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All You Need to Know: Mercury Retro Info Guide- Make It Work for YOU!"

Jessica Wiggan

Mercury Retrograde is not NEARLY as bad as people make it out to be! As a professional (and super passionate!) star gazer and astrologer there are far worse thinks, trust me!

In fact, you can make mercury retrograde WORK for YOU- skipping over all the snags and snafus!

Magic, indeed, is all around us, in stones, flowers, stars, the dawn wind and the sunset cloud; all we need is the ability to see and understand.
— Doreen Valiente

Mercury falls in all of our chart and is important because this speedy little planet rules such a large chunk of our lives!

Mercury Rules:

Thoughts/Thinking/ Mind Activity
Electronics and items with working/moveable parts
Education (sometimes)
Contracts/ Agreements

When it is direct- meaning the times when it is moving forward through the cosmos normally, i.e. not retrograde! - it brings movement, momentum, and activity to all it touches… usually in a positive way, despite being a bit of a trickster sometimes ;).

However, when it is retrograde- meaning when it flips its rotation and appears to spin backwards- it can change the way the little guy would normally operate, so the things that he rules will need extra attention or TLC.

The planets rely on Mercury’s work to move messages around swiftly and to increase productivity but even planets need to take a break from their normal responsibilities so when it is his retrograde time you will notice some changes:

What You Can Expect:

Activity begins to slow down- mental and physical
Things get lost in the mail, small items get lost
Electronics need extra attention- loosing/deleting files, crashing phones and laptops
Transportation issues- missing flights, confusion, etc.
Miscommunications- extra clarity will be needed and is called for!
As all things in the universe- when something may SEEM bad it’s actually RIPE with potential… if you know what do and what to look for!

Make it WORK for YOU!


As mercury slows down so should you. He rules thoughts and mental activity so if you're still trying to push a project forward or race against time you're only wasting your own resources and energy. Take this as a chance to slow down, breathe, and revamp your calendar and schedule so that when the planet is finally moving forward you are ready to maximize your time and effort with an updated game plan that works!


Return to open or lingering projects that need your attention! Fine tune details, cross those T’s and dot those I’s, and make corrections to tiny (and usually missed!) mistakes!


Mercury Retrograde brings back the times that we thought we may have lost forever… this includes people and things! The universe was designed whole and complete so because of this it will bring you back the chance to try something again… only this time to do it better and right the second time around! Watch what shows itself during this period and take some time to consider whether or not you want to give it another ‘go!


Many people hear from their ex’s or people that they’ve lost contact with during this timer. Use this as a time to repair an old relationship, to gain clarity, or try love again! Even if you decide that you don’t want to be with this person moving forward into the future, this can still be a chance to settle your differences, be honest, or to resolve any lingering wounds that have been left sitting open. Mercury retrograde is wonderful for this!


This is PRIME TIME for my fabulously thrifting friends! Mercury retrograde brings back the gems of the past so if moving through consignment, vintage, or thrift shops is your ‘thing’ then now is the perfect time!


Mercury rules small parts and movable things so when he goes retrograde he’ll nudge any weak parts to the surface to avoid larger problems down the line. Capitalize on this! If you hear a weird noise under your car- get it checked out.

I would, however, avoid phone updates during this time simply because 9 times out of 10 you will find annoying problems with them that will later have to be addressed and fixed once mercury goes direct again. Just trust me on this. ;)


Now is the BEST time to move through your closet and get rid of old things that you’ll no longer want or wear, to organize and refresh, and to organize your desk or other storage places!

However, there are a few things that you’re going to want to avoid:


This means no starting new jobs or new relationships! However, if an old job or person from the past is a part of what you are considering then you may be in the clear! Remember, Mercury retrograde brings back the things from the past… a chance or opportunity that could have been missed. So if it feels right, then I say go for it!


Chances are you will need to change your mind later on or there is something that is missing/ you’re not seeing. Mercury rules contracts and also mental clarity so if you’re saying yes and signing on the dotted line you may find yourself having to revisit or even regretting it later. It’s best to wait a week AFTER mercury has moved back into forward motion again.


Remember, Mercury is HIGHLY connected to brain activity- so what you THINK is what will come! Flip the switch during the retrograde period by acknowledging and capitalizing on the abundance of gifts and opportunities this planet can give, even in its backwards motion!

It's always good to have a back up plan and additional energetic support! Check out my Mercury Retrograde Intention oil that was blended by hand and charged with the intention of helping you to reap the benefits during this time as well as protect against the annoyances that can bring you down!

I love your feedback! Comment below and/or share with a friend!