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LIBRA NEW MOON BLOWS KISSES! Get all the "Dark Moon" details!

Jessica Wiggan

Could this Libra New Moon be ANY more beautiful?! After the slamming around that occurred during the eclipses and retrograded periods we’ve all been feeling a bit like pebbles rattling around in an old rusted tin can! The cosmos sense our need for beauty and respite...and here comes this Libra Moon rushing around the corner on its white horse to infuse beauty and lovely vibes into our lives!

Libra is in the sign that is connected to beauty and aesthetic, attraction, luxury, balance and partnerships so instantly those areas of our life are being triggered. Also, you’ll definitely want to check your natal chart to see what house- or section- of your chart Libra rules as that is where you’ll see doors opening and the corners of your life receiving light and a breath of fresh air!


New Moons (as you know, my wise astrologically in tune tribe of stargazers and lovers!) are symbolically the universe’s way of nudging things into motion, signaling you to set an intention for the blessings you wish to bring into your life (whoop! Just looked at the clock and it’s 3:33- total confirmation!)!


To add another scoop of goodness onto your plate of life we have Jupiter’s move into the sign of Libra!

Jupiter is a bit slow and sluggish in making moves but when he does he brings gifts and those gifts are of high value and worth- things we can feel “over the moon” about!

These ‘gifts’ don’t necessarily have to be actual physical things but could arrive as people, opportunities, and exciting moments of growth and experiences that we wouldn’t trade for the world!

All of this again is happening in- Yup! You guessed it!- the sign of Libra… exactly where this new moon is sitting and stirring!

Now, let’s look and find the planet Venus (who rules Libra!). We find her sitting in deep, sexy, passionate Scorpio- a sign that is known for its ability and interest in “diving deep” into the depths of the human experience! This sign loves hard and sees all! This sign does not entertain superficial relationships or experiences. It wants the real deal… all or nothing! Because Venus is currently moving through this sign she picks up and wears these traits like a coat.


To make it all the more magical she (Venus) and Neptune are here blowing kisses at each other in their lovely magical trine! Neptune rules the ethereal pieces of life so when he makes a connection like this we can’t help but to feel those butterflies in our stomach and have stars in our eyes! If you’re asking if this is “too good to be true” then just allow yourself the time to enjoy the present moment for all that it is, realizing that wonderful things can absolutely happen for you!

The sun (life energy!) is sitting side by side with Saturn, who normally can be a bit grumpy but here he is nodding his head quick and sternly in approval leaving his signature of confirmation that locks in this blessing and gift for the long-term!


If you’re setting intentions for this new moon (which I STRONGLY suggest that you do!) allow your heart to feel warm, mushy, and pink with all that you feel will be wonderful to receive!

Envision how you would like your life to look like, your love life (especially!), miraculous healing, and other ways you’re ready for the universe to sweep you off of your feet!

Love and light to you all!

Jess of BehatiLife

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