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Jessica Wiggan


Jupiter Retrograde & Pisces New Moon

A magical explosion in the stars... 

This week is ripe with important astro changes and the first one I must mention is the fact that last week on the 8th Jupiter (the planet of expansion and abundance) turned retrograde in the sign of Scorpio!

Jupiter retrograde has a cloud of confusion over it on the internet. People wonder if blessings, growth, and opportunity dry up and that is truly not the case.

Jupiter grows all that it touches- for good and bad- but when he is retrograde he needs a little extra time to build up to his full power!

I see him as a tropical storm building his energy over the warm waters of the ocean. He's not a full-on hurricane yet but he is powering up unleash his maximum potential for us later on!

Now, no planet is ALL good or ALL bad... even notorious Pluto and Saturn serve their magical purposes as well as Jupiter can just as easily be a thorn in your foot just as quickly as he can be the break you've been waiting your whole life for! It all depends on how well he is playing with the other planets in skies and also how he is influencing your personal natal chart!

Now, Jupiter in Scorpio has been highlighting a lot of trends that we are seeing in modern day media- most of which I have predicted a month before his arrival in the passionate sign. For starters, how we view sex, power, and intimacy were issues that were expanded and blown into our faces as we watched celebs being outted for some of their bad behaviors. Scorpio rules those issues 100%... as well as secrets. Jupiter ripped off the red curtain and the lights blared brightly for the whole world to see!

Now, in our day to day lives, I see spending beginning to trickle down a bit. Yes, a little less swiping of your credit cards, taking out loans, or draining your savings. Remember, Jupiter EXPANDS... and that includes how we spend our money. Sometimes we get reckless with our spending because Jupiter sometimes simply does not care. When retrograde we revisit those funds and begin to restrict ourselves, budget, or repay what we owe.

The next thing that I see is for others they are going to turn inward in their studies and pursuit of deeper understanding of themselves and even the spiritual world around them. They are seeking to quietly reflect- honoring the quiet pulls of their intuitive vs. trying to follow what magazines, the internet, and what others say we "should" or "shouldn't do to find the Divine around us and within ourselves!

Now, I can't ignore that Jupiter retrograde WILL quiet opportunity from flowing in... but this is because he wants you to focus on the growth of what he has ALREADY given you! You can't keep receiving and receiving without tending to the bounty currently at your fingertips. Are new things and opportunities exciting? Yes, of course. But what is already in front of you needs your attention so that THAT can grow... and the more you tend to it the more exciting THAT will get! Sometimes you can't see the blessing because you are so accustomed to looking at it!

Also, important this week is the new moon in stunning Pisces! Talk about magick! Pisces rules the energy of this moon and we are nudged again to pay attention to our intuition, hunches, and dreams.

Interestingly enough, Jupiter trines this new moon almost perfectly. Traditionally Jupiter rules Pisces and he lends his hand and protection to us for this moon! New Moons are highly reflective and quiet times... in fact, this moon is called the "dark moon" where the waters of our world are designed to be STILL. When the water is still we can see and within two days times begin to set our intentions and work magick for what we are ready to build as the moon then starts to grow.

Pisces is highly SPIRITUAL, compassionate, artistic, and loving. Still waters run deep with this sign and I see many taking the time to sit with legs crossed in meditation to connect with the magick within themselves being stirred so that they can see clearly the answers that they seek, what steps next to take and to take account of their personal vibes.

There is a need to be alone within your own sacred space, to connect with the breath again, and feel the energy of the Divine, spirit, and your guides. They have many messages they've been needing to share and the only way to connect and hear them is to be STILL.

Venus (love, beauty, values) is still dancing in circles with Mercury (communication, mind) and the two meet with the natal node nudging your steps back in authentic alignment with YOUR personal path.

Ask yourself, "Where do I need to be now? This is what I want my life to look and feel like... how do I get back there?"

Mercury rules the mind and will give your sparkling glimpses and visions... Venus rules what we love and will paint a picture by stirring your heart. All courtesy of this new moon!

Mars (action) is roughhousing with Uranus and inspires our action, stirs us to action! We've been moving quickly these last few weeks... a lot of times impulsively but all for a divine purpose. Where has life been trying to take you? Keep making note of your impulses as they are also very destined.

Have a magickal week, everyone!"