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BehatiLife Diary- The Lurking Justice Card


BehatiLife Diary- The Lurking Justice Card

Jessica Wiggan


I want to talk about the justice card…

This card has been haunting me- seriously, it has been following me for months!

The traditional meaning of the card represents balance, justice, fairness, equality… but that’s only surface level. 

 If you dive into the symbolism and deeper message of this card (and all the others) you will hear that it has something special and unique it needs to say.

Justice is blindfolded and holding the scale and sword. The scale for balancing, calculating, measuring. The sword representing power, logic, the mind, clarity.

No emotion comes with this card. It is secure, stable, structured. It doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings or your sob story what you hope or wish for. It only deals with the cold hard truth and sorting things out in what is fair and right based upon previous actions.


Now in my personal life I’ve been going through a HUGE emotional overhaul. There are aspects of myself I have seen that I want to throw into the fire. They are not evil but they are ugly.=, messy and so unbelievably human.

Of course I am human so messiness and imperfection is expected but sometimes to see it and examine it… or worst to shudder and see yourself in hindsight- I simply wish I could have done better.

I am almost ashamed of how imperfect I am, the mistakes I’ve made, my impulses, my weaknesses, how much I have yet to learn. I try to be compassionate with myself and easy on myself but the Justice card kept showing up, lurking, eyeing me up and down and saying that I need to SEE what my current actions despite my growth have created- for good or bad. Because of that there is an outcome- again, for good or bad.

I’m reminded that we are designed to continue to grow. If we didn’t we would be paralyzed or stagnant. The universe doesn’t slow down because you are tired or feeling helpless or lost when it knows that right now you are being stubborn and feeling sorry for yourself and time is valuable, passing, and that you are very very capable!

My weaknesses in some ways are strengths in certain areas of my life… but they are still WEAKNESSES. Meaning that in some way they do handicap me. The justice card sees that and added that to the scale… tipping the scale in one direction showing me there needs to be balance. Then she looks me dead in the eyes and says, “See? Do you see how your actions tip the scale…? Look and learn.”

The lesson and sign is in her appearance. Whether the message was sent by coincidence, divine intervention, Spirit, or self reflection it is still there on repeat and I’m supposed to hear her and learn, despite being annoyed or stubborn.


Just one of the many times she (the Justice card) has haunted my readings by layering herself so that I receive her message…  Cards used: Rider Waite Original, Rider Waite Mini, and The African American Tarot

Just one of the many times she (the Justice card) has haunted my readings by layering herself so that I receive her message…

Cards used: Rider Waite Original, Rider Waite Mini, and The African American Tarot

She (the Justice card) represents blinding yourself from what you see and want, cutting out any outside distractions.

She has her sword showing her power. Her strength is in her ability to examine- unemotionally- the facts, the source, the reason, why. Something that I honestly sometimes really suck at. Again, she brings the lesson and challenges me to learn and to do it quickly. By staying open and flexible and humble I will learn faster, by learning fast I will be awarded sooner rather than later. But first I need to again be open, honest, humble, and flexible.


This card reminds with its appearance that your actions and lessons right now stem from cause and effect and that your emotions (fear, insecurity, passion, hopes, etc.) don’t change or influence the outcome. Remove your emotional feelings & look at facts.

What do you NEED to do?

Do that.

Don’t be concerned with the wellbeing of others if that is not important. Also, take accountability- something I have been dong a lot lately.

After looking at her scale tipped and off balance I realized that aspects of myself need to be fed to the fire and destroyed. I’ll mourn them but to carry them with me further will bring more suffering then me letting them go. I throw it into the fire, I’ll cry, have a private temper tantrum, scream at the sky, cry my eyes out.. but for the sake of Justice I’ll let it go and I’ll move on for the better because of it.

Human emotion is so real and important but it doesn’t make my decisions for me. Justice card’s message finally was received by my stubborn Self, the lesson and message delivered, the scales tipped back into balance.

(deep breath and heavy sigh)

Damn, it’s hard being human…

What card is doing that for you?

Thank you for reading, my loves.




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