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Daily Tarot- Release the Binds// Let Go // Receive!


Daily Tarot- Release the Binds// Let Go // Receive!

Jessica Wiggan

2 of Wands || Page of Cups || The Devil (RX)

Today's Energy:

"I was sitting, waiting, wishing..." 2 of Wands instantly connects me to the words "potential" and oppurunity" but before I move on the message of the Page of Cups (an offering or invitation) I feel my focus narrowing on the message of the Devil Reversed. These words come to me, "release, let go, allow."

For some of us we restrict ourselves with the binds of the words: "I can't. I shouldn't. I couldn't." Those words us bind and restrict us faster than a lack of offutrunity or resources would!

The Devil- despite this card's negative reputation- reversed reminds us that it is OKAY to indulge, to allow your self pleasure, or to ESCAPE from the ropes that bind you... whatever those ropes are!

Consider ALL of the potential here... in fact, OPEN UP to the potential today because something DOES want to come in and bless you... yes, a little gift like chocolate from the universe!

You don't NEED to make moves or decisions today if you don't want to or don't have to-  at least ALLOW yourself to experience- or consider- the opportunity for a new beginning, a chance at love, an invitation, or whatever the universe is placing at your feet today!


Within me is DIVINE SUNSHINE. I AM divine sunshine! I move forward with excitement as I discover more along my path!

My intuition is SHARP and follow the clarity of it vs. the confusion and games the mind can play!

What a BRILLIANT creative mind I have- a mind that can envision the best and the worst. Knowing this I reconnect and plug in to charge mySelf with Spirit, faith, love, & light and choose to FOLLOW that internal compass!

PEACE surrounds my being.

Excitement fills my lungs!

I am the one and only creator of my life! I make room for ONLY the LIGHT!