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MERCURY RX IN FULL SWING! Astro Forecast for Dec 4th- 10th!


MERCURY RX IN FULL SWING! Astro Forecast for Dec 4th- 10th!

Jessica Wiggan


This week it will feel like we have a serious case of deja vu as Mercury is now retrograding and returning back to the same planets it left last week and the week before!

Mercury is the planet the rules communication, your thinking and focus, and also electronics and things with working moving parts. SO when Mercury goes retrograde those areas that it rule flip into backward motion and present problems that give you a chance to revisit and reaccess them. If there is a weak link that needs to be addressed to resolved to make the whole "operation"- a relationship, a career, one of your belongings- flow more smoothly for you then chances are it will break down during this time.

You then have the chance to fix it and make it stronger so that when all of the planets are moving forward with speed in your favor you don't suffer a breakdown at the time when you need it the most! Such a blessing that the planets work to reveal the weakness to you during this time!

Mercury retrograde is also awesome for bringing back connections, missed opportunities of the past, and conversations that need to be had. With this you can decide what you want to revamp and revisit or say "no" too- the choice lies directly in your hands!


This week as Mercury is moving backward it is retracing all of its steps from the week before! As Sun moves through Sagittarius we are FILLED with ideas and want to expand our personal world- maybe through travel, exploration, studies, spirituality, sharing ideas, doing research, discovering, etc.!

But the Universe doesn't want you to just have ideas and plans you never act on- it wants you to give that idea life and build the foundation for it to spring to life!

Mercury and Saturn meet (again!) on the 6th (a Wednesday!) to give you the focus you need to get serious and make investments towards your future and overall wellbeing! This is the time to enroll in a class, plan or make additional changes to a trip, or begin to return back to the book you have begun to write!


On the 9th, for most water and earth signs your energy will SOAR as Mars- the planet of drive and ambition- moves into the sign of Scorpio! Scorpio's energy and influence is intense but it allows the opportunity for your passion a chance to spread and catch further fire- you are destined to finish this year strong with a powerful push of momentum forward!

on the 19th, Mercury meets with Uranus which can bring in some surprising news, messages, ideas, and developments! Keep your mind open and your eyes open as Uranus is so unpredictable (and fun!) and anything here can happen!


King of Pentacles, Knight of Swords, Knight of Wands, and 7 of Cups!


These cards DO NOT want us to speed forward, although our energy is super high! There is still more that needs to revealed, there is more than what meets the eye.. you will need to slow down before you find yourself in your own personal 'crash and burn'. King of Pentacles is so wise- he reminds us to take our time and pay attention to detail. "ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY" is a quote you would hear this King say and he is so right... things that are of high quality sometimes need time to be perfected and developed, and if it is worth it in quality then it is worth it to wait!

Do YOUR best, take it one step at a time, and allow yourself equal periods of rest as you give yourself for hard work!


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