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January 26th- February 2nd- Astro Forecast!


January 26th- February 2nd- Astro Forecast!

Jessica Wiggan

Astro Forecast covering Jan 26- Feb 2, 2017- Breaking Free, Energy Returns, Engines Rev!

Last week a lot of us found our energy dipping! For some of you this because you were seriously focusing on work, your tasks, & commitments while for others your mind and mood slowed down almost to halt and you needed time to withdraw or maybe you even mentally or emotionally felt spacey or even sober- minded!

This week ahead, however, the energy totally shifts with the new moon in Aquarius occurring on January 27 at 7:07pm and with the planets making their way into refreshingly new placements!

Let's start with this Aquarius New Moon!

New Moons (as most of you know!) are all about planting the seeds of intentions, starting something new, and watching for what doors the universe is swinging open for you! In this case, this new moon is occurring in the sign of Aquarius- a sign that brings the energy of breaking free, paving your own path and going your own way, innovation, and expression!

Mercury (ruling our thinking & processing) moves through serious & sober minded Capricorn- which was a part of the reason the energy was a bit heavier last week- and now it boxes with Uranus, a planet that wants to shake things up and also rules the sign of Aquarius... where this new moon is occurring!

This shows me that this week we are feeling the itch to switch things up! Many of you will be breaking away from old outdated ways of perception, ideas, and habits! The rest of you will hear news (Mercury acts as messenger to all of the planets!) that may at first shake you up (that's what Uranus likes to do!) but then pushes you outside of your comfort zone! Some of you may have discussions or disagreements with others that may bring something to your attention that you never knew... which could create temporary tension or even separation.

What Uranus wants to do is break you free from what no longer serves you so all that flies in through the window is always for your highest and greatest good. This is something to trust and be open to instead of feel fear of!

Your intuition has been at an all time high lately- follow the feelings and the messages you've been downloading and trust them instead of question and fight them... especially last week and moving into the week ahead!

Last week, many of us were very serious-minded and planning for (or worrying about!) the future. We were slow to move and feeling cautious which looking back is actually perfect with the placement and movement of the moon as we ease now into dark moon status. During this time you really don't want to rush forward as the universe is currently energetically cleaning and sweeping the floors to prepare for the arrival of this upcoming new moon and this week ahead!

Mars (the planet of action!) moves into Aries this week and is the push we need to get motivated and energized again! Aries is a go getter and self starter and Mars is the rocket fuel while the new moon opens the door for you and lights the match! You are roaring and ready to go! For some of you this momentum will feel natural and easy- you're not afraid to switch things up and try something new or exciting!

For others, this can feel like a lot to deal with, risky, or dangerous but in all honesty your steps are protected and it is okay for you to put yourself out there, even if it's something you wouldn't normally do!

Remember, Aquarius is all about doing what hasn't been done before and if there is a time to step out on your own it's now!

Additional Tarotscope:



So much swords energy has been surfacing lately! Swords represent the mind & logic, moving through obstacles, and cutting out what is no longer needed so you can move forward unhindered and free!

That is exactly what we're being asked to do this week and it reflects in the energy of our cards!

8 of Swords shows us that we have been allowing our fears, insecurities, and self perceived limitations to hold us back for a little too long... and the 6 of Swords is ready to move forward! The swords represent the tools (your brilliant mind, focus, and opportunity) that you need to do and have while the ace of cups shows me the importance and strong pull of a calling heart!

The heart feels so strongly and will call you to jump through hoops of fire to find what it loves and will make it most happy... and a part of that means finding the strength to face your fears!

The mind is your greatest weapon here that you can use to either work for you or against you and this week and new moon you will be strong and ready to break free and take the risk to find and follow what really lights up the lanterns of your life!"