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Jessica Wiggan


This week you’ll notice that energy is building for sure! 

Most of the planets that affect us in our day to day lives are currently crowded within the signs that push for action and results- for some of you your mind will feel like it’s legit whizzing… in good ways in bad?

Let me take you through the details:


Sun is in the sign of Gemini- Gemini is known for its high speed and fidgety energy! Communication, thought and idea exchange, exploration and study, are all welcomed during the next 20+ days because that is what Gemini rules ;) Carry a notebook and pen to capture any ideas that fly in through the window in the next few weeks. Also, this time is EXCELLENT for bloggers, writers, teachers, and anyone working in the arena of communication ;)


You’ll see this EXTRA on the 25th and the days to follow! This is because we have a new moon in Gemini that day/night. New moons bring the energy of fresh starts and new beginnings and with that channel your THOUGHTS and your WORDS into energy and fuel for the seeds of intention to grow!

Prioritize your HAPPINESS and freedom- these are all things that Gemini new moon wants to give you!


If Mars is the planet of action and drive and Saturn is the planet of resistance and the two or sitting opposite and glaring at each other you will have a recipe of high frustration and possible irritation! Mars rules our passion and is most comfortable when it is working to achieve a goal. It usually is pretty unstoppable but is not match to the power of Saturn which right no is currently blocking the path and telling Mars to slow down or worse- stop all together! What you have this week is a hyper awareness of your own limitations and it may feel like with each step of the way you are met with resistance, a road block, or will notice that at least for the moment you won't see the rewards for your efforts and hard work. That doesn't meant that you have to stop or give up all together but it does suggest that you will want to look around to see what is the lesson that Saturn has for you- are you missing something? Are you prepared for what you are trying to manifest/bring in to your life? Do you still have some growing up and maturing to do? These are all the questions that Saturn will ask of you. It's awesome o have the drive and fire to power through to the goal but you want to make sure that you are prepared for the next steps! Getting ready now will save you a hell of a headache later on the future when you have your chance and opportunity and realize that you may not actually have what it takes because you didn't revamp the plan now!


Also this week we have a nasty square between Pluto and Venus, meaning that the two of them are severely bumping heads. Pluto rules the underworld while Venus connects with beauty, love and when they fight like this it can absolutely surface in our day to day lives- especially relationships- with power struggles, manipulation, or disappointment in relationships all around. Pluto and Venus squaring bring out the worst in each other and act like a love vice- yup, not a good time. Watch for obsessive thoughts, jealousy, disillusionment, etc. I’ve noticed in my studies and experience in the astrology that this doesn’t have to play out in only relationships but the things we love and value… so during this time be aware that you may feel super frustrated and unsatisfied with your own work. Think of the artist who paints a beautiful artwork inspired by emotion and gets so frustrated with the process that they rip their artwork off the wall and dump it in the trash. In their fit of rage the tossed away their masterpiece, not realizing its value because they are blinded by their own frustration and emotion.

Yup. That’s the Venus square Pluto vibe. Don’t let it get to you this week ;)

Chatting, Thinking, Moving- Mercury Moves into Gemini- 20th 

Also, this week is the sun (life force energy) moving into the sign of Gemini. No matter WHAT your sign this move affects us all! Here are minds stir even faster with ideas, activity, and movement! Gemini is known to bring restless ideas so thoughts flow, information bubbles and is shared, we feel ourselves whirring into motion! Productivity and multi-tasking increase significantly but also I warn to take breaks to make sure you're not mentally overwhelming or overestimating yourself.

Many of you will be highly active this week! I almost see invitations to parties or get-togethers- way more social engagements and pleasant distractions from the normal day to day life ;) If you work in publishing or marketing or in business this is the perfect start to get a move on with getting your work and name out there!


Mercury is ruling the energy of this week with the focus on Gemini vibes! Mercury rules communication, thinking, and processing and meets with Neptune (the planet of illusion and fantasy) the energies combine beautifully! This is where imagination and creative thinking can soar! While setting intentions for the new moon and during this week priortiotize your heart and intuition- asking yourself what feels right and what you truly want and envision for your life. 

Intuitive Tarot Forecast- 3 of Swords and 8 of Cups (Rv)


This week I ask you to take a moment- and hold your heart in your hands.
Each of us carry wounds, battle scars, disappointments, aches.
Every day you strive to DO better, BE better, FEEL better, and enjoy the experience of life but as a human you have to factor in the flair ups- the moments of frustration, weakness, reaction, or disappointment.
Take your heart in your hands and prioritize it.
I ask that you be gentle with your sweet and lovable Self.
I ask that you to ACKNOWLEDGE your pain, your present moment, and allow yourself the time to equally drift on the wave of life when you sometimes feel like you SHOULD be actively swimming.

It is OKAY to not have the answer, or to not know what to do... or to KNOW what you have to do but not want to do it so you do nothing at all!
It's OKAY- we all have those moments.
But just for today prioritize your healing and be easy with yourself.
3 of Swords & 8 of Cups (rv) reveals all. ❤


Photo by @OrganicPunkOfficial

Photo by @OrganicPunkOfficial

+ I value my beautiful and pure Self.
+ I ALLOW myself to be who that I am, what I am, all that I am. This is my pure state. This is beautiful.
+ I am becoming more and more aware of my inner light!
+ I allow my LIGHT to shine brighter and brighter (thank god!)
+ I give my Self all of the RESPECT, LOVE and SELF ESTEEM that I need without worrying about what others need/ think or what is expected of me.
+ I OPEN myself now to a new experience! Every day is different and magical when I allow mySelf now to flow and follow LIFE ENERGY.
+ This life truly is beautiful- I SEE IT!
+ Life sings- I sing! Life dances- I dance! I am so grateful to be here, in this moment!