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New Moon in Leo- Romance, Baby Making, & Beauty

Jessica Wiggan

The New Moon in Leo is setting the stage for a beautiful fire cracker show of positive energy, romance, expansion, beauty... and even baby making! Read on to get all the juicy details!


Hey star gazers and astro explorers! I'm so excited to reach out to you again to talk about this upcoming new moon and can I just say- I absolutely am in LOVE with it and the picture that it's painting for all of us! It's a feast fit for the kings for setting intentions and cosmic positivity and it's all swirling around and above our heads waiting for us to reach up and grab it!

Let's start with this:

New Moons are astrological symbols of new beginnings and endless potential! This is where the moon and sun meet together with love and rain blessings down upon us! Doors that normally would stay closed and sealed tight are now blowing wide open bringing a gust of exciting and positive changes!

Open Door

This New Moon falls in the sign of Leo a sign that is deliciously passionate, exciting, fun, and expressive! Leo is ruled by the sun- the same sun that all the other planets revolve around- and this hot blooded glowing star that rules our galaxy desires recognition, infuses us with life giving energy, and encourages us ALL to glow internally from within- from our hearts!

This is the new moon to SQUASH your own self limiting belief and doubts, to believe in yourself and in your vision, set some BOLD intentions (anything can happen here- do NOT hold back in asking for the life of your dreams!), and to live your life with example and incredible purpose!

This is the new moon to SQUASH your own self-limiting belief and doubts, to believe in yourself and in your vision, set some BOLD intentions, and to love your life with example and incredible purpose!

This New Moon encourages us to put ourselves out there by speaking up, singing loud, letting your voice be heard, share your grand ideas, switch from the dull and mundane to a bit of the outrageous, to be PROUD and BRAVE, to lead by example, to ask for MORE, to love LOUD, to ask for the BEST, to believe in the magical, to take that risk, to create something AWESOME!

This is YOUR moon to paint and even more colorful picture that is your life!


This is the time to:

- Positive changes made now during this time can have a lasting rippling effect, so SEE and ACKNOWLEDGE the best of what can come, set the bar HIGH, and follow your heart with your intentions! It's not possible to mess this up so don't nip your fear in the bud when moving from a heart guided place!

- Plan a beautiful trip that factors in some time for relaxation, luxury, or beauty!

- Try a new beauty regimen (something that makes you FEEL fabulous and glow!

- Switch up your old exercise routine with something that is fun and lifts your spirits!

- EXPAND your horizons with dating & avoid LIMITING yourself! Plan a spontaneous beautiful date with someone special! You may find yourself meeting someone you find supremely attractive, adventurous, and fun!

- Get guzzied up & enjoy a night out! I'm seeing someone meeting someone fated and sparking a beautiful relationship that sparkles with chemistry and connection!

- In a relationship? Try new and fun things together! Plan a trip or journey together that may factor in a little couples pampering! Now is also a beautiful time to plan a date night with a hot tub, a bottle of champagne, and a sky full of stars (how romantic!)

- Leo is connected to the 5th house of sex, pleasure, and even children! This is a perfect time for baby making, creative expression!

These readings are written for a general global audience. Work 1 on 1 with Jessica for exclusive personal attention and insight into how your personal life will be effected by these astrological transits and changes!

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