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Astro Update- Week of Jan 2- Jan 8th, 2017!


Astro Update- Week of Jan 2- Jan 8th, 2017!

Jessica Wiggan



Venus enters #Pisces today (check your natal to see where this is falling within your chart!) & in this position she really shines giving us the aura of looking at the world through dreamy rose colored glasses, loosing ourselves in imagination, believing & experiencing true & deep #spiritual love!

Of course, the movement of Venus within your chart will affect you each differently depending on placement & what she rules but as a whole her influence softens all that she touches!

The 1st planet she connects w/ is retrograding mercury (ruling communication, thoughts, #travel) which pushes us to reconnect w/ people we haven’t talked to in a while or miss, past life memories, or even old wounds that we are working on #healing & cleansing our lives of.

Mercury WANTS to connect & Venus in her position greets him w/ open arms, a warm hug, & a huge smile- this energy infused within our lives has a wonderful effect on relationships of ALL kinds!

Sun in Capricorn grounds the ethereal (& maybe even spacey!) energy glittering from Venus’s placement, the Moon’s (emotion, feelings) upcoming connection w/ Neptune (which rules Pisces so again it’s like we’re floating on a pink cloud!).

This weekend the Sun (life force energy) connects with Pluto- planet of great #transformation- so we are encouraged NOW to begin to focus on what we need to clear/purge out in order to make space for the magic of love, new life, positive vibes to enter into our lives! It will be absolutely magical!


>> To Do List <<

+❤Believe in true love/soul mates! Focus on LOVE!

+ 🌹Call your BFF, mom, people you love!

+ 💐Treat yourself to something absolutely #beautiful!

+ 🌄Take a vacation to a lakeside/ocean side mountain (Capricorn= mountains, Pisces rules big bodies of water!)

+ 🍑Eat juicy ripe fruit!

+ 🛀🏾Take a hot lunar bath!

+ 🦄 Loose yourself in your imagination!

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