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Daily Tarot- Release the Binds// Let Go // Receive!

Jessica Wiggan

2 of Wands || Page of Cups || The Devil (RX)

Today's Energy:

"I was sitting, waiting, wishing..." 2 of Wands instantly connects me to the words "potential" and oppurunity" but before I move on the message of the Page of Cups (an offering or invitation) I feel my focus narrowing on the message of the Devil Reversed. These words come to me, "release, let go, allow."

For some of us we restrict ourselves with the binds of the words: "I can't. I shouldn't. I couldn't." Those words us bind and restrict us faster than a lack of offutrunity or resources would!

The Devil- despite this card's negative reputation- reversed reminds us that it is OKAY to indulge, to allow your self pleasure, or to ESCAPE from the ropes that bind you... whatever those ropes are!

Consider ALL of the potential here... in fact, OPEN UP to the potential today because something DOES want to come in and bless you... yes, a little gift like chocolate from the universe!

You don't NEED to make moves or decisions today if you don't want to or don't have to-  at least ALLOW yourself to experience- or consider- the opportunity for a new beginning, a chance at love, an invitation, or whatever the universe is placing at your feet today!


Within me is DIVINE SUNSHINE. I AM divine sunshine! I move forward with excitement as I discover more along my path!

My intuition is SHARP and follow the clarity of it vs. the confusion and games the mind can play!

What a BRILLIANT creative mind I have- a mind that can envision the best and the worst. Knowing this I reconnect and plug in to charge mySelf with Spirit, faith, love, & light and choose to FOLLOW that internal compass!

PEACE surrounds my being.

Excitement fills my lungs!

I am the one and only creator of my life! I make room for ONLY the LIGHT!

Weekly Tarot/Astro Forecast- March 30th through April 5th

Jessica Wiggan

Hello again, Astro & Tarot lover!


You must have noticed the surging energy of the planets currently crowded within the sign of fiery Aries, especially with the passing of this week's new moon in Aries!

Aries is the match that is struck to create an incredible spark of light and heat, revving our engines, and pushing us to make bold moves forward!

Half of you may feel the effect of Aries energy with the floodgates of ideas and momentum while the other half of you may feel agitated or on edge... and this energy can be felt in very specific areas of your life(depending on the placement of your personal planets) but I can definitely see it manifesting in relationships of ALL kinds with Venus (the natural ruler of relationships) moving retrograde through the sign of Aries where is she is feeling weak and agitated.

Also, Aries energy is very self focused- so you may have experienced people or partners be hyper focused on themselves and what they want, without factoring feelings or other people into the occasion. You may find yourself or others stepping all over toes and not even noticing!

On top of that, this week Mercury has buzzing like an angry wasp around Uranus (the planet of disruption) and squaring Pluto (the planet of transformation) causing our minds to erupt with activity, agitation, and maybe even feeling competitive- pushing against rules and needing to rebel! All of this is again, happening within the sign of Aries, fanning the flames even further!

Something I want to bring to your attention is the fact that Mercury will soon be joining Venus in retrograde- both planets will be reversed in their orbit, kicking up dirt and chaos that needs to resurface in our lives... remember, everything happens for a reason!

This week and the middle of the next we'll be the shadow period of Mercury's retrograde cycle so prepare for this by labeling your belongings, planning for tune ups of cars and bikes, watching the messages and emails that you send, and clarifying that you understand someone's point before jumping to conclusions!

I still see relationships being tested this month but its nothing we can't handle... if we're prepared!


This Week's Tarot Cards:

Ace of Wands, Knight of Pentacles

* Bonus: 7 of Wands Reversed!

Whew! Ace of Wands is the spark of passion, activity- something you have definitely been seeing and feeling last week and this week! However, Knight of Pentacles wants you to funnel that energy constructively to build rather than impulsively go pursue what you're after and then later burning out. 7 of Wands warns that the obstacles that you've been staring face to face will begin to back down... but one wrong move (rushing forward too soon & too fast, thoughtfulness, and recklessness, etc.) could come back to take you down. Slow your steps and channel the fire you are feeling wisely!

10 Minute Mental Recharge!

Jessica Wiggan


• • • • •
>>PERCEPTION - "The Lense!"
Think of perception as a lens- if it is dark or dirty we can't see clearly or it blocks the light & abundance that is available to you each & every day. (Yes! There's aLOT here for you in this very day, this moment, this LIFE!)

How you VIEW your world SHAPES your world- & you'll never see the gift in each day if the daily lens you're wearing is clouded with OLD FEARS, WORST CASE SCENARIOS, WORRY, LOW SELF WORTH, NEGATIVITY, etc.!

That old low self talk, those limiting beliefs, those moments where you look for the worst to happen, or you overcrowd yourself with painful memories of bad habits... yup, that's GOT TO GO! It clouds the lens of your life!

~ I ask, Universe, that you lift the clouds that fog & bog down your thinking.
~ That you BREAK DOWN the MENTAL WALLS that stop you from seeing the beauty & brightness that is in this world globally & available to you in your daily lives!
~ I ask for AWESOME & PROFOUND experiences that shape & transform your life for the better!
~ I set the intention that HEALTH & HEALING flow through your body now/ that you be VIBRANT & STRONG & the choices that you make reflect your decision to value, care, & respect the temple that is your body!
~ I ask that laughter & good vibes ripple throughout your day- and that through the good and the bad you're able to see the humor in it all, never feel "too heavy", & weighted down by the world or your mind!
~ I set the intention today that you are able to safely RELEASE the burden that you've been carrying to set it down, be free, and walk away!!!

>> THE MANTRA- You are STRONGER than you know!
~ I am capable!
~ The light I bring is needed and I leave a positive impact and mark on this world!
~ Today I CHOOSE to do better!
~ I am able to call the shots on the direction of my life!
~ I am in control!

The Spiritual Person Stereotype!

Jessica Wiggan


There is a stereotype circulating about people pursuing the spiritual path or deepening their connection to Spirit/God/the Universe.

The Stereotype?

- We are quiet and do not disturb the peace or avoid all forms of conflict!

- That we are (or at least expected to be) in a constant state of blissful peace and disconnection!

- That we think we are better than others or are judging your life style, belief, or practice!

- That we have an answer for everything!

- That we are constantly reading you, or your mind, or use our intuition as a weapon!

- That we are perpetually calm and acting upon our inner wisdom!

Yes, it's true that for some of us we spend our time in quiet contemplation and we do pursue a life of inner peace... but inner peace and moments of quiet contemplation or reflection does not reflect the entire picture!

The Truth?

- Spiritually seeking and thriving people are HUMAN- just like the rest of us! Your blissed out yoga teacher has had moments where s(he) has emotionally broken down in their car before arriving to teach the class... sometimes for a reason and sometimes for seemingly NO REASON AT all!

- To have PEACE does NOT mean you speak in soft soothing tones, blink and breathe slowly, or walk like you're floating around a cloud! Again, you are HUMAN, and each human is different in their ways of thinking, feeling, and expressing themselves! Some people are louder than others, some messy or unorganized while others know exactly where they last left their glasses and car keys. Traits vary and do NOT define how spiritual, intuitive, or wise that person may be!

The Truth...

Pursuing a state of peace or stillness doesn’t mean that we become voiceless, withdrawn, or quiet however sometimes that quiet time is needed and practiced. Being in a state of peace and stillness means that within the state of our core being- no matter what is going on around us we have a sense of deep peace within us- meaning that we are aligned with who we are and our path that we are currently on. That inner knowingness is a gift that we searched for and found.

Personal expression comes in all forms- meaning some of us are soft spoken, some are loud, some are high energy and talk fast, others are slow and methodical... the list goes on and on! These separate traits vary and none of them make us any better or less than the other.


The "Perfect" Spiritual Coach

What you need to look for in your coach is their message and their gifted ability to help you transform your life for the better using their words, heart, message, and actions.  

Being a spiritual worker you need to stay at least most of the time 100% authentic to your core self- that means if you are loud or a warrior woman who runs with the wolves than be that passionate person!

If you are quiet and introverted- allow yourself to exist in that state. If you are combination of the two-predictable or not- then fluctuate as your heart, mind, body, and soul desires.

You are you- a uniquely well and divinely made creature of God here with a purpose and a destination- therefore we will not have the same path- and we will touch many different lives as we go along in our weird and most wonderful ways!

Be you. Express yourself. 

Don’t for one second forget that this life and time spent on earth is one that is a delicate balance- even our physical bodies need to stay within a specific homeostatic state- or balance- that when set off leaves us vulnerable to disease and bodily disruption. The same is true for our mental and spiritual selves.
More often than not you will find me in state of high energy, smiling, warm and welcoming. I’ve been told I’m a light in a lot of people’s lives and a strong magnet for abundance and positivity and love- I believe this.
I am usually relatively fast speaking (unless doing guided meditations) and passionate, singing, laughing, dancing, my usual. However, I still need balance- and I need recharging time (quiet time and reflection) to recharge my batteries before I go back into the world as my usual spark plug. This is who I AM. It is a gift that was given to me by the Creator and I use both my strengths and weakness to help all of you.

My question to you: WHO ARE YOU?

Are you a combination? Are you consistent or predictable? Or do you like to switch things up? Are you warrior? A healer? A lover? All of the above?

Let's throw away these ideas of the quiet Spiritual Person/Worker Stereotype and replace them with the truth that we are all beautiful beings spending time here on earth to help lift and love each other and ourselves! It's better this way, don’t ya think?! 

Love and light to you all!

What stereotypes are you coming across? Comment below!

CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN! Astro/Tarot Reading- March 16th - 22nd, 2017

Jessica Wiggan

climb that mountain

Last week's full moon in Virgo asked us to ground, center, and worked materialize our vision and intention- this week we feel the push and jump start to get even more motivated and aggressive with our heart's desires!

This is because most of the personal planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury) are moving through the self starting and bold sing of Aries, revving our engines and hitting the gas to move forward!

The last few months have been tough, reflective, and transformative but with the planets aligned like this the race flag swings down and you're ready to GO!

Venus (ruling beauty, aesthetic, the things we value, and love relationships by default) currently retrograding through Aries is not the most comfortable she's ever been and while retrograde her powers are not nearly as strong as they would be if she was direct so during this time her only warning is be careful of huge expensive purchases that you want to love and last for a life time and to tread carefully while walking in relationships- you may need to repair or reevaluate some relationships now more than ever! If this shows up for you- know that this is the universe preparing you to let go of some loose ends in your life and all of this happens for a reason!

Saturn (the planet of restriction) and the Sun (life energy and vibrancy) are moving into - and then away from- a tense square together... this means the energies of this two planets are NOT flowing easily together, in fact they are fighting! With this, I warn that even though MENTALLY you are feeling strong and energized or high energy your physical body may still need rest or recovery... don't push yourself too hard or for too long- you can easily make yourself sick or get hurt in the process! Also, watch for "battle of the wills" where you may find yourself or others in conflict or disagreement!

Tarot Energy: Knight of Wands, Magician, Page of Pentacles

I'm not at all surprised to see the Knight of Wands representing the energy of this week! With the planets crowding into the sign of Aries and Knight of Wands being ruled by fire our energy is exploding and we are off to the races! Magician reminds you that you are capable, ready, and empowered while the Page of Pentacles knows that if you channel that passion into daily intention you will see the most gain and progress!

BehatiLife Discoveries- Heart Centered Meditation~ BiNaural Beats

Jessica Wiggan


Hi Tribe!

While working through my clients' readings I like to have music focused on healing and energy playing in the background to provide an extra dose of cleansing and empowerment! I choose each song based upon what I feel would be best for my client and what I pick up on with their energy.

This heart chakra focused meditation was so pure and beautiful with lovely vibrations I wanted to share with you all!

I don't know the creator or who uploaded the video- this was something I just happened to stumble across!


WEEKLY TAROT & ASTRO 'SCOPE- March 2nd- 8th, 2017

Jessica Wiggan

Solar Eclipses, Venus Retrograde- Oh My!


This week we're riding the wave of the passing Solar Eclipse (a super powered new moon!) that happened within the sign of Pisces! New Moons are all about planting seeds of intentions, doors opening and opportunities flowing in, and powerful visualization! In the sign of Pisces our energy shifts to a totally new vibration- one where the universe encourages us to believe and look for the unseen, to reconnect and dive into our spiritual practice, to pursue our highest dreams and idealizations!

Many of you will be feeling dreamy or foggy with trouble concentrating and focusing... our minds and thoughts feel like they're floating on a cloud or perhaps we're lost in the sea of our feelings, intuition, and emotions!

Others will feel this and will experience surges of intuition, higher levels of creativity, and deeper moments of intimacy and connection!

What to see what doors are beginning to swing open for you while keeping in mind you still want to keep your feet on the ground while your head is floating in the clouds! Be realistic but remain open to experiencing magic manifesting in your life!

The other major change happening for us in the next few days is on Saturday Venus goes retrograde! Venus naturally rules beauty, valuables, and relationships and when she switches to retrograde we will experience some complications in those areas of our lives. Relationships of all kinds can be tested, minds and hearts can change. We loose or break valuable items, or we completely revaluate our "look" or appearance.

Things to Be Aware Of:

- Exes, past relationship issues begin to resurface during this time. Tread slowly and carefully if you are considering recommitting or talking to relationships of the past!

- Don't make drastic appearance changes! 9 times out of 1o you'll regret it or not like it at all!

- Don't leave your wallet, purse, or other expensive and valuable items sitting out unattended or at risk of being stolen!

- Ride the wave of what surfaces in relationships during the Venus Retrograde period! Retrogrades highlight things that need to addressed or changed- this is an opportunity for growth!

Venus will be retrograde from March 6-April 15th and it can be just as magical as it could be difficult! Keep your heart open and stay focused and you'll do just fine ;)

Tarot Combination: Empress and High Priestess

 This week's card energy is represented by the Empress and High Priestess! With this combination and the current swirling cosmic energy I see this as self care, intuition, and the energy of receiving! We've gotten so used feeling like we have to aggressively seek and then find the key to open the door to whatever it is that we are working to manifest, or heal, or recover! However, the High Priestess has a quiet and strong presence to her as she is the keeper of secret knowledge and intuition while the Empress is the embodiment of a natural energy flowing. When you sit still in meditation or prayer and take a pause you naturally open the portal for intuition to begin to stir and spin to life. Your direction and next steps become clear, manifestation is effortless and easy, and healing can occur. Move back in that space of connection and you'll see incredible moments of awareness & transformation!

Astrology's MOST Feared House...

Jessica Wiggan


Lets talk 12th house transits, tribe- the most notoriously feared spot within the astro/natal chart!

12th House Rules:

  • Fear/Anxiety
  • Psychotherapy & Psychics
  • Confinement
  • Sacrifice
  • Sickness
  • Inner Suffering, Loss, Limitations
  • Spirituality & Intuition
  • Subconscious

💀🖤 Through out all of these- to their core- you WILL find healing.
Transiting or natally placed planets need special care & attention which will provide for you an extra dose of growth, transformation, self awareness, & enhance your 3rd eye vision/intuition/hunches.
❤💕I’m working on one of my recent client’s chart & she’s coming out of a period where 12th house energy was extra emphasized within her chart for at least the last 3-4 weeks...
What did she experience? Breakdowns, a melt down, the need for space & privacy, sensitivity... not surprised. Charts show me all ❤
For people who are normally extroverted or high functioning in their day to day life a 12th house transit can feel like it totally derails them!

Fear, insecurity, feeling triggered by deep lying wounds, a desire and a need to be alone (worrying some, “Am I isolating myself?! What’s WRONG with me?! Am I depressed?!”), are highlighted.

The WORST thing you can do during this time is to try & FORCE yourself to perform at your usual productive or energetic high.
12th house energy is HIGHLY sensitive, vulnerable, probing, reflective… the reason of its existence is to create the layer of depth that we need in our lives to experience & discover incredible truths about ourselves, to heal ourselves and give that gift to others, to understand the core & very essence of existence, to SEE past human limitations....
Is it something to fear?
Hell no! But it IS something to respect…

  • Pause, heal, reflect
  • Journal
  • OPEN up to diving into understanding your wounded spaces
  • Help others
  • Take time for yourself
  • Lean on your belief/spiritual practice!
  • Don't share ALL (this house rules secrets and hidden enemies)

There is nothing to fear when there is SO much to be gained behind the dark veil of this house...
Love you all!

New Video: HSP United! Dealing with Donald Trump & What You Can Do to Increase Positive Vibrations!

Jessica Wiggan

NEW VIDEO: HSP UNITED: Dealing with Donald Trump & What You Can Do to Increase Positive Vibrations!

January 26th- February 2nd- Astro Forecast!

Jessica Wiggan

Astro Forecast covering Jan 26- Feb 2, 2017- Breaking Free, Energy Returns, Engines Rev!

Last week a lot of us found our energy dipping! For some of you this because you were seriously focusing on work, your tasks, & commitments while for others your mind and mood slowed down almost to halt and you needed time to withdraw or maybe you even mentally or emotionally felt spacey or even sober- minded!

This week ahead, however, the energy totally shifts with the new moon in Aquarius occurring on January 27 at 7:07pm and with the planets making their way into refreshingly new placements!

Let's start with this Aquarius New Moon!

New Moons (as most of you know!) are all about planting the seeds of intentions, starting something new, and watching for what doors the universe is swinging open for you! In this case, this new moon is occurring in the sign of Aquarius- a sign that brings the energy of breaking free, paving your own path and going your own way, innovation, and expression!

Mercury (ruling our thinking & processing) moves through serious & sober minded Capricorn- which was a part of the reason the energy was a bit heavier last week- and now it boxes with Uranus, a planet that wants to shake things up and also rules the sign of Aquarius... where this new moon is occurring!

This shows me that this week we are feeling the itch to switch things up! Many of you will be breaking away from old outdated ways of perception, ideas, and habits! The rest of you will hear news (Mercury acts as messenger to all of the planets!) that may at first shake you up (that's what Uranus likes to do!) but then pushes you outside of your comfort zone! Some of you may have discussions or disagreements with others that may bring something to your attention that you never knew... which could create temporary tension or even separation.

What Uranus wants to do is break you free from what no longer serves you so all that flies in through the window is always for your highest and greatest good. This is something to trust and be open to instead of feel fear of!

Your intuition has been at an all time high lately- follow the feelings and the messages you've been downloading and trust them instead of question and fight them... especially last week and moving into the week ahead!

Last week, many of us were very serious-minded and planning for (or worrying about!) the future. We were slow to move and feeling cautious which looking back is actually perfect with the placement and movement of the moon as we ease now into dark moon status. During this time you really don't want to rush forward as the universe is currently energetically cleaning and sweeping the floors to prepare for the arrival of this upcoming new moon and this week ahead!

Mars (the planet of action!) moves into Aries this week and is the push we need to get motivated and energized again! Aries is a go getter and self starter and Mars is the rocket fuel while the new moon opens the door for you and lights the match! You are roaring and ready to go! For some of you this momentum will feel natural and easy- you're not afraid to switch things up and try something new or exciting!

For others, this can feel like a lot to deal with, risky, or dangerous but in all honesty your steps are protected and it is okay for you to put yourself out there, even if it's something you wouldn't normally do!

Remember, Aquarius is all about doing what hasn't been done before and if there is a time to step out on your own it's now!

Additional Tarotscope:



So much swords energy has been surfacing lately! Swords represent the mind & logic, moving through obstacles, and cutting out what is no longer needed so you can move forward unhindered and free!

That is exactly what we're being asked to do this week and it reflects in the energy of our cards!

8 of Swords shows us that we have been allowing our fears, insecurities, and self perceived limitations to hold us back for a little too long... and the 6 of Swords is ready to move forward! The swords represent the tools (your brilliant mind, focus, and opportunity) that you need to do and have while the ace of cups shows me the importance and strong pull of a calling heart!

The heart feels so strongly and will call you to jump through hoops of fire to find what it loves and will make it most happy... and a part of that means finding the strength to face your fears!

The mind is your greatest weapon here that you can use to either work for you or against you and this week and new moon you will be strong and ready to break free and take the risk to find and follow what really lights up the lanterns of your life!"

Astro Update: Cancer Full Moon! Mercury Goes Direct! Cosmic Square!

Jessica Wiggan


The Astro Cliff Notes:

  • Full Moon in Cancer- full moon exposes, reveals, and brings about a resolution! Sitting in Cancer a highly emotional sign!
  • Mercury goes Direct! Communication clears and the path reopens!
  • Mercury Moves into Capricorn- we become more serious minded, focused, and zero back in on our responsibilities and commitments!
  • A huge cosmic square- tension fills the skies! We'll feel this personally as well as see signs of it globally!
  • Vertex Point gets Activated- fated encounters are in the mix!
  • Venus and Neptune align- dreams come true, true love bubbles and soulmates unite!

The Details!

Last week was all about watching what flies in through the windows of your life and diving into some deep cleansing whether you were purging your home or work environment, getting rid of an old way of thinking (restrictive thoughts, anxiety, fear, etc.), or breaking through barriers that will benefit you in the long haul!

This week the full moon is something else that you're going to want to keep your eyes open for! It's occurring Thursday in the sign of Cancer and you will want to check to see where this full moon is positioned in your own personal astro chart because that is the house- or section- of your chart and life that will be lit up!

Full moons expose and reveal... they also bring things to a head or conclusion so you will be in a position that you will clearly be able to see what you will need or want to do next in life! Think of this as the final act of a play's performance: the curtain comes up, the lights flash on, and we see the final scene. Whether it's a beautiful scene or one that troubles us depends on our luck and the placement of our personal planets!

What Makes This Full Moon So Special...

Uranus (the planet of surprise and revelation) in the sign of Aries (the sign of the pioneer and self starter), Jupiter (the planet that expands all that it touches), and Saturn (the planet of restriction) are all here butting heads with the moon which can create conflict and tension just as much as it can cause opportunity for some serious decisions and actions to be made! Where Mercury retrograde has been making us foggy and unable to think or see things clearly now with this moon and the planet going direct we're able to finally see what we've been missing and begin to plan to take our next steps forward!

Something else that stands out to me is the union of the Full Moon and the vertex point- the angle within the universe that for us rules fated and chance encounters! This moon is a recipe for surprise and with placements like these in such a soft and sensitive sign this could really manifest itself in true love pairings and connections, significant moments within relationships, and valuable business/career and health moments!

This isn't something you would have to force although it does help to be out and about circulating- especially if you're single and looking for the One, bouncing ideas off of mentors and business partners, or looking for a good idea or breakthrough!

For others, the vertex brings opportunities into our lives that are gifts from above- things that we have been waiting for or building towards and with the full moon bringing it all to a head it's like throwing a hand full of confetti into the air in celebration!

If you've been busy and actively building and preparing than you'll do fine! If you've been resisting change and refusing to move forward than this can really hit you like a ton of bricks. Be open, stay flexible and you will do more than just fine!! However, the placement of the planets is literally force-pushing you forward to make the changes that you've been NEEDING to for a while. Chances are you already know this and if we wait too long or drag our feet or ignore the signs that is the moment when you will experience pain or feel suffering. To let go and let God is far better!

That being said this week Mercury (ruling thoughts and communication) moves into the sign of Capricorn- grounding our thoughts, making us feel focused, serious minded, and more realistic! On the flip side, Venus (the planet of love and beauty) pairs with Neptune (the planet of fantasy and amazement!) in the sign that she feels the most comfortable in! Dreams, wishes, and true love is REAL! All planets are now moving forward- no more hesitation, resistance, or blockages! It's time to lace your boots up and prepare for what flies in the door- you're going to be so glad you did!

The Tarotscope: Two of Swords and Three of Wands

Two of Swords and Three of Wands are the tarot message bringers for this week! With the planets astrologically aligned in the tense manner that they are now you really are going to want to pause and see what flies in through the open window! With the full moon's placement in the sensitive sign of Cancer emotions and feelings can really bubble and brew over and the Two of Swords reminds us to pause before instantly reacting. Ask yourself again and again, "Is this something that is in alignment with what I want for myself?" so you are reminded of the best action you should take. This allows you to reconnect back with your ultimate and greater vision! The Three of Wands is the card of messages coming up on the horizon and intentions beginning to manifest themselves- something is definitely brewing here for all of us!

Astrology Weekly Update- Jan 6th- 13th 2017

Jessica Wiggan

astro update jess.png

Astro & Tarot Energy Update for Jan 6th-13th, 2017

What a week of profound change! Mercury goes direct after having been retrograde since Dec 19th, an explosive full moon, and the set up for profound and deep personal change!

Let's start with the Sun (representing life energy) sitting in the sign of serious minded Capricorn. January 6th and 7th he- the Sun- join to perfection with Pluto, the sign of huge transformation! The two together ask us to do a deep cleansing of our energy and our space getting rid off all that no longer serves us to make space and time for those things that will work to serve us better!

Many of you will find yourselves deep cleaning shelves, throwing away old stuff, preparing and opening yourselves to experience your own forms of purging and releasing of all kinds! The other half will see incredible and awesome changes as a result of their hardwork, commitment, and past actions coming to a head now! These changes are for the better and chances are they are supportive for the long haul because Capricorn energy grounds and commits to what it knows will pay off for its long term vision!

These two planets sitting in the sign of Capricorn that is so serious minded shows me right away how committed you are to your own personal growth and how much you plan to build only the best that your life has to offer in business, relationships, in health, and happiness! Be very mindful and aware of the thoughts, visions, and changes that come to you now and take them seriously- the universe is always sending signals of what you're going to want to do next, what doors are opening and closing for you, and when it is time to begin to prepare for the awesomeness of what is next!

That being said, the huge signal will come on January 12, 2017 and the time nearing and passing that (give or take two days)! This is an explosive full moon falling in the emotional and sweetly sensitive sign of Cancer! This affects us ALL but doubly so for Cancers, Libras, Capricorns, and Aries! Check to see where your personal planets fall in your chart (if you need help with this, reach out to Jess, @BehatiLife) to see just how much this will influence you or just keep your antenna up because anything that is to show up definitely will!

Why? Well because the full moon brings things to our attention. To be honest, it FORCES things to our attention but we feel so grateful for this because at least we are able to see what is going on! It is better to know than not know, in a lot of ways!

Four major planets are directly involved with this creating a tense square in the sky... this is something that could absolutely touch us in our personal lives but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a huge shake up globally with the outer planets squaring each other like this.

The Sun in Capricorn wants structure, leadership, and stability while Uranus (the planet of rebellion) likes to shake things up- in both good and bad ways. For those that know tarot, think of the planet Uranus as the Tower card- you never quite know what you're going to get, you just know to expect the unexpected!

Uranus sits in the sign of Aries, fueling and sparking this energy further while the moon (ruling feeling and emotions) falls in the sign of sensitive Cancer creating the potential for an emotionally charged outcome. Jupiter on the opposite side sitting in Libra would love to see everyone getting along and party (ha! Jupiter is the party animal and Libra calls out, "Can't we all just get along?!") but there's just so much tension brewing under the surface that really, anything can happen.

Is this all bad? Hell no! In fact this could really be awesomely GOOD! For you see, all things serve their purpose and every good astrologer knows that when planets square like this it creates the perfect amount of friction to cause growth and transformation! This could be the game changer time when you are freed from old constricting ways or people (remember the sun and pluto conjoining which we talked about above?!) and blasting you off into the direction of your dreams!

As crazy as this all sounds some of you can even find serious true love or soulmate partnerships, or experience blissful change unlike any other! Why? Well because the greatest of loves tends to drastically change our lives and I can not fail to mention the absolutely stunning position of Venus (the planet of love, affection, beauty) sitting wonderfully in the sign of Pisces- the sign she (venus) can shine the most!

Her and Neptune are dancing together like Cinderella and the Prince, despite all of the fireworks exploding around them! If it sounds extra dreamy its because an aspect like this really is! Magic happens with these two coming together and with aspects like these that true love connection can really linger for life! Remember, these planets represent energy so if it's not true love for you then this can manifest itself in other supremely wonderful out of this world ways!

Other Important Things to Mention:

Mercury goes direct January 8th- communication will being to clear but give it a few days as the days surrounding a planet shifting its rotation we tend to see it act up in weird ways (misplacing keys, fender benders, loosing emails, miscommunications, etc.)

The tarot cards for this energy are: Tower and Three of Wands!

Tower card- expect the unexpected and three of wands says, "be open and watch what flies in the window!"

These cards remind you that change can happen out of nowhere but this is a response to the intentions that you've been setting! Be open to transformation because you will be so surprised in how wonderful things are aligning right now simply just to ensure your greatest happiness! All things that happen are for a reason and the Universe is reminding you that it has your back!"

Q&A with Jess- What to Do When Family/Loved Ones BLOCK your GROWTH!

Jessica Wiggan

❤🙌🏾🆕 NEW vIDEO!
Q&A with Jess:
👉🏾"What do I do when my FAMILY or LOVED ONES are the ones who BLOCK my GROWTH?" ❌🆘👯
• • • • •
This question has hit my inbox HARD this month, wow! So many of you are experiencing the same thing at the same time! This is the message for you!...
Click the link in my bio to watch the full thing and please leave comments, subscribe, and share with a friend!
I am here to help ya heal Doug that means making and sharing a video, I'll do it! Let me know what else you're dealing with or want to talk about! I'm here for YOU! ❤❤❤🙏🏾 Sending you ALL of my love!
Jess of BL ❤🙏🏾🤗💕

Astro Update- Week of Jan 2- Jan 8th, 2017!

Jessica Wiggan



Venus enters #Pisces today (check your natal to see where this is falling within your chart!) & in this position she really shines giving us the aura of looking at the world through dreamy rose colored glasses, loosing ourselves in imagination, believing & experiencing true & deep #spiritual love!

Of course, the movement of Venus within your chart will affect you each differently depending on placement & what she rules but as a whole her influence softens all that she touches!

The 1st planet she connects w/ is retrograding mercury (ruling communication, thoughts, #travel) which pushes us to reconnect w/ people we haven’t talked to in a while or miss, past life memories, or even old wounds that we are working on #healing & cleansing our lives of.

Mercury WANTS to connect & Venus in her position greets him w/ open arms, a warm hug, & a huge smile- this energy infused within our lives has a wonderful effect on relationships of ALL kinds!

Sun in Capricorn grounds the ethereal (& maybe even spacey!) energy glittering from Venus’s placement, the Moon’s (emotion, feelings) upcoming connection w/ Neptune (which rules Pisces so again it’s like we’re floating on a pink cloud!).

This weekend the Sun (life force energy) connects with Pluto- planet of great #transformation- so we are encouraged NOW to begin to focus on what we need to clear/purge out in order to make space for the magic of love, new life, positive vibes to enter into our lives! It will be absolutely magical!


>> To Do List <<

+❤Believe in true love/soul mates! Focus on LOVE!

+ 🌹Call your BFF, mom, people you love!

+ 💐Treat yourself to something absolutely #beautiful!

+ 🌄Take a vacation to a lakeside/ocean side mountain (Capricorn= mountains, Pisces rules big bodies of water!)

+ 🍑Eat juicy ripe fruit!

+ 🛀🏾Take a hot lunar bath!

+ 🦄 Loose yourself in your imagination!

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Tremendous Growth is Here, Beautiful Things Surround You!

Jessica Wiggan


I see beautiful things around you... it's true, I do! ⭐️


⚡️⚡️Lately there has been a string of people that I've worked with who are experiencing some serious bouts of turbulence within their lives... like lightening bolts striking that shakes them to their core, making them instinctively draw up in fear & protection. ⚡️🏾

Each story is different but ONE thing remains the same- there was something absolutely BEAUTIFUL growing & developing within their lives despite ALL the outside noise and chaos!

Another thing they each had in common was an energy of PROTECTION. 🏾🏾

Whether it be their own Angels or guides, ancestors or the strength of their OWN spirit- each of these people were VERY obviously protected... and on top of that although they may FEEL timid or shook up, within them lies an incredible WARRIOR SPIRIT⚡️, that of a gifted man or woman who when focused & grounded could shake the EARTH with their determination and is a force to be reckoned with! 🏾

In the moment, they felt frozen in fear or uncertainty but REALLY behind that thin veil is a strong spirit unlike ANY other! 🏾️⚡️

That is us ALL lately- globally, personally- there is tremendous GROWTH here.

It is painful just as much as it is beautiful but guess what... you'll get through this and glowwww in all of your glory!

FEEL for the moment now what you feel... that is normal... but DON'T GIVE UP, BACK DOWN, Or stay DOWN for too long! 🏾🏾🏾🏾

There is something beautiful here developing around you... you feel it in your core (don't you?!) and you've reached the moment of perfect timing and transition!⚡️🏾

If you need help or a reminder, I am here- you know where to find me! ️🏾

Love love and light to you all!


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Power of Plants- Rose of Jericho

Jessica Wiggan

BehatiLife Rose of Jericho

My rose of Jericho plant sitting in the window this morning :)

The rose of Jericho plant is a desert plant rich with symbolism! It’s magic is in its ability to ADAPT and TRANSFORM- the once dead looking ball grows and greens with life when it sits in small bowl or saucer of fresh spring water!

When the water dries up or is removed the plant quietly folds itself up until the next rain making this a powerful symbol of resurrection and is believed to bless businesses, draw love even when situations seem incredibly hopeless or barren, and it works to protect the home.

My own Jericho Rose has been with me since I moved into my new home and has been a lucky charm for me since day one!


“ I am always unfolding, growing, evolving!
In every moment and opportunity I am transforming! My goal is NOT only to “arrive” but to continue on this journey of discovery and my unfolding. As long as there is life within me, I will be open to learning! I breathe PEACE into my Being now. Gratitude abounds and with each breath I am strengthened.”


-       Remove the obsession with the “end result” and move back into a place of enjoying the moment.

-       Keep my cup filled with the blessing and abundance of fresh spring water and keep sipping and drinking throughout the day to keep my body hydrated!

-       Honor my cycles- noth the highs and the lows, the fertile periods vs. the dry times. Both are temporary and serve an equally important purpose.

Love, love, love to you all!

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Unboxing Belizean Bronze "BLISS BOX"!

Jessica Wiggan

Who doesn't love a fun bliss box??! All items are mentioned below! Thanks for checking out my channel- more to come so subscribe ;)

The BLISS BOX by Belizean Bronze:

ITEMS MENTIONED & Where to get them ;)
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