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The Message of the Emperor


The Message of the Emperor

Jessica Wiggan


The Emperor has been LEAPING from the deck for the last week whether I'm shuffling for mySelf or for others! Again this morning he jumped out (oh hello again, sir... 😏) so yea, it's time to share his message!
This card is MORE than just structure & stability.
He is confidence, focused energy, drive & motivation, & the ability to pursue and be successful in your endeavors!The Emperor is connected to the sign Aries where fire runs straight through their blood! This (RARELY FOUND!) passion & focused determination can lead an entire nation into battle & win despite all the odds based on bravery, logic, and strategy alone!
YOU are the leader & in charge of YOUR life as well as your success! The Emperor carries the energy of both the fool card (new beginnings and the leap of faith!) as well as the magician (co-creation & intention!) & merges it all with his steel force desire to gain & accomplish!
This reminds you that you are FULLY capable!
You are ready for the "battle" + any obstacles that may lie ahead!
You are SURROUNDED by an army (Angels, guides, supporters, etc.!) who are working to defend you & what you hold dear! They are WAITING for & will act on your signal- just give the word & they will MOVE MOUNTAINS (think of the movie 300- where the odds seemed stacked against them but in the end they used wit & vision to defeat armies 10 times their size!! 😉)

At the same time, the appearance of this card can represent a strong force or presence in your life who acts as a LEADER, an INITIATOR, a PROVIDER, or even the man's man who is the perfect compliment to the Empress's devoted & generous softness & beauty! Ladies, this can also be YOU taking over the reins of life!

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