meditation and relaxation. The deeper into my relaxation I went, I felt my body naturally turning to the side wanting to rest in the fetal position- so I reached back for my pool noodle to keep the half of my face up and out of the water. I have to say, that was my favorite part and I found that position supremely nurturing, relaxing, and healing for my body to experience.

At this point I felt like a floatation pro!

At this point I felt like a floatation pro!

I meditate daily but in this new environment (and the excitement over the fact that I was floating in this cool pod!) it took me about 20 minutes to completely clear my mind, which frustrated me because normally that is something that comes so easily to me! Cut yourself some slack if it takes you a little while to initially warm up to the new surroundings and completely relax- mind and body. This is all normal!

About 45 minutes into my relaxation and floatation I decided that I was comfortable enough to click the light off and floated in complete darkness with the lid closed. At first while my eyes adjusted to the darkness it looked and felt like I was suspended in the womb and I found that super comforting however once my eyes had completely acclimated and I allowed myself to fall further into my relaxation I felt a disconnect from my body that made me uncomfortable... at least for my first experience within the isolation tank. I quickly and easily found the light and clicked it back on and lifted the lid to allow fresh air to come in while my mind and body could settle again. This is something that I realized I would like to address and focus on within my meditation as a whole- my personal fear of completely letting go of control. To experience that within the tank was a bit nerve wracking but I love the chance to self explore and heal and the tank gave me that experience to observe how I instinctively react to letting go of my need to control, especially in a place that is safe and so well protective of me and my body.

There is lots of room to stretch your arms and legs out. My body naturally fell into the fetal position.

There is lots of room to stretch your arms and legs out. My body naturally fell into the fetal position.

After my time was up, the music in the pod turned off and a soft automated voice informed me that my time within the isolation tank was over. "Coming back"  was easy and effortless and I stepped out of the pod and into the shower to rinse the salt and any remaining stress I was carrying off of my body!

My Advice

The overall experience was effortlessly easy and relaxing but there are a few things I would recommend before you show up:

- COVER ANY CUTS WITH VASELINE before you step in to float in the water! This prevents stinging that can happen when salt water enters any type of cut or wounded space on the body! I learned this the hard way when my cat decided to scratch my arm a few days before my floatation appointment!

- THOROUGHLY RINSE AND SHOWER! Again, I learned this the hard way! I thought I had done a good job in rinsing the water off however on the way home as the water continued to evaporate my feet and toes were covered in salt powder! Not cute!

Jasmin came prepared and brought with her her (almost!) empty jar of BehatiLife's "The Empress" body butter! All natural, vegan, and wonderful on your skin!

Jasmin came prepared and brought with her her (almost!) empty jar of BehatiLife's "The Empress" body butter! All natural, vegan, and wonderful on your skin!

- BRING YOUR FAVORITE MOISTURIZER  with you to follow after your shower. Here again I learned this too the hard way however my friend Jasmin was prepared and brought with her her almost empty jar of the BehatiLife "The Empress" all natural body butter! She was generous and shared a bit with me ("normal" lotion to me is just awful for the skin!)

- FLOAT NAKED! Straps and bathing trunks are a definite distraction and the last thing you want is to have your meditation and relaxation interrupted by irritating bathing suits! The room is private and it is safe for you to get fully undressed! GO NAKED! Your body is beautiful!

- GO IN WITH AN AGENDA! My only regret was that I didn't have a plan for what I wanted to DO with my meditation! Did I want to use this time to see if anything came to my intuitively? Did I want to focus on chakra healing? Did I just want to enjoy my experience and relax? I recommended setting an intention for the time and space and determine what you want to get out of it before your time is up :)


My Recommendation?

Yes, totally! My greatest fear was that I would feel claustrophobic during my experience. The isolation tank itself is a bit intimidating for me but something that I would be willing to try in the future. I loved the modern feel of the pod and even would come back just for the enjoyment of floating within such a really cool space!

The outside of Floatation Philly on 534 E. Girard Ave! Our appointment was at 7pm!

The outside of Floatation Philly on 534 E. Girard Ave! Our appointment was at 7pm!

The location we visited was called Floatation Philly at 534 E. Girard Ave, phone number: 609-923-1913. I would call them beforehand because at the time of this blog posting their hours were not updated on the website or on Yelp and you may be missing awesome time slots available later on in the evening!

Service was excellent and the space felt clean and comfortable and was easy to get to by Uber, public transportation, or driving with easy to find street parking!


Questions, comments, want to work with Jessica one on one? Email