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Jessica Wiggan


This full moon is going to be POWERFULL!
First of all, full moons LIGHT up out lives like a shining headlamp!
You can expect with every moon that the energy is ALWAYS going to be high, raw, & make you feel a little cray cray. That's the power of the moon andfor this you want to ALLOW yourSelf to be exposed! This moon is not light in energy but intense & passionate as all Scorpio things are!

This moon digs to the root of your core to unearth your deepest wishes & desires, areas being healed (or needing healing), & also what the universe is removing & wiping out of your life.
What ends here is a HUGE blessing especially so as Scorpio rules not only death but rebirth & regeneration!
What dies comes back in a new & fresh form- YES- the power of Scorpio regeneration!

With this moon you are made STRONG & FIERCE.
With this moon you feel LOVE & EMOTIONS intensely!

Watch what FIRES YOU UP- there are clues hidden here for you to discover!
Neptune square mars NEEDS you to be clear- but don't force it;) Mars (drive) & Neptune (illusion) is like trying to drive a bike with glasses on in the rain- you'll need to sloooowww your roll a bit to get to your desired destination!
Probably bc Saturn (planet of commitment) is retro- you're still LEARNING... there is much more to gain & know!
Be PASSIONATE, yes! But also be WISE & continue to build & set POWERFUL & heartfelt intentions!
The universe truly hears!


  • Sun in Taurus- slow but steady progress. Trusting yourself. Connecting to comfort and luxury! Asking for the best from life and knowing that you do truly deserve it! With relationships, career and goals you don't want to rush or push- although some of the planets may spur you feel this way. Channel any frustration or irritation that may surface from this moon constructively- especially in physical ways like working out!
  • Moon in Scorpio- HIGHLY emotional, sometimes dark, and a little intense! Fear, anxiety, depression may surface if you are prone to it but it is temporary and at least you know now where it is coming from ;) Scorpio says FIND YOUR RAW side and you will FIND YOUR BLISS.
  • Full moon brings the energy of ALL that has happened to this one single moment of completion! This is a blessing because with this you have answers and will know what to do next ;)
  • Mars in Gemini- FOCUS your energy! You may feel scattered and it may almost IMPOSSIBLE for some of us to sit still! It is what it is- channel this in ways were you can get out your wiggles ;)
  • Mercury conjunct Uranus- Mentally/physically breaking away from limitations! Think OUTSIDE the box! Be your brilliant self! Stand out from the bunch! Be bold and awesome!
  • Venus in Aries- go after your heart's desire! Accept attention- you deserve it!!
  • Pluto trine Sun- YES! Transformation of Self, transformation of opportunity! Scorpio moon burns the old away, sun and pluto transform the energy, and full moon brings on the new cycle- rebirth and regeneration!
  • Saturn retrograde- brings back life lessons and the chance to grow MORE! This is nothing to fear-Embrace this! You will become wiser and more experienced! It is okay to grow!!!


  • SET INTENTIONS from the HEART! The more passionate the better! Scorpio moon feels deeply- cry if you must! Get it out out out!
  • DON'T GIVE UP! #Scorpio full moons can be sneaky AF- meaning surprises can be around ANY corner! Anything can happen, anything WILL happen! Setting the stage for what you would like to see happen helps to set the tone! Open up to how it will unfold!
  • GET RAW & REAL! Do it for yourSELF! Life is not perfect- neither are you! Ask for what you know you want & deserve- no stooping low or being polite when the Universe is here & ready to serve! Be BOLD!
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF! Dance, sing, cry, kiss, have sex, connect, purge, escape, run! Express yo'self!

Bottled Magic...

Every new and full moon I enter into the apothecary to make capture the astro magic of the moment! If you are feeling the vibe of this new moon you can get your own bottle (plus anything else that appeals to you!) by reserving it within the apothecary space!