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The Perfect "Trinity"- for the High Stress Times!

Jessica Wiggan

Image Credit: Brandon Stanciell

The Perfect “Trinity” for the High Stress Times ;)

High stress, anxiety, and moments where you feel loss happens to EVERYone and are to be expected- here is what I use to reprogram, relax, and also use to invite great shifts to happen effortlessly within my life within moments!


Here’s why:


Simply put, prayer changes things. It is open communication between you and the Divine. Keep that convo real, raw, and in a space of pure vulnerability (I mean, where else can you be your complete unadulterated weird self?!). Don’t worry about your prayer dialogue being “pretty”, using big fancy words, or even making sense- the Divine knows your heart 100%  and the only thing that is important is the fact that you are talking and opening up! Prayer gives the angels and your guides permission to intercede and apply the energy to make the necessary needed changes within your life while deepening your connection and relationship with the higher power- a bonus and my own personal lifeline ;)


This means cry, journal, run/power walk it all out, scream into your pillow, whatever... just let it go! Remember, you are a human being having a human experience and the journey here on earth will not always be effortless as much as it is beautiful and totally worth it! You are allowed (and expected!) to at times feel:

  • Exhausted
  • Frustrated
  • Weak
  • Angry
  • Disappointed!

Acknowledging, feeling, and expressing these feelings is HEALTHY and NORMAL- to hold on to them, suppress them, hide them, and ignore them is DETRIMENTAL to your health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual!) and will work only to crunch your growth and stun the time it takes for you to move forward!

Releasing allows you not only to begin to feel better but frees up the space to allow healing and miracles to wash through!

 And finally (and my favorite!) SLEEP!

Sleep is miraculous is many ways than just one! Outside of the obvious physical benefits that come with a good night’s rest sleep spiritually and energetically is a surprisingly active time of movement, transformation, and shifts! Although the body is still active by taking a nap or going to bed you quiet your thinking space and give plentiful time for the angels and guides, prayers, and intentions to work and unfold uninterrupted from your thoughts, doubts, fears, and your own attempts to force thins to work out. This is space is NEEDED and gives everything the chance to manifest where if you were still awake and overthinking even trying to understand the process slows down the process!


 This magical trinity has worked for me since the beginning of time and it will absolutely work for you! Use as needed and you’ll a.) never have to worry about a thing anymore and b.) experience incredible and effortless shifts within your life!

Try it out and comment below and let me know how it works for you or what methods you use to maintain your sense of peace and to reconnect!