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Jessica Wiggan


How to Work Mercury Retrograde

with BONUS Readings for each Sign!

March 5th Mercury the planet of communication will turn retrograde and head out of Pisces and into the sign of Aries until March 28th, 2019. If you look at the energy of the planets through the lense of magick and alchemy you will see that even a retrograde planet is still a powerful one… you’ll just need to know how to work with its new vibe and not against it!

Mercury rules communication, small moving working parts, travel, and the mind just to name a few. When direct, Mercury speeds through the cosmos delivering messages, sparking up ideas and conversations, and sometimes even provoking a fight or two depending on what sign it is in and what other planets it is currently meeting with. Just like anything else within our universe there is a moment where even the planets need to take a break in order to restore balance and conserve energy. When Mercury goes retrograde the energy of the planet turns within and his normal speed slows down to a snail pace.

To match Mercury’s magic and energy you will also need to slow down. Many of us have become so accustomed to speeding forward in our own lives. Sometimes it even seems like we are whirling and spinning tops! Mercury asks you to calm and center yourself while he cosmically works to rearrange and set up opportunities in your life that you would have normally missed if you continued to rocket forward. Mercury’s job during its retrograde phase is to teach you how to be more conscious of the words you are using, what you are agreeing to do, and to also pay closer attention to detail versus just signing at the dotted line without checking and double checking your intuition as well as the fine print!

Because Mercury rules communication he has the potential to bring back conversations, people, and opportunities of the past. For some people, this can be in the form of past relationships that you may or may not want to revisit again but at least the universe is giving you the option. The memory of you and the moments you shared with someone or even the work that you put into that relationship has a tendency to bubble up to the forefront of yours or someone else’s mind and you can expect a text message, phone call, or the universe may even arrange itself so that you actually cross paths! Follow your feelings and intuition with this as well. Maybe sparks fly again or maybe this is the cosmos showing you that you have outgrown this situation and to celebrate how far you have come!

Because life can be so fast paced we can find ourselves making quick decisions and never looking back at them again because we have already moved forward and are thinking about “the next big thing”. Mercury retrograde is the universe’s way of seeing potential in old projects and presents them to you again to see if you are interested and if you’ll say yes. Maybe you have made a decision in the past that you now regret. Well, it is Mercury retrograde that will bring it back so that you can fix it and try again!

The universe understands that no one is perfect and also that as a human being you are wired to grow and to constantly evolve. For that, there was a miracle that is created-  a chance encounter- that is given to you as a generous gift from the stars to reconsider, to revamp, and to resolve anything of the past that normally would have been lost forever. That cosmic miracle is- yup, you guessed it- Mercury retrograde!

On a lighter note, Mercury is the planet that rules objects, memories, and things of the past! As an avid antiquer I have always used this time to pull away from my desk (Mercury retrograde is asking me slow down with my emails and work usually anyway) and to take a break to do some thrifting or explore a few estate sales. Mercury retrograde is notorious for helping people stumble upon incredible pieces of treasure or maybe old momentums that spark memories and feelings that they forgot existed! You could even find treasures being sold for pennies that hold incredible value and monetary worth!

Lastly, Mercury retrograde is the ultimate chance to totally declutter your space of things that are working to block your blessings and steal your joy. This is not only physical things that we have a tendency to hold on to but also mental and emotional clutter. Maybe reorganize your schedule (how very mercury retrograde of you!) to make more time for mindfulness, take breaks for healthy lunches, or to call and reconnect (again, very mercury retrograde!) with friends and family. Also, simplify by throwing away or donating outdated things that you have outgrown. One man’s trash is another person’s treasure and chances are the person who stumbles upon your recycled items read this article and is out to find upthrifted treasures of their own… all while under the influence of Mercury Retrograde!

Predictions for the Signs:

  • Aries- This is the last thing you probably want to hear, Aries but patience and balance is your friend during this Mercury retrograde phase. Instead of pushing for action- take a deep breath and allow the universe to show you how to make your move so that you can progress forward. Allow things to fall into place.

  • Taurus- Use this time to pull back from the world and to be more selfish with your time. Listen to your intuition and how it is guiding you to self-care. You don’t need to apologize for protecting yourself and your energy levels right now.

  • Gemini- Gemini, the universe seems to be bringing you either new love or creative projects that spark excitement and butterflies in your stomach! If it feels good to you- say yes! Life is meant to be lived and Mercury Retrograde is giving you a gift through creative projects or love!

  • Cancer- Cancer, you are another sign that will need some extra time for self care during this retrograde phase. Clear your schedule, cancel out appointments, and be unapologetic with your boundaries. Mercury Retrograde is here protecting you.

  • Leo- Flexibility is needed during this time, Leo. Try not to be too stubborn and frustrated when mercury retrograde starts to switch things up around you. Remember, any revamps made during this time- even the ones outside of your control- are there to serve a purpose for your highest and greatest good. Trust.

  • Virgo- Virgo, I see the chance for opportunities and growth for your career, money, and home environment all because mercury retrograde is bringing in past opportunities in again. Check your inbox and voicemails! There should be a gift of growth there this month! 

  • Libra-Libra, Mercury retrograde is showing you that you’ll need to let go of people or things that are not as giving to you as you are to them. You are a natural giver so this may be hard for you to do but listen to when the universe tells you to let go and stop trying so hard with someone or something. Give space and allow mercury to show you what you need to see now.

  • Scorpio- Scorpio, Mercury is working to create the perfect recipe for you to achieve full self mastery and independence! Be open to switching things up by observing what has worked and failed for others. Apply it to yourself now while keeping our own unique needs and goals in mind. Stay open and flexible to your own personal growth.

  • Sagittarius- Sagittarius, for you I see a focus on money and security. You may not want to hear this but Mercury is highlighting conserving your resources and revamping or applying a budget. Once Mercury goes direct you’ll have more of nest egg saved up to plan and go on your usual adventures but for now collect your coins because there is an opportunity ahead of you in the upcoming month that you’ll want to have additional money saved up for! 

  • Capricorn- Your own healing and balance is what Mercury retrograde has for you. Take time and process any hurts and disappointments during this time as it seems something is bubbling up that tugs on your heart, Capricorn. 

  • Aquarius- Aquarius, Mercury retrograde is known for throwing a wrench into your plans sometimes and this is designed to slow you down. If you don’t heed this planet’s warning to be conscious and mindful you can find yourself in a mess that will be too much to dig yourself out of. Take a breather and slow down. This is a great time for you to go on vacation or a staycation! Escape for a little while, Aquarius! 

  • Pisces- Pisces you’re a natural dreamer and I see your old visions and creative spirit stirring to life again under Mercury retrograde! Look for inspiration through travel- global images will inspire you and change you for the better! Maybe use this time to plan a trip you’ve always wanted to take to a place you’ve never been before…especially on or near the ocean or sea! 


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