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Filtering by Tag: monthly horoscope 6/5/2016

Weekly Tarotscopes- June 6th- 10th, 2016

Jessica Wiggan


Overall Energy of this Week: The Emperor and The Temperance (RV)

This week's overall lesson from the tarot will be called "How to a Grown up!" featuring the Emperor and the Temperance reversed. Why, you ask? Well, because the way that the two are positioned are shoeing some serious polar opposites! The Emperor wants to establish order and roots, wants to maintain structure and control, and works for stability and doing the work to make progress- sometimes at all costs.

The Temperance, on the other hand, is trying to let loose! Temperance shows that the balance is off and will overdo it while it moves from a place of lack of self control and sometimes even poor judgment. Be aware of what areas in your life are off balanced for whatever reason- especially with relationships of ALL kinds! You don't want to drain your energy by constantly serving others to the point that you end up neglecting yourself. Watch your spending and diet restrictions this week- its easy to go overboard or even withhold too much. If you see something "off" simply establish a strict rule or budget that allows you to know when and where you are crossing the line. That way by the end of the week you haven't lost much or even your mind ;)

Monday 6/6/2016: Temperance and Nine of Wands

Temperance shows itself again asking us to start the week with moderation, patience, and even in slowing down. Something is draining your resource/energy supply right now- this could be that you're feeling sick, sad, exhausted, or defensive. Honor your need for time and quiet or whatever it is that you need to do to care for your emotional, physical, and mental self until you can feel 100% strong and capable again. This is the week of reminding yourself of how important it may be to take a break. There is no need to rush anything- remember the quote "slow and steady wins the race"? That couldn't be more true for you today!

Tuesday 6/7/2016: The Lovers and Nine of Pentacles

Most of us look at The Lovers card with rose colored glasses- hoping that it means union, sharing, and intimacy however there are many times when the Lovers card symbolizes your need to have to make a choice from your heart- wherever your heart is being guided. It's so important to listen to the messages and the stirrings of the heart simply because it knows the best path and way that you should take. Logic and over council can't even guide you in pure and significant way that the heart can. The Universe/ Higher Power consistently sends us messages to our hearts- some subtle and some blaringly obvious- so listen and look for them and the signal. Any choice that you make infuse it with what is the right choice for YOU- simply because when you are whole and taken care of you are much more able to share and care and give to others.

Wednesday 6/8/2016: The Empress and the 6 of Wands

The energy of yesterday may be spilling over in to the energy of today! The message of caring and nurturing the self- being gentle with the self and also sharing that gentleness with others- is one that is infused in today's message. A lot of the message behind the Empress is about receiving and being cared for. The other part of this card shows us the importance of creation and fertility in the sense of something of significance that is special being created and given the chance to be shared and loved. Six of Wands supports the Empress' energy saying that whatever she (or you!) create is wonderful and a gift, deserving of recognition and reward! It's okay to share your accomplishment with others, to be proud of what you have done or created, and to coo and fuss over it as you celebrate the efforts of your hard work :)

Thursday 6/9/2016: 6 of Pentacles (R) and 6 of Cups (R)

This combination together makes me feel a bit sad! In fact the visual I get it is someone sitting in a sad position on the floor feeling sad and defeated, pouting! I hope this isn't you!

With the 6 of Pentacles Reversed either we are looking for help or someone is asking us for assistance and we are not willing to provide it. I'm hoping that this isn't because you've spent all that you have earlier on this week (remember, we're supposed to be "Adulting" this week and sticking with our budgets- not going over the top or loosing our minds over anything! The 6 of pentacles reversed shows that there is a lack of some kind that it makes it almost impossible to share- so much so that it leaves someone out in the cold or with nothing. This doesn't have to financial- it could be with emotions, in relationships, or in business, etc. The six of cups reversed is where I see this pouting face- like an adult who is sad and wants to just mope around for a bit (hey, it happens!). Here the ghosts from our pasts want to creep up- sometimes making us nostalgic and sad for the times that have passed or other times its like they're popping p to slap you across the face to get back at you for something that has since happened and passed! What is holding you back,  my love? Do you need further healing? Are you feeling less than or insignificant?

Friday 6/10/2016- Ten of Wands and 5 of Swords

Hmm... watch the energy of today. Are you carrying on the weight of too much stress to the point where you may lash out at others? Are others in position where they are putting to much on you fro their own selfish reasons? Conflict and tension are definitely in the works for today while the ten of wands brings pressure, work force, and the chance of taking on too much and feeling exhausted. Will you need to tap into the overall energy of the Emperor who knows how to delegate and assign tasks so the work is evenly shared? What is the "load" exactly? Emotions? Physical labor? Expectations? Really check in here and see if its worth it in the end or something that is worth your while to invest in!

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