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The Magic of Today- 11:11!

Jessica Wiggan



1111 has been popping up EVERYWHERE for me.



As spiritually seeking & as open as I am, I am still the most stubborn, always have been... maybe always will be but this has worked to support me in challenging and strengthing my beliefs.

I see the sign, nod my head- I'm aware & listening- but I CHALLENGE it and say, "Yes. I know you're here... but SHOW me. Talk to me."

Last night while sleeping I had an incredible dream rich w/ symbolism.

There was nothing too special about the circumstances or the environment... but there were 11:11 signs EVERYWHERE!

On a chalk board with the date clearly written as "11/11/16 11:11", 11 on the clock at the moment I looked at the chalkboard, 1111 carved into the wood of a desk!

Number 1111 is made up of the powerful influences of the number 1, amplified and magnified by four. Number 1 resonates with the vibrations at attributes of NEW BEGINNINGS and starting afresh, independence and individuality, INITIATIVE and assertiveness, AMBITION and motivation, success and leadership, COURAGE and strength, creation and creativity, self- reliance and tenacity, attainment, happiness and fulfillment, INNOVATION, self-discovery and oneness with life.
Number 1 reminds us that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and actions.
— Angel Numbers- Joanne Sacred Scribes


For me, this symbol has simply been a 'head nod' from the universe that intentions are manifesting and that now more than ever was the best time to let go- let go- LET GO- choosing to follow intuition👁 & heart💕 over rational and logical thought!

This has ALWAYS been important for manifestation because when you LET GO you allow yourself to flow with wave of the universe instead of fighting the wave that you think will take you to the shores of your dream and desires!



Now more than EVER- step into the mindset, if not permanently than at least temporarily, that the universe is actually conspiring on your behalf!

💕✨👽 I've seen miracles happen- in fact, my entire LIFE has been built upon this simple but magical belief and it hasn't failed me yet!

Open UP🙌🏾, Loosen Up💕, Allow yourself to FLOAT into alignment!

Let me know how this works for you in the comments below and definitely feel free to share this message with a friend!

Love & light to you!