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You Are One Bad Ass Love Beam!


You Are One Bad Ass Love Beam!

Jessica Wiggan

todays intention

Sending love & light to ALL of my bad ass love beams!


What I LOVE about our tribe:

✨ You strive DAILY to become and share the beauty of your highest self!

✨ You are SO incredibly gifted- and we inspire each other daily!

✨Your love is UNREAL & so priceless! You are gift to this planet!

✨ You're not afraid to SPEAK YOUR MIND- and this world needs that! ;)

✨ You are FEARLESS- I see you taking those leaps and bounds! ;)

✨ You are BRILLIANT- creative, innovative, change agents, thinkers, & doers- each of you contribute a unique "something"!

✨ You are HEALERS learning and growing within your abilities heal your Self, others, and the planet- yessss!

✨ You're NOT AFRAID to let your FREAK FLAG FLY! And dammit, that is refreshing in world full of people ALL trying to blend in! Your light SHINES and is a beacon for others!


I could go on and on!

ENJOY this day, tribe- You DESERVE it! 💕🦄🌸

Keep your thoughts ✨LIFTED✨, don't allow anyone to bring you down or block your light- you can consciously choose to participate in negativity orrrr you can remove yourself and continue to build and grow your gifts & encourage healthy & happy mind and body ! Love you ALL! Make this day MaGiCaL! 🌻🌿🦄🌸😜🌿🌸🦄