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Full Moon in Capricorn Detials!

Jessica Wiggan

full moon

Capricorn Full Moon Chart Interpretation:

So, I'm in love with this chart of the moment that paints the picture of the energy of this Capricorn Full Moon! I'll be blending astrology (the math and science) with intuition in order to bring you what I see and what cosmically is swirling above us in the sky!

Let's start with the moon...

The Moon in Capricorn connects us instantly with a sense or need for privacy or even a feeling of guarding or protecting something sacred and vulnerable. This is a beautiful thing if you think about it because the moon represents our inner most sensitive feelings and emotions and sitting in such an exclusive sign like Capricorn the first thing I feel is the desire to protect and shield something special that each of us are holding. I see this "special something" as our DEEPEST desires, hopes and wishes, goals, and long term vision... the things that we are striving for within our lives that we may not always disclose or share publically. Paired with the symbolism and energy of the full moon which gifts us with the chance to sit with our highlighted desires, to bring things to a culmination, and to be honest with ourselves and others I'm seeing the chance for us to bring these quietly brewing plans and desires to the forefront of our awareness tonight and in the days to come!

The universe has a way of nudging us forward and the time around full or new moon are the moments when you will most likely see this movement beginning to happen so it's so important to be aware but also to speak up clearly about your intentions and what you want as the energy around us is quickly shifting and evolving to make room for blessings and opportunity!

The Moon in Capricorn instantly connects us to the planet of Saturn because it rules Capricorn. Here Saturn asks you now to take your dreams and goals SERIOUSLY. Sitting in Sagittarius (the sign that wants to expand & explore with leaps and bounds!) it's leaning back, tipping its hat at us and says,  "Let's make the grand vision POSSIBLE with a feasible plan!"

Saturn asks you now to take your dreams and goals seriously... Let’s make the vision possible with a feasible plan!
— @BehatiLife

Make the plan that will GET you there!

The next thing that is drawing my attention in this chart is the little dance happening between Venus and Mercury- both of them are playing in the beautiful sign of Leo- putting stars in their eyes! They can SEE, FEEL, and CONCEPTUALIZE just how wonderful the future will be- the full bells and whistles, the finer things of life, the romance and drama of a life well lived! Both Mercury & Venus contact Saturn the co-parent of this full moon and Saturn is acting now like the older mature father figure who sits you on his knee and says to you, "Darling- if you want it, it is yours. Just make a plan and put it in to action. I will support you when you need help... but I need to see you take the first step!"

Darling, if you want it, it is yours. Just make a plan and put it into action. I will support you when you need help.. but I need to see you take the first step!
— Saturn ;)

Globally, we are still getting SLAMMED (you will see this tension in the news & in our current events!) so I still caution us ALL to follow our hearts, stay vigilant, send prayers, and keep "connected" to your Higher Power/place of peace. This is important and is felt across the globe but will keep you in a place of guided protection despite external chaos!

Things to Do This Full Moon:

+ Revisit/ Develop your game plan for what you are hoping and ready to accomplish!

+ Set intentions for lasting commitments you are inviting and building in your life (business, romance, contracts, moving, etc!)

+ Make a commitment to be your BEST SELF! To take care of your body, mind, and soul!

This chart interpretation is designed for a GLOBAL audience! If you want a private one on one reading please email me at

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Happy Full Moon, space bunnies!