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Mercury Retro, Gemini Full Moon, Mars creates tension! ASTRO/TAROT WEEKLY FORECAST!


Mercury Retro, Gemini Full Moon, Mars creates tension! ASTRO/TAROT WEEKLY FORECAST!

Jessica Wiggan

Mercury retrograde, Venus moves into Sagittarius, Mrs and Uranus square off creating cosmic tension in the skies! This week is FILLED with exciting developments that we will need to be aware of! Let's dive in…

TIME TO GET SERIOUS- Mercury Connects with Saturn!

This week on the 28th Mercury ( the planet that rules communication, travel, and thinking) meets with Saturn- the planet of restriction. This sobers the energy of your thinking, especially when it comes to cementing long-term plans and goals! Saturn wants you to be SERIOUS about what you realized about yourself and what you are opening your energy up towards so he nudges you to build and place the foundation for those dreams and visions to become a reality! This is the time to start doing research for travel plans, for placing the deposit for your higher education, or to even establish a routine for your spiritual growth and regimen!

You will be able to work with the days surrounding this time to cement those plans as Mercury will be lingering around the energy of Saturn for a little while longer. If you are hesitant or unsure yet- don’t worry! Mercury will be flipping into retrograde motion allowing you to return back to your original plans and make any adjustments if needed!

You have to remember, not everything needs to be perfect! So, if you’re nervous about making a mistake throw that notion out of the door! The planets are working WITH YOU to guide and protect you and Mercury retrograde is the hidden blessing that will work in your favor!

EXPLORE, DISCOVER, INVITE IN ADVENTURE- Venus moves into Sagittarius!

In other news, on December 1st, Venus- the planet of beauty, love, and relationships- moves into the sign of Sagittarius! This switch is delightfully refreshing as partnerships and values shift from intensely and deeply passionate exploring to playful, fun, and exploring! Venus was moving through the sign of Scorpio causing us to narrow our focus to one partner or ‘the one”, with an emphasis on soulmate connection and deepening understanding! Now with her move into Sagittarius our energy shifts and we are ready to go out and explore- together with our partners or on our ways- to discover what is out there for us to love and value! Keep your mind open to trying new adventures and things, allow yourself to venture into places you would never have thought to go to! Venus in Sagittarius loves this and encourages us to explore in this way! This applies to shopping as well, as Venus rules values and things! Allow yourself to drift allows you to stumble on some incredible one of a kind treasures!

TENSION RISES- A WARNING- Mars Squares with Uranus

Also, on this day Mars squares off with Uranus which can be a problem! Mars rules our drive, passion, and aggression while Uranus rules surprise. When the two square off in this manner it can be explosive, especially if there is underlying tension or frustration! I’ve been warning of this aspect for over a week now and want everyone to steer clear of reckless or impulsive behavior, high-risk activities, or fighting… it quickly turns sour and without any warning!

REVISIT AND REVAMP- Mercury turns Retorgrade!

Finally, on December 3rd Mercury will turn retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius bringing old conversations and people back into our lives. Relationships that are in need of repair or attention will be highlighted for us and it is up to you to decide if what shows up during this time is worthy of your time, attention, and energy! If it is— take the time out to look at what needs fixing and adjusting and give it your all, being patient during every step of the process! If it isn’t than don’t waste your efforts on something you aren’t invested in- Mercury in Sagittarius wants you to keep your perspective wide open!


And finally, we end this week with an incredible full moon in the sign of sociable Gemini! With so many planets crowded planets crowded in the signs that encourage your exploration and open mind this full moon will highlight this energy even further! Words and thoughts have incredible power for this full moon and written intentions and spoken words will hold incredible magick! Keep your eyes open for important text messages, phone calls, and conversations that will bring important news and information to you during this time!


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