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Daily Tarot- Release the Binds// Let Go // Receive!

Jessica Wiggan

2 of Wands || Page of Cups || The Devil (RX)

Today's Energy:

"I was sitting, waiting, wishing..." 2 of Wands instantly connects me to the words "potential" and oppurunity" but before I move on the message of the Page of Cups (an offering or invitation) I feel my focus narrowing on the message of the Devil Reversed. These words come to me, "release, let go, allow."

For some of us we restrict ourselves with the binds of the words: "I can't. I shouldn't. I couldn't." Those words us bind and restrict us faster than a lack of offutrunity or resources would!

The Devil- despite this card's negative reputation- reversed reminds us that it is OKAY to indulge, to allow your self pleasure, or to ESCAPE from the ropes that bind you... whatever those ropes are!

Consider ALL of the potential here... in fact, OPEN UP to the potential today because something DOES want to come in and bless you... yes, a little gift like chocolate from the universe!

You don't NEED to make moves or decisions today if you don't want to or don't have to-  at least ALLOW yourself to experience- or consider- the opportunity for a new beginning, a chance at love, an invitation, or whatever the universe is placing at your feet today!


Within me is DIVINE SUNSHINE. I AM divine sunshine! I move forward with excitement as I discover more along my path!

My intuition is SHARP and follow the clarity of it vs. the confusion and games the mind can play!

What a BRILLIANT creative mind I have- a mind that can envision the best and the worst. Knowing this I reconnect and plug in to charge mySelf with Spirit, faith, love, & light and choose to FOLLOW that internal compass!

PEACE surrounds my being.

Excitement fills my lungs!

I am the one and only creator of my life! I make room for ONLY the LIGHT!

Weekly Tarotscopes- June 13-17th, 2016

Jessica Wiggan


Overall Energy of the Week of June 13- 17th, 2016:

Nine of Pentacles and 6 of Swords

This is the week for KNOWING what you WANT and NOT settling for less! These two cards together areunafraid of the journey ahead- simply because they know that what is ahead is better than any and everything that they instinctively know that they need to leave behind! This is a feeling of trust, of being saved from a negative situation or worse… settling for less than what you deserve!

Things to Do This Week:

+ Take a chance on your future!

+ Make a necessary change!

+ Spend time with and caring for your pets!

+ Realize ALL that you have accomplished!

+ Enjoy any alone time!


Monday: 4 of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles

What I love about these cards together is that they are surrounded in comfort! These two cards are the ones that show up to signify how HARD you work- how much effort and energy you have put in to something! There is nothing wrong with acknowledging, rewarding, and being proud of the work that you have done or your accomplishment… in fact, I highly encourage you now to draw your attention to how far you’ve come and what you have created!  Taking this time to feel proud is positive reinforcement that will work to encourage your growth, energy levels, and you’ll be less likely prone to burn out and more likely to jump back in and make more magic! Yes!

Things to Do Today:

+ Look at what you have and be grateful/excited!

+ Count your blessings J

+ Balance your budget… and maybe reward yourself with a little something special!

+ Spend time in gardens or outdoors!

+ Keep a secret!

+ Know your Self Worth

+ Redecorate your home/take care of what you have now.

Tuesday: The Empress and The Emperor

Today is a day for merging masculine and feminine energies, yin and yang, black and white! Together these two are symbolic of coupledom- father and mother, husband and wife. Emperor brings structure, stability, and order into life while the empress brings nourishment, fertility, and abundance. Both are equally strong and of equal importance but we need the two to create a space and energy of perfect balance. What message are these cards bringing to you in your life today? Do they represent a person or an ideal? Is there an area of your life that needs the energies of one of these cards that you are ready to welcome in?

Things to Do Today:

To Tap into Emperor Energy:

+ Create order, structure, and plan to help organize your life.

+ Approach things from your head today vs. your heart. Think rationally.

+ Stand firm in your belief systems and be direct in your dealings.

To Tap into Empress Energy:

+ Express yourself through creative pursuits and through communication.

+ Talk about your feelings.

+ Connect with women and/or friends that you can be honest with your feelings with.

+ Allow yourself to receive instead of feeling like you need to force things to be.

Wednesday: Death and 3 of Pentacles

Don’t panic at the appearance of the Death card! It simply shows an area that is currently in the process of transformation! Three of Pentacles is directly connected to the energy of work and your talents so there may be some changes going on in that area of your life. Look to see what needs to be shed or changed to allow you to grow even MORE into your own potential! This could be fears and insecurities, a lack of education or talent (the 3 of pentacles asks you to build upon and perfect your skills and current talents!), or to cut out distractions that are sidetracking you from putting 100% of your energy into building something of lasting value!

Things to Do Today:

+ Work on developing your current skills/do research on something you’re studying!

+ Have an honest moment with yourself to see what needs to released/let go of in order to promote growth in an area of your life!

+ Release your fears and anxieties! Allow yourself to show others the magic of what you are made of!

Thursday: The Star and Ace of Swords

The Star card looks towards the future while the Ace of Swords has the clear vision to visualize and surmount all obstacles in order to reach inevitable success! Ace of Swords is connected to the mind, your thoughts, and words being exchanged- your thinking is clear and focused and you want to channel this energy to be direct, honest, and upfront about what it is that you want, what you’re thinking and feeling, and what it is that you are aiming for! The Ace of Swords shows that life will not always be perfect or easy all of the time- but you have the TOOLS in order to tackle and take on the obstacles despite the odds! Look for and be open to being guided today… The Star card is the guardian that works to show you how guided and protected you are. There is healing everywhere!

Things to Do Today:

+ Pray and ask for guidance/clarity

+ Looks for the signs

+ Set a powerful intention!

+ Hold on to hope for the future!

+ Clearly state what you want and open to receiving it!

Friday: King of Pentacles and 8 of Wands

What I love about the King of Pentacles is his unwavering commitment and dedication to his projects/purpose/ and family. He has his priorities completely in order and is an example of how hard work and perfecting your skill will pay off over time! He understands that success usually is not something that happens overnight and he builds his business and all things he is committed to from the ground level and works diligently to see the project through to completion. The eight of wands on the other hand shows speed, movement, momentum, and messages flying in and out! I wouldn’t be surprised if you receive a message today pertaining to business or someone who is an example of earth energy (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus), if there is some kind of important development on the business front ( for example: signing a contract, making important phone calls or business deals, meetings face to face, etc.). Communication picks up and thoughts and creative ideas are flowing and the King of Pentacles is wise enough to know that when opportunity flies in to catch it and make it work for you and your goals!Ti

Things to Do Today:

+ Put your best foot forward!

+ Create a business plan!

+ Take the next step in starting a business/saving money/ budgeting accounts!

+ Have important meetings and discussions!

+ Ask someone you respect and admire for advice!

Email Jessica at  to sign up for your own personal weekly tarotscopes! Starting at $20/ wk!

Email Jessica at to sign up for your own personal weekly tarotscopes! Starting at $20/ wk!

Weekly Tarotscopes- June 6th- 10th, 2016

Jessica Wiggan


Overall Energy of this Week: The Emperor and The Temperance (RV)

This week's overall lesson from the tarot will be called "How to a Grown up!" featuring the Emperor and the Temperance reversed. Why, you ask? Well, because the way that the two are positioned are shoeing some serious polar opposites! The Emperor wants to establish order and roots, wants to maintain structure and control, and works for stability and doing the work to make progress- sometimes at all costs.

The Temperance, on the other hand, is trying to let loose! Temperance shows that the balance is off and will overdo it while it moves from a place of lack of self control and sometimes even poor judgment. Be aware of what areas in your life are off balanced for whatever reason- especially with relationships of ALL kinds! You don't want to drain your energy by constantly serving others to the point that you end up neglecting yourself. Watch your spending and diet restrictions this week- its easy to go overboard or even withhold too much. If you see something "off" simply establish a strict rule or budget that allows you to know when and where you are crossing the line. That way by the end of the week you haven't lost much or even your mind ;)

Monday 6/6/2016: Temperance and Nine of Wands

Temperance shows itself again asking us to start the week with moderation, patience, and even in slowing down. Something is draining your resource/energy supply right now- this could be that you're feeling sick, sad, exhausted, or defensive. Honor your need for time and quiet or whatever it is that you need to do to care for your emotional, physical, and mental self until you can feel 100% strong and capable again. This is the week of reminding yourself of how important it may be to take a break. There is no need to rush anything- remember the quote "slow and steady wins the race"? That couldn't be more true for you today!

Tuesday 6/7/2016: The Lovers and Nine of Pentacles

Most of us look at The Lovers card with rose colored glasses- hoping that it means union, sharing, and intimacy however there are many times when the Lovers card symbolizes your need to have to make a choice from your heart- wherever your heart is being guided. It's so important to listen to the messages and the stirrings of the heart simply because it knows the best path and way that you should take. Logic and over council can't even guide you in pure and significant way that the heart can. The Universe/ Higher Power consistently sends us messages to our hearts- some subtle and some blaringly obvious- so listen and look for them and the signal. Any choice that you make infuse it with what is the right choice for YOU- simply because when you are whole and taken care of you are much more able to share and care and give to others.

Wednesday 6/8/2016: The Empress and the 6 of Wands

The energy of yesterday may be spilling over in to the energy of today! The message of caring and nurturing the self- being gentle with the self and also sharing that gentleness with others- is one that is infused in today's message. A lot of the message behind the Empress is about receiving and being cared for. The other part of this card shows us the importance of creation and fertility in the sense of something of significance that is special being created and given the chance to be shared and loved. Six of Wands supports the Empress' energy saying that whatever she (or you!) create is wonderful and a gift, deserving of recognition and reward! It's okay to share your accomplishment with others, to be proud of what you have done or created, and to coo and fuss over it as you celebrate the efforts of your hard work :)

Thursday 6/9/2016: 6 of Pentacles (R) and 6 of Cups (R)

This combination together makes me feel a bit sad! In fact the visual I get it is someone sitting in a sad position on the floor feeling sad and defeated, pouting! I hope this isn't you!

With the 6 of Pentacles Reversed either we are looking for help or someone is asking us for assistance and we are not willing to provide it. I'm hoping that this isn't because you've spent all that you have earlier on this week (remember, we're supposed to be "Adulting" this week and sticking with our budgets- not going over the top or loosing our minds over anything! The 6 of pentacles reversed shows that there is a lack of some kind that it makes it almost impossible to share- so much so that it leaves someone out in the cold or with nothing. This doesn't have to financial- it could be with emotions, in relationships, or in business, etc. The six of cups reversed is where I see this pouting face- like an adult who is sad and wants to just mope around for a bit (hey, it happens!). Here the ghosts from our pasts want to creep up- sometimes making us nostalgic and sad for the times that have passed or other times its like they're popping p to slap you across the face to get back at you for something that has since happened and passed! What is holding you back,  my love? Do you need further healing? Are you feeling less than or insignificant?

Friday 6/10/2016- Ten of Wands and 5 of Swords

Hmm... watch the energy of today. Are you carrying on the weight of too much stress to the point where you may lash out at others? Are others in position where they are putting to much on you fro their own selfish reasons? Conflict and tension are definitely in the works for today while the ten of wands brings pressure, work force, and the chance of taking on too much and feeling exhausted. Will you need to tap into the overall energy of the Emperor who knows how to delegate and assign tasks so the work is evenly shared? What is the "load" exactly? Emotions? Physical labor? Expectations? Really check in here and see if its worth it in the end or something that is worth your while to invest in!

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