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Infuse Magic into your Daily Cup of Coffee!

Jessica Wiggan


Morning Brew Magic!

... make the most of your daily cup!

Certain herbs and spices found in your kitchen or garden are not only packed with flavor but can be used to charge your coffee up with magical intent! 

Sprinkle your choice of spice or edible flowers and herbs into coffee grounds before you brew to infuse your coffee with flavor and magic!

I personally use a ceramic hand pour over to make my coffee! It simple, easy to clean, and creates the best tasting cup of coffee (free of chemicals or other potential irritants)!My 



I sprinkle a generous amount of lavender flowers over my brew because the beauty of the flowers and delicate taste adds such a uniquely beautiful taste to my cup! Lavender brings a sense of peace and wellbeing into the energy of your day but is also known for increasing beauty & attraction! Love this!  



Cinnamon heats up all that it touches with money, health, & love! Visualize your intent while you're sprinkling over your brew to increase the speed of it coming into your life! 



This spicy blend is practically perfectly designed for money attraction and blessings of abundance! 

Not a huge fan of coffee or just want to switch up your pick-me-up beverage? Try some of these recipes or drinks that you too can enjoy!



Chicory coffee can be seen widely throughout the magical city of New Orleans coffee shops and cafes for good reason! Adding chicory to coffee brings the drinker power and strength but also enhances divination practices, invisibility, and removes obstacles that stand in your way!

I personally. love the herb's power so much that I've had it tattooed on my arm so of course I love to add it to my daily cuppa!


  • Green Tea- loaded in antioxidants and absolutely delicious!
  • Hot or Cold Chai Tea- Chai tea bag of your choice (I love Mighty Tea Leaf's selections!), milk of your choice, cinnamon and nutmeg to top! 
  • A London Fog- 1-2 bags of Earl Grey tea (I prefer 2, I like the flavor strong!), 4 oz. of hot water, and then a splash of half n half or your milk of choice!
  • Thai Tea

Happy Sipping!