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Power of Plants- Rose of Jericho


Power of Plants- Rose of Jericho

Jessica Wiggan

BehatiLife Rose of Jericho

My rose of Jericho plant sitting in the window this morning :)

The rose of Jericho plant is a desert plant rich with symbolism! It’s magic is in its ability to ADAPT and TRANSFORM- the once dead looking ball grows and greens with life when it sits in small bowl or saucer of fresh spring water!

When the water dries up or is removed the plant quietly folds itself up until the next rain making this a powerful symbol of resurrection and is believed to bless businesses, draw love even when situations seem incredibly hopeless or barren, and it works to protect the home.

My own Jericho Rose has been with me since I moved into my new home and has been a lucky charm for me since day one!


“ I am always unfolding, growing, evolving!
In every moment and opportunity I am transforming! My goal is NOT only to “arrive” but to continue on this journey of discovery and my unfolding. As long as there is life within me, I will be open to learning! I breathe PEACE into my Being now. Gratitude abounds and with each breath I am strengthened.”


-       Remove the obsession with the “end result” and move back into a place of enjoying the moment.

-       Keep my cup filled with the blessing and abundance of fresh spring water and keep sipping and drinking throughout the day to keep my body hydrated!

-       Honor my cycles- noth the highs and the lows, the fertile periods vs. the dry times. Both are temporary and serve an equally important purpose.

Love, love, love to you all!

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