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Potent Scorpio Full Moon

Jessica Wiggan



"April 29th at 8:58 pm ESTwe have a potent full moon in the sign of Scorpio!

The energy of this moon is intense and powerful as it is pushing you into a space of complete honesty and vulnerability in order to manifest your heart’s truest desires. Trust and a level of total openness to what the Universe has in store for you is required as this moon is signaling an overhaul of transformation in your life that can shake up your normal comfort zones.Full moons are typically highly emotional times because the moon rules our emotions and intuition but this Scorpio full moon will be passionately felt and is working to reveal all to you… you can no longer hide behind the shadows!

Pluto (the co-ruler of Scorpio) is newly retrograde during this full moon and connects you to your shadow side, your secret wishes, and passion. Pluto’s role and responsibility in your life is to cleanse and destroy the outdated and rotten in order to birth and build things and people of a greater purpose that are in alignment with your destiny. The process sometimes is painful but necessary to your growth and ability to thrive.
During the night of full moon and the days following it you’ll be made aware of your highest purpose, your karma, passions, and vulnerabilities. This is because Scorpio full moon wants to push you into a place of complete alignment with your soul purpose and the things that are destined to reach you in this life. If you have been feeling like there are pieces missing or that you are lost or maybe in need of a release of built-up tension or anxiety this moon will work to place you in the right place at the right time for that to happen. You must be open to being completely vulnerable and trusting with what doors close, what doors open, listening to your gut instinct, and acting on power you didn’t even know you had!
The Scorpio full moon is supported by Saturn and the north node which both work to connect you to your karma to benefit you potentially for the rest of your life... if you are open to it! This moon can bring in soulmates, lasting personal transformation, progress with your soul’s work and dream jobs. Basically, anything that is of a higher quality and purpose in your life that the universe believes and knows that you are ready to take to the next level is ready to manifest into your space now!

This moon is highly vulnerable because it reveals to you the secrets of your heart's true desires. Sometimes we hid those truths away from others or ourselves because we are afraid of what will happen if we don’t get it or achieve it. Scorpio energy will simply not allow you to coast by on the superficial- it wants you to set intentions for your heart's intimate desires and with this, you may even have to release fears and anxieties to give space for what is to come. Pluto & Scorpio rule the death and rebirth cycle so all that is stripped away will be born into something with new and fresh energy.

Also, Saturn retrograde is removing the old rigid blockages that have stood in your way. He sits proudly opposite the vertex point that triggers fated encounters during this full moon and has made an agreement with the universe to finally dismantle and open the door since you have agreed to learn the lessons of your past!

The sun squares the north node bringing you into a space where you will be challenged with tests to your growth so you must be bold and fearless to refuse anything below your vibration and step into a space where you are on the same frequency level of things and people you are striving to attract and achieve!

Mars (the planet that rules action) is conjunct Pluto (planet of transformation) creating a power surge within you that you can’t miss!

Channel this energy to focus on your intention and what you truly desire… no matter how impossible it seems! Mars and Pluto together are unstoppable levels of energy! Nothing can stand in their way when they move together like this on your behalf!

Mercury rules the mind and focus- this is a key in working your will and magic. Mercury is also aspecting the north node which brings in news that can open doors, end an era in your life, and set you free to begin the next phase!

With this moon, remember that emotion and passion combined with power and vulnerability are your tools for manifestation!


Here’s How to Manifest Your Heart’s True Desires the Energy of the Scorpio Full Moon:

  • Start by drawing a bath using Epsom or Dead Sea salts. You will be working closely with the energy of release and cleansing so a detox bath is essential to assist in removing lingering energy and blockages. Natural earth salts work wonders with energy purification.
  • Add chicory root, geranium, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon, dragon’s blood, juniper, lovage root, or mums to your bath water stirring them in a clockwise motion. If you don’t have these herbs or natural oils you can use simple herbs like rosemary, lavender, or lemongrass which can be easily found.
  • As you sink into in your herbal soak open yourself up to the release of all blockages. If emotions well up, allow yourself to cry and release them. Even tears of emotion work as added blessings to bath water making magic and manifestation even more potent!
  • When you are ready, remove yourself from the bath water and move into a sacred space where you are able to set intentions. Write down all the blockages you have been experiencing. After you have made a full list, take a dark black pen or marker and cross each one of the items off your list saying, “I release and let you go. The cord between us is cut and I am free of this (person or habit or thing).”
  • Finally, in a safe space burn the list and release the ashes to the universe thanking your angels and guides for working on your behalf. Blow the ashes out into the wind.
  • Feel free to move on to writing your intentions for what you are wanting to manifest in your life now, realizing that the way you feel now is stronger and more powerful than ever after the release ceremony!"


Watch the Scorpio Full Moon Video  


Jessica Wiggan


6 out of the 10 planets have crowded themselves in the sign of earth Capricorn this week forcing our attention into BUILDING! Capricorn naturally rules the 10th house of career so as a collective we find ourselves being drawn to our longterm plans for the future, our status in the world, reputation! Capricorn is the sign of longterm hard work that pays off in long-lasting reward… if you are willing to invest yourself!


This week on Tuesday we have a new moon in the sign of Capricorn which lights up this energy completely! We are asked by the universe to connect with the energy of our commitments- what are we willing to commit to dedicate our energy to in order to see growth- maybe not always right away but is still something of value and importance!

Health should be top priority as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn works to wear things out over time. If you are taking care of your body, mind, and spirit you are usually rewarded with a happy long life! If you wear yourself down with stress and unhealthy behaviors complications arrive… a direct result of things built up over time!

Meaningful relationships are highlighted this week and connections that are beneficial for the long haul can reveal or cement themselves now! This is an excellent time for taking relationships of all kinds to the next steps!


The element of surprise is also incredibly high this week as Uranus the planet of unexpected developments is leaving hidden gifts for some of us to stumble upon this week! Uranus and Venus together can create fun adventures or unexpected twists in development… especially in regard to relationships and finances so its best for all of us to keep our eyes open to what the universe has in store!


Venus and Sun are moving into the sign of Aquarius this week and Aquarius is also ruled by the energy of Uranus! This is about exploring different areas of expression and interests- be pen to step OUTSIDE of the box for quick and innovative ideas!

For many of you, it feels like you might be ‘stuck in a rut’ lately as it seems like somethings aren’t truly changing… so It's a good idea to switch things up, try a new class or solution, or go somewhere you’ve never been before! You’d be surprised how refreshing small changes (like an exciting haircut or trying new food!) can make life so much more fun and interesting!

TAROT PULL + INTUITIVE MESSAGE- 10 of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles, Knight of Cups

10 & 4 of Pentacles are super steady and grounded… meanwhile, the Knight of Cups is flowing in with messages and invitations! I feel the message of, “You don’t have to try so hard. Let them come to you! If you have done the work and made all the moves you possibly can then now it is time to sit still and wait for them to choose and invest in YOU! You are worthy and what you have is valuable!”

I love this message for this week as we work with the earthiness of Capricorn and the sweetness of the heart!

Let me know how this is manifesting itself for you in the comment section!

Divine Week Ahead- Love, $$, and Career Moves!

Jessica Wiggan

This week is a game changer and perfect for action-packed moves! This is because the key power players in making an impactful change in your life- Mercury, Mars, and Sun- are immediately aspecting planets that give them the boost of extra motivation- Pluto and Jupiter!


Monday we start with sweet cosmic vibes as Sun (life energy) and Venus meet together and spark with creativity, love, and beauty! Sparks truly do fly especially as the two together meet and party with Jupiter (planet of abundance!)! This is an amazing day for networking, meeting with friends, going on a date, or partying! Also, Mars (action) and Pluto (transformation) greet each other and give power, strength, and ambition! This creates a golden opportunity for most to capitalize on to unlock and open stubborn doors in our lives! If there is something you have been trying to accomplish but have had no luck today is an awesome day to try again and see what happens! Mars and Pluto together make you incredibly persuasive and Moon in Libra softens hearts- people naturally want to partner and work out agreements!

These aspects will work for you on your behalf most of this week- capitalize and channel this energy!


Tuesday Sun and Venus both sit with Pluto creating the potential for an intense surge in personal transformation and power. The sun rules our life energy and when he meets with Pluto like this most feel a surge or push towards their own personal power! The ability to persuade and convince others is high and also making moves on your end to better yourself and make impactful changes in your life!

Venus and Pluto together bring intensity and passion to love relationships and there is a need to connect with others on a deeper level! This is another awesome day to be setting intentions for love, money, and lifestyle changes!


Finally, Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 10th! Mercury rules our communication and mind and our thinking becomes far more serious, focused, and wants to build up and out! The next few weeks focus on cementing plans for your future, doing the work to see them come to life and stir to fruition!


A day to watch out for is the 13th- a Saturday. This day Mercury and Saturn meet and the double heaviness of Saturn energy (Saturn rules Capricorn) can feel very very heavy! I also feel this day there might be a communication breakdown where a misunderstanding or something someone says creates frustration and exhaustion... like someone saying, "I can't win with you! I give up"! If this is truly the case for you- give space to think and review. Don't force issues unless you completely have to.

Also on this day, Venus squares with Uranus creating immediate and sometimes drastic changes in partnerships. Hopefully, this isn't because of the double influence of Saturn I just mentioned but if it is- trust in the what the Universe is trying to show you and follow its flow!

Tarot Pull + Intuitive Message: Knight of Wands & Page of Pentacles

IMG_2371 2.JPG

Energy is obviously very high with Knight of Wands' surge of excitement and activity! Page of Pentacles works to ground and center that energy so you have a strong foundation to build upon! Job offers & money can fly in and out- even unexpectedly! Stay open! This week should be filled with surprise!"

IMG_2294 2.JPG

BehatiLife YouTube

Astrology. Tarot. Intuition. Lifestyle.


Jessica Wiggan


We are starting this week on a high note with the new moon in Sagittarius! This new moon infuses the energy of ‘blind faith’ into your life! It's about following your feeling- your gut instinct- that is working in overdrive to guide you through the life of your dreams- one that is far from being mediocre or meaningless!

Jupiter RULES the energy of this moon (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) and has been sitting in the sign of Scorpio kicking up all of our deepest and darkest desires and putting them on BLAST!
Who you are to your core is being exposed as well as the quality of your relationships and things that you surrounding you- good or bad!
Jupiter squares off with the natal node- forcing what is fated to occur in your life. You MUST remain open… you can’t fight what is designed to happen, especially if it is happening to guide and protect you! Sagittarius reminds us that we can’t SEE the bigger picture ALL the time… but we have to have BLIND FAITH and TRUST!
It's about ACTION… not overthinking! Overthinking KILLS more dreams than FAILURE does!

The moon’s move the next few days is HIGHLY emotional!
She meets with Saturn and feels emotionally bombarded- she is raw, triggered, and moody.
This is a GOOD thing because it EXPOSES what makes us uncomfortable, bored, or sad and reminds you that YOU have the power to CHANGE it- set your ATTENTION on it and set the INTENTION to change it!


Another huge move this week is Saturn moving into the sign of Capricorn, the sign that it rules! Saturn tests and will retest your commitment, your work ethic, your ability to put in hard work to strive for your own personal greatness! Saturn’s journey will be long and hard but in the end it will be worth it! You’ll want to check to see what house Saturn will be moving through your chart to see what area of your life will be completely tested. Globally, we will see the breakdown of rigid business systems and even governments can come crumbling down in order to make room for better systems to be put into place. Leaders will be severely tested, stress will be high but again- it will all be worth it to have a structure put in place that stronger and (hopefully!) better serving of the people!


Sun infuses us with life energy and Saturn is the planet of confinement and restriction. When the two meet on this day the energy can be draining and defeating. This is not a good day to push yourself to the limit, to push your body to its breaking point, or to add pressure on relationships. The weak spots will not only crack but collapse with full force! This is a day for restorative activities, to plan for your future (especially budgeting and creating rules for yourself to follow to keep you on track)!

TAROT MESSAGE: Knight of Wands, 5 of Wands!


The first thing I think with this is, “SLAY YO’ COMPETITION!” Do it for YOU! Knight of Wands is filled with natural energy- energy that comes from passion and love! 5 of Wands shows me that there may be some odds stacked against you but its nothing that you can’t handle! Stay focused and motivated, make a PLAN, set INTENTION!




Mercury Retro, Gemini Full Moon, Mars creates tension! ASTRO/TAROT WEEKLY FORECAST!

Jessica Wiggan

Mercury retrograde, Venus moves into Sagittarius, Mrs and Uranus square off creating cosmic tension in the skies! This week is FILLED with exciting developments that we will need to be aware of! Let's dive in…

TIME TO GET SERIOUS- Mercury Connects with Saturn!

This week on the 28th Mercury ( the planet that rules communication, travel, and thinking) meets with Saturn- the planet of restriction. This sobers the energy of your thinking, especially when it comes to cementing long-term plans and goals! Saturn wants you to be SERIOUS about what you realized about yourself and what you are opening your energy up towards so he nudges you to build and place the foundation for those dreams and visions to become a reality! This is the time to start doing research for travel plans, for placing the deposit for your higher education, or to even establish a routine for your spiritual growth and regimen!

You will be able to work with the days surrounding this time to cement those plans as Mercury will be lingering around the energy of Saturn for a little while longer. If you are hesitant or unsure yet- don’t worry! Mercury will be flipping into retrograde motion allowing you to return back to your original plans and make any adjustments if needed!

You have to remember, not everything needs to be perfect! So, if you’re nervous about making a mistake throw that notion out of the door! The planets are working WITH YOU to guide and protect you and Mercury retrograde is the hidden blessing that will work in your favor!

EXPLORE, DISCOVER, INVITE IN ADVENTURE- Venus moves into Sagittarius!

In other news, on December 1st, Venus- the planet of beauty, love, and relationships- moves into the sign of Sagittarius! This switch is delightfully refreshing as partnerships and values shift from intensely and deeply passionate exploring to playful, fun, and exploring! Venus was moving through the sign of Scorpio causing us to narrow our focus to one partner or ‘the one”, with an emphasis on soulmate connection and deepening understanding! Now with her move into Sagittarius our energy shifts and we are ready to go out and explore- together with our partners or on our ways- to discover what is out there for us to love and value! Keep your mind open to trying new adventures and things, allow yourself to venture into places you would never have thought to go to! Venus in Sagittarius loves this and encourages us to explore in this way! This applies to shopping as well, as Venus rules values and things! Allow yourself to drift allows you to stumble on some incredible one of a kind treasures!

TENSION RISES- A WARNING- Mars Squares with Uranus

Also, on this day Mars squares off with Uranus which can be a problem! Mars rules our drive, passion, and aggression while Uranus rules surprise. When the two square off in this manner it can be explosive, especially if there is underlying tension or frustration! I’ve been warning of this aspect for over a week now and want everyone to steer clear of reckless or impulsive behavior, high-risk activities, or fighting… it quickly turns sour and without any warning!

REVISIT AND REVAMP- Mercury turns Retorgrade!

Finally, on December 3rd Mercury will turn retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius bringing old conversations and people back into our lives. Relationships that are in need of repair or attention will be highlighted for us and it is up to you to decide if what shows up during this time is worthy of your time, attention, and energy! If it is— take the time out to look at what needs fixing and adjusting and give it your all, being patient during every step of the process! If it isn’t than don’t waste your efforts on something you aren’t invested in- Mercury in Sagittarius wants you to keep your perspective wide open!


And finally, we end this week with an incredible full moon in the sign of sociable Gemini! With so many planets crowded planets crowded in the signs that encourage your exploration and open mind this full moon will highlight this energy even further! Words and thoughts have incredible power for this full moon and written intentions and spoken words will hold incredible magick! Keep your eyes open for important text messages, phone calls, and conversations that will bring important news and information to you during this time!


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Jessica Wiggan


This week is working like a huge cosmic purging- a twisting and a turning! For starters, last week we had the glorious full moon in Taurus that lit up the sky beautifully encouraging each of us to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY in all areas of our lives- relationships, work, lifestyle, etc.!

Taurus is ruled by the sign of Venus so it delights in the pleasure of the senses but it is also co-ruled by the element of earth, simplifying but increasing the quality of your blessings and abundance! Full moons work to purge, release, and bring things to fruition while are typically supremely raw emotional times for magick and reflection! Meanwhile, the sun is still completing the transit through the sign of Scorpio which again works to purge and release anything that ultimately doesn't serve us authentically or enrich us. Relationships dive into emotional and mental intimacy and connection, which may be tough to deal with if you're not ready or open to it but the planets are moving in ways to give your life purpose and meaning... that is something that can NOT come out of shallow relationships or lifestyles!

THINK BIG! Mercury moves into Sagittarius!

This week Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius, officially on the 5th! Mercury rules the mind, communication, and thoughts and now we are beginning to lift our eyes to see the BIGGER picture... We are wondering, 'Now that *this* has happened, now that I know- what do I want to do now? What do I want to do next?"

Asking yourself these questions now helps you to shift into planning and envisioning the future... especially if you've been spending the last month and some change reevaluating and transitioning!


We haven't escaped the grasp of Scorpio yet as Venus (ruling relationships) moves into the sign of Scorpio this week. Again, this is another level of evaluation, purge, release, rebuild for love, personal power, and money! You may even feel the need to venture to the "dark side" with your appearance by wearing darker colors, dying hair dark, etc.!


The 9th is another awesome day for finances and personal power as sun sextiles Pluto- the planet of transition and power! Focus on money & resources, depth in relationships, healing of the self! And lastly, this week ends with a cosmic golden aspect as Venus and Jupiter meet beautifully giving blessings, beauty, and bounty to you depending on what Scorpio rules within your chart!


This week's Tarot card pull is 2 of cups, 2 of wands, and knight of Swords. The need for balance and reciprocity in partnerships of all kinds is key this week!

Knight of Swords & 2 of Wands together predicts a rocky road for relationships (2 of Cups) especially as Venus opposes Uranus this week!
2 of Wands has MUCH energy, passion, plans,& a heart of gold!
He is planning to build a huge empire- his largest goal! He needs/wants people & things around him that will help to BUILD & support his energy… not steal, lie, exhaust him.

2 of Cups msg says VALUE the partnerships that are mutually giving- in fact, this card’s keyword is RECIPROCITY.

Partnerships need to be BALANCED (notice the symbolism of the number 2… one on each side, perfect balance!) & NOT a one-way street!
When the balance is OFF for too long, its no longer a partnership.
2 of Wands steps back & finally SEES the bigger picture while Knight of Swords is the gust of wind to deliver the final fatal message/ news!

It’s interesting that the energy& word of RELEASING is coming up, especially on the tail end of this Taurus full moon that brings much to surface, including endings & requires you to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY.
Who or what have you held close to your side& are they equally there for YOU?
Or are they benefiting from the light& resource that you give…?

I have this mantra for us all:
I release WITHOUT expectation but what needs to be said MUST be said…
I don’t have to be everything to everyone, but I DO need to be there for mySELF.
I disconnect& remove any& all negative influence & surround mySeLF back with a protective bubble to guard my Sacred space & energy.
This allows me the space to be free to flow effortlessly.
I move back into creativity, creation, now that I have released with LOVE & continue to move forward with light& love surrounding me!

WEEKLY FORECAST- Sun Moves into Scorpio, Mars into Libra, and the luckiest day of the Year!

Jessica Wiggan

FullSizeRender 265.jpg

BehatiLife Youtube

Tarot | Astrology | Intuition


Jessica Wiggan


Best Week Ever?!

Astro/Tarot Forecast for 10/23- 10/29th!


Last week we had the Libra New Moon that was tensely aligned stressing partnership & balance. This new moon needed to be quiet and reflective with Uranus opposing the moon and sun setting emotions and actions to be somewhat unstable and the potential for people to lash out was strong- chances are you felt this in yourself or noticed it in others! Its awesome for setting intentions (what new or full moon isn't?!) but as far as the day and weekend being smooth sailing...? No, far from it!

This week we're stepping out of that space and things begin to calm down as the planets shift.


Mars is moving out of the tense alignment with Saturn and now moving into the sign of fun and beauty-loving Libra! We can't take ourselves too seriously during the next week. Life in some ways may at times be heavy with responsibilities and commitments but apart of us is ready to put our feet up, socialize, sleep, shop, have some fun! This is all about BALANCE-yes, last week's major theme!

Mars rules the energy of how we achieve and accomplish tasks. Mars moving through Libra is indecisive, checking in with others, and once it makes its mind up uses wit and charm to get what it wants... then changes its mind again! Mercury in Scorpio is still seeking to understand what it TRULY wants... there are simply too many options- too many things to consider!


On the 24th our minds take a breather to let some sunshine in! Do yourself a favor and go for a break or walk in the sun to let yourself relax and let creative juices flow! The less pressure you put on yourself the more ideas will flow- today is the perfect day for this!


Sun enters into the sign of Scorpio and naturally, we are drawn to the darker side of things- of course, because this is the vibe of Scorpio! Skeletons, scary movies, death and transition... its like we're taking off a fur coat to put on a black leather one or even a witch's cape! Allow yourself to indulge in Halloween activities, interests, events!


The 26th is a brightly lit day when Sun and Jupiter meet! Sun is our life energy and Jupiter is expansion- together they bring luck to each and all! Today would be an awesome day to initiate a new project, give a speech, start a business that is connected to your passion, or even go on a date! Mark this date in your calendar!

TAROT CARDS FOR THIS WEEK: 2 of Wands and 2 of Wands!

Yup, a double whammy of 2 of wands energy! You can't help but weight all of the pros and cons during decision making! Look at ALL the options and connect with what makes the most sense- and feels right, even if scary!- to you! You can't go wrong!


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Intention | Beauty | Magick


Jessica Wiggan


This week is tense but if you play your cards right you can absolutely assist the cosmos in working for you and not against you, however, flexibility is a must!

For starters, looking at the astro chart for this week I can quickly see a tense alignment between most of the personal planets.

Sun opposes Uranus creates an impulsive and easily irritated energy that is hard to ignore! It seems as though either you or those around you may have a short fuse that you may feel under the surface all week!


Moon opposing Neptune at the start of the week has most feeling highly sensitive to vibrations in your environment! You can pick up on even the tiniest changes!

Mentally we are drifting and daydreaming as Mercury opposes Neptune. At best our imagination is strong but when making logically sound decisions we struggle, especially as the other planets are competing with each other and peer pressuring us to make impulsive decisions over temporary feelings!

Sun opposing Pluto makes you want to break totally away from the norm… or anything that you feel is restricting you and your flow while Mars squaring Pluto flares tempers and makes you want to push even harder against the obstacle…which can not only be exhausting but su[er frustrating as your noticing the more you tend to push the more you are met with resistance!

It's hard to hold back with transits like this and it's up to you to decide what is worth fighting for and where you would do better to hang up your hat or try a totally different path to get to what you want!



On the 19th the skies are lit up with the New Moon in Libra… the sign that rules balance, partnership, beauty & glamour!

Even though the surrounding planets are creating tense and sensitive aspects this could be just the push we need to start fresh in welcoming and working more balance into our lives!

For example, maybe you are so caught in trying to make others happy that you are neglecting yourself… this new moon reminds you to make that change because to give too much for too long exhausts you and takes away from your energy!

Reflect on your relationships- are they balanced or equal? Or do they need some tweaking so both partners are fulfilled? If single, the energy of your independence is highlighted! Begin planning for how you wish to share (or not!) yourself with others!

TAROT MESSAGE- 8 of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, and The Moon

IMG_2213 2.JPG

8 of Wands speeds around the Knight of Pent and his horse like a gust of wind...
The horse is spooked but the knight reminds grounded, in control, centered.
His steely eyes are focused and if his heart was beating fast out of fear or excitement you couldn’t tell for each of his moves, his words are deliberate and well thought out, expressed with perfect timing!
CHANNEL the energy of the knight this week!
It’s easy to lose yourself in the swirling confusion/activity around you- but stay FOCUSED. Stay GROUNDED.
One thing at a time- not everything ALL at once!

Moon’s appearance shows the heightened sensitivity of our feelings- all may not be all that it seems and you’ll do best to take it slow and not force anything to be! Remember, the planets move with perfect timing and will trigger where your attention and focus needs to be next. If something feels off give it your love and energy to help make it right again!



Astrology | Tarot | Intuition


Jessica Wiggan


We start this week with the moon in the fidgety sign of Gemini! We can't help but wiggle in our seats as our minds and energy picks up speed and begins to race! To top this off, Mercury (ruling Gemini) conjoins perfectly with the sun emphasizing the brilliance of the mind, thinking, and thought! This week channel this energy to build connections and communication with others, sharing ideas, and brainstorming- you won't regret it! This also an excellent aspect for writers & bloggers, those who problem solve, and those studying or taking tests! The cosmos are shining their light on you!



A huge astro event happening this week is Jupiter's move from Scorpio into Libra! Jupiter rules expansion, abundance, and fun while Scorpio energy is exactly the opposite! It is an intense and private sign and highlights the importance and magnitude of deeply intimate relationships of all kinds- romantic, platonic, business partnerships, etc.! For most, Jupiter will lighten the energy as we explore ourselves and others which is lucky because to move through this transit with any of the other outer planets can feel doubly intense and emotionally draining to deal with for extended periods of time. Scorpio rules sex and intimacy but also our reproductive health- the focus shifts to this from now until the following few months during this transit! Don't be surprised if during this time our society shifts to some sort of sexual reawakening or reevaluation- you heard this prediction here first!

When Jupiter was in Libra the focus was on relationships but now in Scorpio, we really start thinking about intimacy- the deep and private sharing of our true selves with others. Anyone can have a relationship... but trust found and built through intimacy is something that is rare and a treasure. Let's not mistake sex for intimacy (although Scorpio does rule sex) because although the two go hand in hand you can't fake intimacy or force it by simply having sex alone. Intimacy is developing by finding soulmate relationships (friendships, etc!) and sharing your raw self with another! This vibration builds starting now and asks you to watch and work to increase the energy of relationships in your own personal life!

If you would like to read/hear more about Jupiter's move into Scorpio check out BehatiLife's YouTube Channel- I will discuss all!



Also, this week Mars (the warrior planet!) squares off with Saturn (planet of restriction) creating a tense and potentially violent atmosphere! On this day and the days surrounding patience is dangerously thin and some of us may find it difficult to hold ourselves back from reacting if something sets us off or feels like its holding you back! This is not the time to start or provoke fights because it can escalate far faster than you or anyone else would have imagined! It is best to lay low and remove yourself from situations that you don't see ending positively!



Venus rules beauty, love, and glamour and moves into the sign that she loves the most- Libra! The planets are not afraid to play favorites and when Venus moves into her home sign she feels comfortable to express herself in the way that only she can! For us this gives us the chance to beautify ourselves and the things that we love- our homes, others, our pets, etc.! We are tempted to shop and treat ourselves... and by all means, enjoy! Surrounding yourself with things that are beautiful reduces our stress so stop and give yourself flowers, window shop, focus on self-care, and spend time with friends or taking the person you love on a romantic date!


Jessica Wiggan

PLUTO MOVES DIRECT... amid a HIGHLY emotional week ahead!

Jessica Wiggan

I have exciting news! This week PLUTO FINALLY GOES DIRECT and I could *not be happier about this!!!

Pluto rules death, destruction, the underworld, our subconscious & soul... and he moves soooo slowly! He takes his time moving through your chart will look for the things that need to be completely changed and cleansed... and begin working on purging them. The process is always intense, emotional, and difficult but its set in motion for good reason. Where Pluto touches you WILL never be the same again BUT you will be a higher and evolved version of yourSelf and will have experienced growth unlike any other! What is removed during his transit will be replaced with a highly fertile patch of soil for you to grow from all the lessons you have learned and benefit from the entire process for a LIFETIME!

Watch below during this week's astro/tarot/intuitive message forecast! Leave any questions that you have in the comments below!

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Jessica Wiggan

Notoriously this time of the year is the time when we realize that summer is soon ending, school is back in session and it's time to get back to work! Mercury- the planet that rules communication and the mind- moves into the sign of Virgo where the worker bee within all of us rejoices and stirs into action mode!

This week we feel the full influence of this now that Mercury is direct and moving forward! We are more apt to pay attention to detail, to organize, and prepare for the plans you have for your future! This is the perfect time to purge out and clean any last bits of clutter that are only working to stop you from being the most efficient that you can possibly be! Virgo rules perfection after all and this month is about becoming your highest and best self!

POWERFUL CHANGE- Sun trine Pluto- Sept 12

Sun (life energy) and Pluto (planet of transformation) meet in a delightful trine- meaning that the energy of these two planets merge and work beautifully together! This is another great aspect supporting any purging activity that is for your highest good in your life as Pluto works to rid any old or stagnant pieces from your life. Changes made during this time are powerfully felt and this is a great time to allow your hard work and dedication to allow you to stand out in your field of work or study!

BEAUTIFUL CONNECTIONS- Venus trine Saturn- Sept 12th

On the 12th, Venus (ruling beauty & love relationships) trine Saturn and this will be an excellent aspect for changes made to beauty, trying new regimes, making positive tweaks and changes to websites or artwork (etc.!), and enjoying relationships! This aspect gives its blessing to relationships of all kinds but really works to help seal the deal for those that are wanting to profess their love to the ones they truly care about! This is an excellent time for pairing up whether in love or with important business connections!

KEEP STRESS LOW- Sun Squares Saturn- Sept 13th

The 13th can be tough for many, however, because the Sun squares with Saturn a day later. This feels like heavy responsibility or a weight that burdens on our shoulders. This can be a direct result of Mercury and Sun in Virgo- we may overwork ourselves and simply need a break. This is a day to remember the importance of keeping your stress levels low as a stressed out body is more apt to sickness and an emotionally frazzled person has difficulty making smart decisions and with seeing things clearly! Just like last week, take breaks as needed.

ENJOY YOURSELF- Venus Sextile Jupiter- Sept 15

On the 15th, you have the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy yourself! This is because Venus and Jupiter are dancing side by side in the cosmic skies! Both Venus and Jupiter love to have one and this would be an excellent time to do something new or that you love with friends or even go on a date! The vibes are so positive- you won't regret it!