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Astro Update: Cancer Full Moon! Mercury Goes Direct! Cosmic Square!


Astro Update: Cancer Full Moon! Mercury Goes Direct! Cosmic Square!

Jessica Wiggan


The Astro Cliff Notes:

  • Full Moon in Cancer- full moon exposes, reveals, and brings about a resolution! Sitting in Cancer a highly emotional sign!
  • Mercury goes Direct! Communication clears and the path reopens!
  • Mercury Moves into Capricorn- we become more serious minded, focused, and zero back in on our responsibilities and commitments!
  • A huge cosmic square- tension fills the skies! We'll feel this personally as well as see signs of it globally!
  • Vertex Point gets Activated- fated encounters are in the mix!
  • Venus and Neptune align- dreams come true, true love bubbles and soulmates unite!

The Details!

Last week was all about watching what flies in through the windows of your life and diving into some deep cleansing whether you were purging your home or work environment, getting rid of an old way of thinking (restrictive thoughts, anxiety, fear, etc.), or breaking through barriers that will benefit you in the long haul!

This week the full moon is something else that you're going to want to keep your eyes open for! It's occurring Thursday in the sign of Cancer and you will want to check to see where this full moon is positioned in your own personal astro chart because that is the house- or section- of your chart and life that will be lit up!

Full moons expose and reveal... they also bring things to a head or conclusion so you will be in a position that you will clearly be able to see what you will need or want to do next in life! Think of this as the final act of a play's performance: the curtain comes up, the lights flash on, and we see the final scene. Whether it's a beautiful scene or one that troubles us depends on our luck and the placement of our personal planets!

What Makes This Full Moon So Special...

Uranus (the planet of surprise and revelation) in the sign of Aries (the sign of the pioneer and self starter), Jupiter (the planet that expands all that it touches), and Saturn (the planet of restriction) are all here butting heads with the moon which can create conflict and tension just as much as it can cause opportunity for some serious decisions and actions to be made! Where Mercury retrograde has been making us foggy and unable to think or see things clearly now with this moon and the planet going direct we're able to finally see what we've been missing and begin to plan to take our next steps forward!

Something else that stands out to me is the union of the Full Moon and the vertex point- the angle within the universe that for us rules fated and chance encounters! This moon is a recipe for surprise and with placements like these in such a soft and sensitive sign this could really manifest itself in true love pairings and connections, significant moments within relationships, and valuable business/career and health moments!

This isn't something you would have to force although it does help to be out and about circulating- especially if you're single and looking for the One, bouncing ideas off of mentors and business partners, or looking for a good idea or breakthrough!

For others, the vertex brings opportunities into our lives that are gifts from above- things that we have been waiting for or building towards and with the full moon bringing it all to a head it's like throwing a hand full of confetti into the air in celebration!

If you've been busy and actively building and preparing than you'll do fine! If you've been resisting change and refusing to move forward than this can really hit you like a ton of bricks. Be open, stay flexible and you will do more than just fine!! However, the placement of the planets is literally force-pushing you forward to make the changes that you've been NEEDING to for a while. Chances are you already know this and if we wait too long or drag our feet or ignore the signs that is the moment when you will experience pain or feel suffering. To let go and let God is far better!

That being said this week Mercury (ruling thoughts and communication) moves into the sign of Capricorn- grounding our thoughts, making us feel focused, serious minded, and more realistic! On the flip side, Venus (the planet of love and beauty) pairs with Neptune (the planet of fantasy and amazement!) in the sign that she feels the most comfortable in! Dreams, wishes, and true love is REAL! All planets are now moving forward- no more hesitation, resistance, or blockages! It's time to lace your boots up and prepare for what flies in the door- you're going to be so glad you did!

The Tarotscope: Two of Swords and Three of Wands

Two of Swords and Three of Wands are the tarot message bringers for this week! With the planets astrologically aligned in the tense manner that they are now you really are going to want to pause and see what flies in through the open window! With the full moon's placement in the sensitive sign of Cancer emotions and feelings can really bubble and brew over and the Two of Swords reminds us to pause before instantly reacting. Ask yourself again and again, "Is this something that is in alignment with what I want for myself?" so you are reminded of the best action you should take. This allows you to reconnect back with your ultimate and greater vision! The Three of Wands is the card of messages coming up on the horizon and intentions beginning to manifest themselves- something is definitely brewing here for all of us!