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Jessica Wiggan


Libra Full Moon & Building Tension...

Astro + Intuitive Forecast for week of March 26, 2018

This week the intensity is turned up a notch as the planets square off and create tension in the sky.

Sun (life energy) moves through Aries creating the need and desire to hit the ground running but in all honesty looking at the chart it looks like most will hit a brick wall or end up with more frustrations than anything.

Outside of the fact that mercury is retrograde forcing us to slow our pace down to a brisk walk and maybe even take steps backwards, the sun squares off with Saturn tying you back to your responsibilities and commitments. For some, this can exhaust and frustrate you because you truly are ready to move forward but Saturn requires you to address any underlying issues or problems. Also, simultaneously Mars (ruling our ambition) squares off with the Sun creating even more motivation and willpower to push forward however the frustration builds and becomes stronger when you are asked to slow down or retrace your steps.

Balance is KEY this week.

This may not be something you want to hear but sometimes it simply is not a good idea to race forward when the universe is sending you signals to slow down or to pay attention to other more important things that require your time and attention. If you are seeing “slow down” or even “stop” signs a lot this week honor them because they are there for a reason!

You will have time next week after this energy breaks but right now it is like fighting waves. Channel this energy in a way that is CONSTRUCTIVE… not destructive. I recommend writing petitions/setting intentions, deep cleaning or organizing, creating a plan of action, or even taking the tension out at the gym. Physical exercise is definitely encouraged, but be mindful that you are not overdoing it!

Also this week we have the Libra Full Moon. Libra naturally rules beauty, balance, and relationships but again with so many planets creating tension in the skies and the full moon bringing out suppressed or dormant emotions, it's quite possible you’ll experience some kind of emotional eruption connected to a lack of balance within yourself or important relationships around you.

All of this is 100% tied to karma- the lessons you are destined to learn in your life, and that makes you different from others. The natal nodes are being activated so what is destined to happen or reveal itself is there for a very special purpose.

Last week I saw a building struggle with self-love brewing and sometimes that gets triggered by our frustrations. We all have them but it is how we perceive our frustrations and act out on them that can make or break you. Some get frustrated in life and don’t realize that they beat their own selves up because outside circumstances aren’t working out. That does more harm than good. That energy started stirring this past weekend and spills over into this week. The Libra full moon will take time to highlight the places and spaces where this is true for you- and then you are free to work to balance them out and ease love and peace back into your life!

Also this week, Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and luxury) moves into Taurus- a very sensual and comfortable placement for her! This is another perfect time to bring in self-love rituals, abundance magick, and focusing surrounding yourself on the things that make you feel grounded, beautiful, and secure!

WEEKLY TAROT MESSAGE: 3 of Pentacles and 6 of Swords


Ask for help when needed. Sometimes we all need assistance with moving forward and someone is truly here to lend you a helping hand. Maybe be there for someone else and help them transition forward!