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Angel Squad Goals- You Have The Dream Team on Your Side!

Jessica Wiggan

Yummy vegetarian breakfast bagel with oracle cards makes for the perfect morning!  

Yummy vegetarian breakfast bagel with oracle cards makes for the perfect morning!  



1.) You have a team of angels & guides that are here to help you! #TheRealDreamTeam

2.) They step forward when you give them permission!

3.) They can bring info/messages (say "yes" to clarity!), redirect stagnant routes, protect & guide, work out blessings, positively influence things, and more!



• ASK FOR HELP... even if you don't need it ;) Either way, the energy they put in ensures a super positive outcome- why do it alone when you have the dream team?!


• LEAVE IT OPEN... this means you don't need to demand a certain outcome, as much as it is desired! You have noooo idea what goodness the universe/the Divine has in store for you so opening up to being MOVED to the best outcome is one of the best things you can do!


• SAY THANK YOU! For real, everyone loves to be acknowledged and your guides and angels are no exception! Say thank you for all of their hard work, time, and attention- honestly gratitude runs through my blood with the awareness that I am being seen, heard, and cared for by such infinitely awesome and loving beings!


Prayer | Meditation | Heart Chakra Work <-- are all encouraged today!

Happy Saturday to you ALL, my loves!

Reading & Interpretation by Jessica of @BehatiLife

Cards Used: @DoreenVirtue Archangel Oracle Cards

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