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The World Needs Your Light- LOVE YOURSELF TODAY!


The World Needs Your Light- LOVE YOURSELF TODAY!

Jessica Wiggan


Did you know that you are your OWN worst enemy?

It's true.

You either build yourself UP with words of love and affirmation supporting your own strive... or you tear yourself DOWN reminding yourself of all that you are NOT.

Did you know that you were designed with your own unique gifts and skillsets that this earth NEEDS you to share and develop?

It's true.

We need your light... your shine.

This is not a cowpoke towards perfection but a loving reminder to BE EASY ON YOURSELF WHILE YOU ARE LEARNING, GROWING, STRIVING.

You have spoken to unkindly of yourself for TOO LONG and I'm here to break you of that habit and remind you if you should ever forget that- my goodness- you are AMAZING, PERFECTLY CREATED, and was NEVER A MISTAKE.

There is a WHOLE WORLD full of people who are ready and willing to bash and try and break you- simply because you THINK differently, LOOK differently, EXPRESS yourself differently.

They're scared because it threatens their built up view of the world... that anything OUTSIDE of what they feel & think & believe is a threat or LESS than.

And quiet frankly... they SHOULD be scared... because it's true, we are the new breed of women & male warriors sent here with a divine purpose to LIFT THIS WORLD UP WITH LOVE... to be the beacon of LIGHT and an example of true HEALING.

Thats why, tribe, you NEED TO BE THERE FOR YOURSELF.

You need to boot up and love the yourself daily and keep going and keep striving!

No more killing your Self and your spirit with evil unkind words, lashing yourself with thoughts that work only to hold you back or make you feel weak!

You are NOT weak... you are a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH.

You are NOT crazy- you are a visionary and most likely intuitive.

Yea, that may scare some people and have them shaking in their boots... but in time they will look and reach to you for insight, direction, and an explanation. You will look at them with your beautiful million watt smile and with your entire LIFE as the best example and answer of HOW TO CONTINUE TO RISE despite the external circumstances, what it means to have faith & to pursue your highest purpose, and what it looks like to forgive and love and still continue to move forward!

Follow your inner voice and bathe yourself in divine delicious love daily- not only because you deserve it but because we're waiting to hear your voice and to feel your passion!

Love and light to ALL of my tribe- today and always!

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