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Jessica Wiggan


We are officially in Pisces season! On the 18th the sun- which rules our life energy- moved into the sign of Pisces. During this time we can feel our energy shift even further as sensitivities increase, the need for a creative or emotional outlet is intensified, and our thoughts and minds drift on a cloud…

Longing is your heart pulling it Self back to Source. Longing is your body remembering. Let it burn...

Under this influence, people tend to be far more compassionate and sensitive to others. More people are apt to use or abuse substances during this time as a way to escape the harsh realities of life- Pisces energy can be so sensitive to the ways of the world and find it difficult to fit in with its idealistic dream and visions.

On the flip side (and more importantly), Pisces energy tends to bring out the BEST in others. We are far more compassionate to the needs of others. We are more likely to help each other, want to connect with each other- this is something the world needs now more than ever!

Pisces is sometimes painted in such bad light. The internet loves attacking the sweetness of Pisces and is quick to call the energy bad or negative when in reality without this charming sign the world would just be TOO harsh, too heartless, too ‘real’. Without the energy of Pisces, soulmates and true love wouldn’t be able to exist. With Pisces the painter would never feel the urge to paint or create, the lover would be too afraid or jaded to love!

This week as Sun, Venus, and Mercury move through Pisces we are urged to allow those sides of ourselves to be released so that they too can play! Pisces stirs the emotional wooded space at times but through that wound is deep healing and through healing is understanding and then enlightenment- all things that Pisces rules!

In fact, on the 21st Venus and Neptune meet within the sign of Pisces and this energy oozes out further! Venus dances in Pisces and is her best Self! When she meets with Neptune the potential for soulmates, twin flames, and blissful divine love is heightened and magnified! Truly a magical day!

Also, Mercury is supported by Saturn this day! Mercury rules communication and within Pisces we are more apt to speak in poetry that flows from the heart and feelings! Wow, what a way for beautiful communication and to make promises of the heart as Saturn helps to hold those promises true!

At the very end of the week, Venus (planet of love and relationships!) squares off with Mars creating incredibly sexy tension that is impossible to ignore! The two planets simply cannot resist each other and slam together with explosive fireworks!
This week is one that romance novels are written about!


Can it get any hotter with these cards connecting during this week?!


The World is the final showdown as all things that have been building finally come to a completion while Tower and Lovers create a surprise union! Choices of the heart and intuition are important- and you can make no mistake… unless you are choosing logic and fear over all else! Lovers remind you of the importance of following what you love while the World card claps its hands that you have made the decision to move forward and prioritize your happiness! This is key! This week is the week of the GAME CHANGER!!