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CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN! Astro/Tarot Reading- March 16th - 22nd, 2017


CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN! Astro/Tarot Reading- March 16th - 22nd, 2017

Jessica Wiggan

climb that mountain

Last week's full moon in Virgo asked us to ground, center, and worked materialize our vision and intention- this week we feel the push and jump start to get even more motivated and aggressive with our heart's desires!

This is because most of the personal planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury) are moving through the self starting and bold sing of Aries, revving our engines and hitting the gas to move forward!

The last few months have been tough, reflective, and transformative but with the planets aligned like this the race flag swings down and you're ready to GO!

Venus (ruling beauty, aesthetic, the things we value, and love relationships by default) currently retrograding through Aries is not the most comfortable she's ever been and while retrograde her powers are not nearly as strong as they would be if she was direct so during this time her only warning is be careful of huge expensive purchases that you want to love and last for a life time and to tread carefully while walking in relationships- you may need to repair or reevaluate some relationships now more than ever! If this shows up for you- know that this is the universe preparing you to let go of some loose ends in your life and all of this happens for a reason!

Saturn (the planet of restriction) and the Sun (life energy and vibrancy) are moving into - and then away from- a tense square together... this means the energies of this two planets are NOT flowing easily together, in fact they are fighting! With this, I warn that even though MENTALLY you are feeling strong and energized or high energy your physical body may still need rest or recovery... don't push yourself too hard or for too long- you can easily make yourself sick or get hurt in the process! Also, watch for "battle of the wills" where you may find yourself or others in conflict or disagreement!

Tarot Energy: Knight of Wands, Magician, Page of Pentacles

I'm not at all surprised to see the Knight of Wands representing the energy of this week! With the planets crowding into the sign of Aries and Knight of Wands being ruled by fire our energy is exploding and we are off to the races! Magician reminds you that you are capable, ready, and empowered while the Page of Pentacles knows that if you channel that passion into daily intention you will see the most gain and progress!