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Flow with this Astrological Ocean Wave- Aries Full Moon Details!

Jessica Wiggan

I blend the science of astrology with the magic of intuition to provide all the juicy details of full and new moon energy for an astrological breakdown unlike any other! Subscribe to the BehatiVibeTribe newsletter to continue to get all the astro 411!

On October 16, 2016 at 12:23 AM EST we have a full moon occurring within the sign of Aries. This is a planetary shift that will affect us ALL whether you are an Aries or not as you can find Aries and the movement of the planets within every single person’s chart, regardless of their sun or ascendant sign.

The first thing that draws my attention is the connection of the moon and Uranus. Uranus provides disruption, change, and breaks the rules (and not always just for the hell of it)!

Uranus reminds us that sometimes we get stuck in old patterns of doing things not understanding why we ever decided to do them to begin with! Sometimes our old established routines and guidelines for living may be detrimental to our Self or hasn’t served the greater whole but yet we continue to mindlessly follow them. Uranus works to disrupt and change that and in this case connects directly and intimately with our full moon energy bringing these old ways to the forefront.

Sun in Libra ideally would like to work in unison with others but the Moon in Aries (the sign of independence, courage, action, and assertion) conjoined with the voice of Uranus pushes back saying, “I need to do what is best for ME. I can not alone serve only you. I love you or I respect you but this is for me”.

Mercury the planet of communication and thought as well as manyother things boxes with Pluto the planet of transformation and mars the known warrior planet. With this, disagreements and tension can build to a point where it can feel pretty damn uncomfortable for everyone in the room!

Natal Node (karma and direction) and Saturn- the planet of lessons that we need to learn- looks directly at us as the sweat builds on our brows. Saturn watches closely and challenges us with stern eyes that communicate the message, “What will you do..? I am watching. Have you learned from the lessons of the past I’ve placed in your life to teach you? Or will you give up, melt down, take the easy way out?”

You know instinctively what this means for you, tribe.

For some of us, this means finally saying, “No.” For others, this is about putting yourself FIRST because you have been putting the focus on others to the detriment of your Self.

Some will be “kicked out” of their current situations into the cold, banging on windows and doors begging to be let back in because you have energetically refused to move forward and step out with something you have been needing or have been guided to do. You will realize soon that you have everything that you have ever needed to thrive and be successful and that this push forward is actually an incredible gift! After every astrological storm you will find a beautiful rainbow!

Globally tensions build and can explode this weekend and the week ahead, especially as people are fighting for equality, truth, and balance! Tensions can rise in ways where violence that has been brewing UNDER the surface for a while can erupt to the surface. For this reason we will need to be aware and vigilant.

Chiron in Pisces connects us ALL to a spiritual and higher level of healing. Pisces sees the greater picture and will help us to make tremendous progress- globally and intimately within our own personal lives- within the areas of love, healing, art, and expression.

This full moon’s chart may be filled with tension pulled as tight as a stretched rubber band but we are with placements like these we are pushed up and forward to grow, to take much needed risks, to strike out on our own, express and stand up for ourselves, and take the next steps towards our highest purpose!

If you’re feeling the powerful nudge in your life- EMBRACE it and develop along with it! Don’t fight the wave- flow with it and you will be surprised what beautiful place this astrological ocean is trying to take you!