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Jessica Wiggan


Photo Credit: Tumblr

Photo Credit: Tumblr

We start this week’s astro and tarotscope with a HUGE bang with this decadent full moon in Scorpio!
Full Moons are the universe’s way of giving us energetic gifts where we finally see the results of actions put into motion long long ago! This is the time for things to pop up the surface- both good and bad… but mostly good!
The full moon in Scorpio connects us instantly to the essence of our deepest passions and love, to death and transformation (out with the old and in with the new!), to birthing and breathing new life into the fiber of our Being! This moon is excellent for partnerships of ALL kinds whether they be business or romantic!
You can except this week to be filled with emotion as all things Scorpio related are! It can be a highly intense time but one connects you with the raw nature of who you are, what you need, and what is designed and meant for you!
Trust what occurs and be bold in your steps forward- you have nothing to fear with the support of the cosmos behind you! Mercury contacts Uranus immediately and Uranus brings surprises to whatever it touches! Keep your eyes and ears open for news that may shock and excite you!

CAUTION- Mars square Neptune- 11th
This week you will want to be aware of Mars (the action planet) squaring with Neptune (the planet of illusion)! Imagine you are trying to ride your bike in the rain with glasses on… yea, it can be difficult to see and ride straight! Well, that’s the energy that these two bring in this position so you will want to be careful with making important longterm contracts and agreements because something may truly be blinding you!

POSITIVE CONTACTS- Mercury trine Saturn- 11th
Also happening this week is the beautiful trine between mercury (the planet of communication) and Saturn (the anchor of the zodiac)! With placements like these the potential to come to a positive agreement and to land an awesome gig is high! You may also hear of great news that will support you and your future from efforts you have put into place from the past! If you do receive news from something of the past- go for it! However, if this is a brand new alliance I would keep the conversation and agreements to just ‘talks’… at least for now. Remember, the example of riding your bike through the rain I gave earlier? Well, that influence still exists and I want you to be clear as day before making and lasting moves! If you simply just can’t wait because the opportunity is just too good to pass up than check and double check the details and all involved! This would be a great excuse for doing a little background check ( i.e. ‘online stalking’ ) on someone before agreeing to work with them fully!

ACTION BRINGS REWARD- Mars trine Jupiter- 12th
On the 12th Mars (action planet!) and Jupiter (planet of blessings and gifts!) come in such beautiful contact! This is the time where you want to shoot for the stars and reach for what you would LOVE to see happen! Your actions pay off tremendously! This energy will ride throughout the rest of the weekend!

COMFORT INN- Mercury moves into Taurus- 15th
At the end of this week Mercury (planet of communication) moves into Taurus a sign that is hard working and brings the energy of ‘slow and steady’. This will be a huge and welcomed adjustment after being in the sign of Aries for so long! Mercury rules the mind and while it was sitting in Aries it can be aggressive, bold, and innovate your thinking. With its move into Taurus we now have the chance to begin to cement and build the groundwork for the plans that we were so excited to talk about and begin! Now is the time to make the dream REAL!


TAROTSCOPE- King of Pentacles & 5 of Wands
This week the stress can build but look at this as only a challenge! The full moon strips back any shell of protection that you are still holding onto and within the privacy of your own sacred space to set the intention for what you truly want and need to happen after you examine your softer and more vulnerable side! King of Pentacles supports you and shows that progress, success, and change does not always come into your life flashing like bright lights. Sometimes it is the quiet day to day moments of things and people that you know you can count on and feel grateful for.
Ask for the help of those who are doing what you want to do or those who have achieved what you want to achieve. Stay steady and consistent and don’t allow the speed of the day (or your mind!) to ruffle your feathers or take your power away!