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Pisces Powerplay- Full Moon Eclipse Details

Jessica Wiggan

moon phase

Full Moons are energetically designed to expose and bring information to the surface but with a Lunar Eclipse this energy is intensified!

This Full Moon Eclipse is occurring the effervescent sign of ethereal Pisces on Sept 16, 2016 at 3:05 pm EST.

No matter what your sun sign, ascendant, or how your natal chart falls this eclipse will have an effect on you and holds important influence- some more than others- so it is always worthwhile to have a look into your chart to see where the moon falls and how the transiting planets are aligning! (If you need help with this and want to book an astro reading, click here!)

Pisces is ruled by Neptune- a planet that is widely known as the “higher octave of Venus”, meaning that where Venus (the planet ruling beauty & aesthetic, love, & valuables) remains at most on a superficial level (no offense, Venus, but let’s be real!) Neptune deepens the love to a spiritual level, lifts us to see that nothing really is ever impossible (I see you rolling your eyes at me for saying this!), and that there is more to the life experience than work and things.

Full Moons are raw- stripping away the fluff to see what truly lies beneath the surface and with this moon falling in Pisces we are given a glimpse of what only few will ever experience- a glimpse into our soul’s purpose, reason for existence, ways to profoundly heal, as well as connections to spiritual and soul love (cue twin flames and soul mates)!

The vibration is higher- matching what many of us spiritual seekers and thrivers infuse into our lives daily… yet here it is now freely sitting here at our fingertips waiting to be further activated!

The moon (the driving force of this eclipse) is moving away from an opposition with currently retrograding Mercury which for many of us could bring back thoughts of the 'mistakes' of the past. We think about what we could have done differently, how we can further help to heal ourselves as well as be of service to others, and our own personal evolution while we’re here on earth. We find our thoughts and mind lingering and drifting.

This is not something to fight... rather observe where your mind wanders and your feelings flow. Absorb the messages that they bring.

This is a chance to be honest and vulnerable with the self (something a lot of us like to avoid!) and with that comes the opportunity to heal and dissolve obstacles and lingering belief systems that were placed into our lives by karma to encourage us to grow and evolve further in love!

This is the moon eclipse for soul mate and twin flame connections, for divine interventions, for magical insight and psychic vision, for finding and pursuing our soul’s purpose, for using our gifts to heal and be of service to others, to expose our hearts and vulnerabilities (especially with Chiron being so deeply connected to this eclipse!), and for artists and creative people to unfold further in their wondrous expression!

Happy Full Moon Eclipse, BehatiVibeTribers!