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Astrology Weekly Update- Jan 6th- 13th 2017


Astrology Weekly Update- Jan 6th- 13th 2017

Jessica Wiggan

astro update jess.png

Astro & Tarot Energy Update for Jan 6th-13th, 2017

What a week of profound change! Mercury goes direct after having been retrograde since Dec 19th, an explosive full moon, and the set up for profound and deep personal change!

Let's start with the Sun (representing life energy) sitting in the sign of serious minded Capricorn. January 6th and 7th he- the Sun- join to perfection with Pluto, the sign of huge transformation! The two together ask us to do a deep cleansing of our energy and our space getting rid off all that no longer serves us to make space and time for those things that will work to serve us better!

Many of you will find yourselves deep cleaning shelves, throwing away old stuff, preparing and opening yourselves to experience your own forms of purging and releasing of all kinds! The other half will see incredible and awesome changes as a result of their hardwork, commitment, and past actions coming to a head now! These changes are for the better and chances are they are supportive for the long haul because Capricorn energy grounds and commits to what it knows will pay off for its long term vision!

These two planets sitting in the sign of Capricorn that is so serious minded shows me right away how committed you are to your own personal growth and how much you plan to build only the best that your life has to offer in business, relationships, in health, and happiness! Be very mindful and aware of the thoughts, visions, and changes that come to you now and take them seriously- the universe is always sending signals of what you're going to want to do next, what doors are opening and closing for you, and when it is time to begin to prepare for the awesomeness of what is next!

That being said, the huge signal will come on January 12, 2017 and the time nearing and passing that (give or take two days)! This is an explosive full moon falling in the emotional and sweetly sensitive sign of Cancer! This affects us ALL but doubly so for Cancers, Libras, Capricorns, and Aries! Check to see where your personal planets fall in your chart (if you need help with this, reach out to Jess, @BehatiLife) to see just how much this will influence you or just keep your antenna up because anything that is to show up definitely will!

Why? Well because the full moon brings things to our attention. To be honest, it FORCES things to our attention but we feel so grateful for this because at least we are able to see what is going on! It is better to know than not know, in a lot of ways!

Four major planets are directly involved with this creating a tense square in the sky... this is something that could absolutely touch us in our personal lives but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a huge shake up globally with the outer planets squaring each other like this.

The Sun in Capricorn wants structure, leadership, and stability while Uranus (the planet of rebellion) likes to shake things up- in both good and bad ways. For those that know tarot, think of the planet Uranus as the Tower card- you never quite know what you're going to get, you just know to expect the unexpected!

Uranus sits in the sign of Aries, fueling and sparking this energy further while the moon (ruling feeling and emotions) falls in the sign of sensitive Cancer creating the potential for an emotionally charged outcome. Jupiter on the opposite side sitting in Libra would love to see everyone getting along and party (ha! Jupiter is the party animal and Libra calls out, "Can't we all just get along?!") but there's just so much tension brewing under the surface that really, anything can happen.

Is this all bad? Hell no! In fact this could really be awesomely GOOD! For you see, all things serve their purpose and every good astrologer knows that when planets square like this it creates the perfect amount of friction to cause growth and transformation! This could be the game changer time when you are freed from old constricting ways or people (remember the sun and pluto conjoining which we talked about above?!) and blasting you off into the direction of your dreams!

As crazy as this all sounds some of you can even find serious true love or soulmate partnerships, or experience blissful change unlike any other! Why? Well because the greatest of loves tends to drastically change our lives and I can not fail to mention the absolutely stunning position of Venus (the planet of love, affection, beauty) sitting wonderfully in the sign of Pisces- the sign she (venus) can shine the most!

Her and Neptune are dancing together like Cinderella and the Prince, despite all of the fireworks exploding around them! If it sounds extra dreamy its because an aspect like this really is! Magic happens with these two coming together and with aspects like these that true love connection can really linger for life! Remember, these planets represent energy so if it's not true love for you then this can manifest itself in other supremely wonderful out of this world ways!

Other Important Things to Mention:

Mercury goes direct January 8th- communication will being to clear but give it a few days as the days surrounding a planet shifting its rotation we tend to see it act up in weird ways (misplacing keys, fender benders, loosing emails, miscommunications, etc.)

The tarot cards for this energy are: Tower and Three of Wands!

Tower card- expect the unexpected and three of wands says, "be open and watch what flies in the window!"

These cards remind you that change can happen out of nowhere but this is a response to the intentions that you've been setting! Be open to transformation because you will be so surprised in how wonderful things are aligning right now simply just to ensure your greatest happiness! All things that happen are for a reason and the Universe is reminding you that it has your back!"