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PLANET 411- Pluto Transits & Retrograde Periods


PLANET 411- Pluto Transits & Retrograde Periods

Jessica Wiggan

Pluto is easily one of the most intense planets in the world of astrology. Not only does it rule death and destruction and our shadow selves but when it moves through an area of our chart its goal is to completely wipe out and cleanse the dead pieces of that part of our life that do not serve us, while showing us what is truly valuable and significant to the quality and purpose of our existence.

Sound intense? Hell yea, it is.

No one truly escapes the cold touch of Pluto's hand but if you can believe it this purification process is an act of love from a totally encouraging and supportive universe. The universe understands that where there is life there must be death and where there is death there is life. What dies becomes fertile ground for newness to be born and from that newness comes a fresh chance at life and opportunity. Pluto's responsibility is to clean, purge, and birth as the wheel of life continues to turn.

Pluto's purpose is also designed to expose and allow us the chance to deeply examine our Selves and our inner workings because when we understand and conquer our own personal limitations truly nothing can hold us back or trip us up.

For that reason, you'll see old fears and anxieties creep up, power struggles, memories and wounds surfacing as Pluto turns the soil of the wounds and shadow spaces of our lives and mind. 

You'll know Pluto is in the mix when at first you have the breakdown and then you have the opportunity to rebuild. This is the experience of Pluto's transit and retrograde period in a nutshell- what you can expect to experience!

The areas of focus are:

  • Deeper/Soul connections in relationships of all kinds
  • Death and rebirth/ resurrection
  • Owning and discovering your personal power!
  • Obsessions, anxiety, depression, and self destructive behavior
  • The real and raw sides of the self
  • Secrets and other hidden things
  • Zombiesss! Sorry, I couldn't resist! But no, seriously- zombies, aliens, conspiracy theories, ghosts! All of these things are ruled by the 12th house and Pluto ;)
  • Attachments and fear of change
  • Manipulation, controlling, possession of people and things (plus, looking into WHY you do this/feel the need)
  • Psychological healing and discovering
  • Facing your fears and even discovering them!

During this transit and/or retrograde the last thing you want to do is try and ignore what comes up or sugarcoat it. Pluto simply will NOT allow it and the skeletons you keep pushing to the back of the closet will come tumbling out... most likely when you least expect it or at the most inopportune moment.

Remember, it feels GOOD when you own and step in to be in charge of your own healing! It is a gift to know where the source of pain is coming from because then you can at least know what needs to be fixed!

When you know what to expect and you allow yourself to be healed pain or limitations become nothing more than a distant memory of a lesson learned... plus, you walk out of the transit as a Phoenix reborn!


Pluto is HIGHLY intense in all that he touches and where he moves you will find total and utter destruction, something that is way too much to deal with quickly or in one blow! What Pluto brings to the surface comes from such deep and sensitive places within us that to deal and face it all in one shot would be crippling and enough to take us out.. so his slow creeping motion across the map of our natal chart is something that we should totally be 100% grateful for!

When he goes into retrograde this is another chance to rejoice!


Well because we have another chance to return back to those old spots that still want and need to be healed. For the next few months you can find yourself feeling strong & intensely deep emotions that can seem to swell up seemingly out of nowhere from the depths of your own personal emotional oceans!

Old lessons and beliefs that have had you handicapped and restrained shake and fall like leaves from trees, fears (unrealistic and totally possible!) and anxiety can grip you up faster than you can blink your eye... and it is all in the name of deep healing!

When you face the demon or the skeleton you can conquer it... and when you conquer it you can grow and move forward!

It will no longer be something that keeps you feeling trapped in the corner and the freedom you will experience from being released will be unlike anything you've ever experienced in this world!

Celebrate the death of the old and your rebirth... Pluto walks you through to your own resurrection, like the powerful phoenix that you are and were designed to be!


Pluto in 1st House:

This is total transformation of yourself, included appearance! Who you are is being evaluated and reevaluated and you are diving into getting to know the real you more and more! Self image, personality, & appearance are all areas to watch evolve!

2nd House:

This is where what you value is being totally revamped. I can see Pluto stressing spots in your life that require you to transform the idea of what is of value to you- mentally and materialistically. In the beginning you will experience loss and scarcity... not having enough or struggling with what little you do have. This is meant to prioritize what you value and need. This transit also tests your attachment to things.

3rd house:

This transit connects instantly with the energy of communication and thinking. Pluto does NOT mess with superficial things, conversations, or people and here the way you communicate becomes more intense with you needing to know, understand, and think on a deeper level.

4th house:

Here within this house Pluto wants to heal the energy of the home, family life, and your feeling of structure and stability. He brings issues of childhood to the forefront and especially the memory of the death or absence of parents is something that I've seen resurface for a lot my clients during this time.

5th house:

During this transit you can see huge change when it comes to any type of 'creation' process- artistic expression, the areas of babies and children, hobbies, and fun! Pluto's appearance in the 5th house can totally change and transform HOW you date and WHO you date... where your dating life may dry up or intensify depending on how it is aspecting you at the moment!

6th house:

Pluto's transit through the 6th house deals directly with our health and well being. It can affect our work and our day to day activities. This is where you may make the decision to totally transform and change your diet while you learn & discover what your body needs to thrive and feel good. Also, workout regimes tend to increase and opportunities to strengthen your health are highly suggested during this time. You definitely want to watch for developments with your health during this transit, and I can tell you from my experience as an astrologer that most of my clients with this transit have seen developments with their health become obvious or brought to their attention during full or new moon times, while Pluto was transiting their chart.

I have also seen my clients struggle with power issues at work during this time and experience the death or adoption of a pet while Pluto transited their 6th house.

7th house:

With this transit relationships of all kinds are 100% highlighted! If you are already in a long-term committed relationship or partnership you may undergo a serious renewal or reshaping of the relationship in some way. Relationships will be seriously tested and many will break. If that is the case, let them go. When Pluto removes something it is what in the long haul the universe knows will not serve us, so it is removed if not instantly than over time.

On the flip side the changes felt during this transit work to shape both partners for the better. The relationship changes may be painful in the moment but are working to serve their purpose and will make sense when the time is right.

For people single or going through breakups during this time, the partners you find may have intense connections to you and the chance of you meeting and finding your soulmate soars!

8th house:

Whew! The 8th house is Pluto's natural playground where the energy of death & rebirth (and interestingly enough loans, credit, and other people's money!) are highlighted. This is totally the area of where you start seriously thinking about the meaning of life, thinking about death (what happens when you die? Is reincarnation real? Etc.), and your purpose for being here.

9th house

This is the house of spirituality, travel and culture, and higher education. During this transit learning, expansion, and growth are highlighted. You may test the beliefs you were brought up to accept and follow, travel, or end or begin the next level of your education! Either way, all of this will have a largely profound affect on you!

10th house

This is the house of career and status where Pluto meddles with your work/career choices. You may be seriously diving into discovering the type of work you are meant to do or going through huge changes in your chosen career field.

11th house

Pluto moving through the 11th house affects the energy of networking, friendships, and hopes and wishes. Friendships may be seriously tested during this time or you meet people along the way who have a huge impact on you and your life, mostly for good. Your goals and idealizations are revamped and changed (kind of like a bow and arrow being refocused to a new target for the better)!

12th House:

This is a heavy transit but one that you will learn and grow from since it touches on the subjects of your psychological wellbeing. No, you're not going to go crazy during Pluto's transit but you will experience a lot of what makes you "tick" and I always feel it's best to go into this transit with a counselor or guide to support you if you have experienced serious trauma in your life. Other areas of focus are reexamining the hidden aspects of your self, secrets you keep hidden, and unconscious beliefs and impulses.