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How to Use the Oils

How to Use Intention or manifestation Oils



I've handcreated and charged your oil with specific intent, love, light, and positivity and they are individually designed to bring only the best to you for your highest and greatest good! There are multiple ways to use your new oil but most people choose to use them to anoint themselves, objects (like a wallet or money), or candles for candle magick.


Setting Your Own Intentions for Oils...


Write down exactly what you want and are asking for on a piece of paper and tuck it away in a place where you don't normally look (examples: tucked away in a desk drawer, closet, hidden in a pillowcase, etc.).

It's important that you spend time visualizing and physically writing down your intention(s) during a quiet moment even if you are receiving a custom charged oil from me. These two energies will work powerfully together- despite distance, time, or experience!! You can't mess up with this- just feel it from your heart and your desire will not miss you! You do not need to set intentions at the same time I'm creating or have created your oil. Energy knows no time or distance limitations so you can set your own personal intentions now or later! Intentions have no expiration date!

When you use the oil think of the intentions that you have set and visualize your wish coming to life!

For attraction to help nudge a specific person to you (remember, you can't- and shouldn't try- to control anyone! These oils simply plant the seed. If they want to love you, they will. If not, please don't abuse my oils, yourself, or the other person by trying to force it!).

In addition to what you want to see happen in your relationship with them, write them a heart felt letter telling them how you feel and what you would like from them (for example: forgiveness, support, quality time together, attention, romance, etc.). but don't actually give it to them! Tuck the letter away somewhere safe and leave alone. When that person manifests in your life you can leave the letter of intent alone or tweak it by writing a new letter of intent for what you would like to see come from the relationship.

Ways to use the oils for beauty & Intention...

Set your intentions in a sacred space and from your heart!

Skin Care... with Intention!

You can rub a thin layer into your skin daily or in your hair roots while visualizing the intention that you've sent! Mantras are excellent for this!

For example, a mantra to use for attracting love and romance to you could be, "I draw soul mate love to me effortlessly now. The action I take today brings the love of life into my arms now! I saw yes to love! Thank you!"

Lunar Bath Soak!

You can add the oil to bath oil (a little goes a long way!) and visualize what you wish to manifest in your lives during your soak!

Candle Magick!

Dip the wick of a candle into your intention oil and set intentions while the candle burns! Always remember to monitor flames closely :)

Hair Care & Deep Condition!

Add a dime- quarter sized amount (sometimes more depending on how long and lush your is!) to wet hair rub in to scalp, working the oil to tips of your hair. Add a shower cap or hot towel for 30- 45 minutes (sometimes I ever wear it overnight for some serious damage repair/frizz control!) and then rinse with lukewarm water! Style per usual ;)

How Often to use...

You can use your oil as often as once or twice a day. Anything more than that is too much as you want to give the energy and space for intentions to grow and guides to work their magic! :)

Need a little extra guidance?  Watch this video that I created for you!

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