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Jessica Wiggan

This week we are entering into Cancer season!


Sun (planet of life and energy) moves into the sign of Cancer on Tuesday the 20th while with Mercury- the planet that rules communication- follows right behind the sun and enters Cancer on Wednesday the 21st! No matter what your sun or ascendant sign is this will have an affect on you... and Cancer rules an area within every person's natal chart.

Cancer is a sign that 'rules the roost' meaning that your focus on home and comfort will be highlighted for the next 30 days, as well as an interest in family and family life. We can't help but find ourselves gravitating towards the things that comfort and nurture us- our emotions and sensitive sides can truly get the best of us- in both good and bad ways! For all of us we are influenced by our emotions and feelings where our energy ebbs and flows like the phases of the moon (which just happens to rule Cancer)! Some of us will feel our emotions intensify or we can super in-tune to changes in our environment. Use this extra sensitive time to feel out the vibes to help you pick up on signals and messages you normally may miss out on... Cancer energy helps you to be super receptive!


Mercury- the planet that rules communication- moves into Cancer this week and this increases the Cancer influence even further! Communication becomes far more personal and feeling focused. Our minds change and flux as our feelings and energy levels change.


On the 23rd Cancer energy spills over when we will experience the new moon!

New Moons are all about new beginnings & fresh starts so on this day and the few days following this new moon you will want to set intentions that are close to your heart! Mercury, Mars, Sun, and Moon all falling within the sign of Cancer asks you to focus on your comfort, needs, and feelings & emotions! Your feelings and emotions are EVERYTHING this New Moon and like a radar will work to make you highly tuned into what needs healing and attention, what your heart really deeply wants, and how to make your life so much more pleasurable! If you are feeling sadness or emptiness then this points the way to where you need to ask the universe for want you want and need to help to fill that void! If you have are happy this is the time to express gratitude and to snuggle further into your comfort and enjoy the moment!


We end this week strong with Venus- planet of beauty and love- contacting Pluto- the planet of transformation- in a beautiful trine! This is where passion and beauty intensify and become magical! This is perfect for building partnerships & relationships, making changes in appearance, sprucing up the home (of course, with so many of the personal planets moving through Cancer!), and to be creative!

TAROT MESSAGE- Empress & Magician

If you find yourself worrying at ALL this week then you've missed the mark!
This means that you are neglecting your inner Empress and are ignoring your inner Magician's power... something  (It's okay! It happens the best of us!! ;)
Empress reminds us that this world is abundantly filled & you will not be left without!
Remember your laws of attraction practice? Yes, bring that back into rotation this week!!
The Magician reminds you that you have everything that you need to be successful & fruitful at your fingertips... you just need to know HOW to work your tools to manifest and to bring in abundance even further... & have the guts to OWN & WORK your magic!

These cards are powerful in the sense that they work incredible intent but know better to NOT physically force things to happen!

Worrying ROBS you of your power... nix that ASAP!

Empress & Magician set the intention and the tone, they work their magic and they watched it all unfold right before their eyes magically!
This will it will set the tone for you for the rest of this week!
If at any point you feel yourself slipping come back to the set of cards and remind yourself of your personal power, the power of intention & writing things down, and step back and allow the universe to work its magic on your behalf!


Jessica Wiggan


This week is filled to the top with activity! The personal planets are switching signs which affect us each directly, Jupiter goes direct (after being retrograde for what feels like way too long!) and we have a super emotional full moon in the sign of Sagittarius! No matter what your sun sign is you will feel the influence of this moon so you will want to be aware.

For starters, like I said above this moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by the planet Jupiter- the planet of expansion! This shows me that there is a need for most of us to think BIG and a focus on the future- Jupiter needs you to visualize and be optimistic about what can come… if you visualize it and relay that message over to the universe the planets will align to bring you your abundance with perfect timing! Jupiter is like the Santa Claus of all the planets and in ruling Sagittarius you want to tap into your gifts to creatively visualize what you would love to see manifest for yourself- be BOLD and BIG and you will receive BOLD and BIG blessings!


This same day Jupiter switches from being retrograde to moving direct- or forward, within the sign of Libra (the sign that loves beauty, harmony, and relationships!). Jupiter being retrograde means that it had to hold back from using its full power but now that it is moving direct the floodgates swing open! Abundance of all kinds can come rushing in- in both good ways and bad (what most astrologers- I feel- neglect to mention)! 


Well, because Jupiter expands all that it touches- which can include not only our pay checks but our appetites, our spending ( bad news if you are trying to save!), and also can increase risky behavior! It’s hard to hold back but the good news is you at least know and are aware of both the bad and the good- I will always tell you ALL!


So let’s return back to the details of this full moon! It occurs on June 9th with sun (life energy) sitting directly opposite of the moon (emotions). The sun completely lights up the face of the moon- exposing all! That is what you can expect with this full moon as well as all the others- what is hidden rises up to the surface, we can see and act, and also what has been in the works of manifestation now is coming to completion or a turning point! Saturn (the planet of restriction) sits heavily directly underneath the moon- drawing the energy downwards with its serious and somber mood. This can make some feel sad, low energy, lonely because the moon rules our emotions and full moons are ALWAYS highly emotional times! This is not a bad thing- when you know what is missing from your life you will know what to ASK for! Also, painful feelings point in the direction of where healing needs to happen and where you know where to look you can begin the healing process!

Sun (life energy) and Saturn (restriction) are meeting in a difficult alignment which can zap your energy or make you feel sick. With this moon you do NOT want to overdue it. Be mindful of stressing yourself or your body out because with transits like this you can have a 'breakdown'- physically or mentally. The key is to be easy, be gentle, and to be mindful.

On a lighter note, Mars and Venus are flirting with each other and when these two come together like this it taps into our own needs for love, passion, fun and pleasure! You can use this energy to go on a date (although the surrunding aspects are a little difficult!) or to work on your own passion projects- the things you love and fuel you!


This week Venus moved into Taurus, the sign that she rules and loves! Here she wants you to feel comfortable and beautiful! Her transit encourages you to treat yourself, to find comfort in sensual and tangible things (for example- incorporating the senses into your daily pleasures- excellent well-cooked food, essential oils or perfume, soft sheets or fabrics, music that moves you)! Shopping feels fun and you feel naturally drawn to treat yourself to items that are luxurious, high quality, and will last for generations!


To move froward you have to pass the ‘tests’ that life gives you… once you’ve learned the lesson the gate will open and you will be free to move forward. If you refuse to be open to learn or do things differently you will be tested again and again with the same circumstance and situation until you switch it up and try something different. Trying and failing shows that you are learning and growing and the universe rewards that! That is the message behind The World and The Sun together for this week- what are you ready to move forward with after much hard work, challenges, and demonstrating your determination? Your passion to win will see you through because you did not let the obstacles stand in your way forever or permanently block you! You may have felt frustrated or even thought about giving up but keep riding through and you will find not only happiness but abundance, health, and renewed faith in life!"


 What do you have planned for Thursday's Full Moon??
Here are some magical ideas to do something special! 👇🏾💞🕯


  • 💆🏽‍♂️🙌🏾Book a Thai or hot stone massage!
  • ✈️🛵Book a random vacation destination to your favorite city with a friend or your love, or pick somewhere new!
  • 🛁💕Take a longggg hot bath! While you soak use salts, oils, and follow with beauty butter all while you set intentions and visualize/release!
  • 🍇🍝Splurge on a really nice meal! Bring someone with you even if you like eating alone! The company will be nice with Moon in friendly Sagittarius!
  • 🦋💕Stay in the comfort of your bed & fresh clean sheets and journal/read a book about travel/self help/spirituality/or something you want to learn! Have many many cups of tea!
  • 🏨💕Book a hotel just to stay in their beds and order room service!
  • 💞🕯Order the highest thread count of organic cotton sheets you can find!



Jessica Wiggan


This week you’ll notice that energy is building for sure! 

Most of the planets that affect us in our day to day lives are currently crowded within the signs that push for action and results- for some of you your mind will feel like it’s legit whizzing… in good ways in bad?

Let me take you through the details:


Sun is in the sign of Gemini- Gemini is known for its high speed and fidgety energy! Communication, thought and idea exchange, exploration and study, are all welcomed during the next 20+ days because that is what Gemini rules ;) Carry a notebook and pen to capture any ideas that fly in through the window in the next few weeks. Also, this time is EXCELLENT for bloggers, writers, teachers, and anyone working in the arena of communication ;)


You’ll see this EXTRA on the 25th and the days to follow! This is because we have a new moon in Gemini that day/night. New moons bring the energy of fresh starts and new beginnings and with that channel your THOUGHTS and your WORDS into energy and fuel for the seeds of intention to grow!

Prioritize your HAPPINESS and freedom- these are all things that Gemini new moon wants to give you!


If Mars is the planet of action and drive and Saturn is the planet of resistance and the two or sitting opposite and glaring at each other you will have a recipe of high frustration and possible irritation! Mars rules our passion and is most comfortable when it is working to achieve a goal. It usually is pretty unstoppable but is not match to the power of Saturn which right no is currently blocking the path and telling Mars to slow down or worse- stop all together! What you have this week is a hyper awareness of your own limitations and it may feel like with each step of the way you are met with resistance, a road block, or will notice that at least for the moment you won't see the rewards for your efforts and hard work. That doesn't meant that you have to stop or give up all together but it does suggest that you will want to look around to see what is the lesson that Saturn has for you- are you missing something? Are you prepared for what you are trying to manifest/bring in to your life? Do you still have some growing up and maturing to do? These are all the questions that Saturn will ask of you. It's awesome o have the drive and fire to power through to the goal but you want to make sure that you are prepared for the next steps! Getting ready now will save you a hell of a headache later on the future when you have your chance and opportunity and realize that you may not actually have what it takes because you didn't revamp the plan now!


Also this week we have a nasty square between Pluto and Venus, meaning that the two of them are severely bumping heads. Pluto rules the underworld while Venus connects with beauty, love and when they fight like this it can absolutely surface in our day to day lives- especially relationships- with power struggles, manipulation, or disappointment in relationships all around. Pluto and Venus squaring bring out the worst in each other and act like a love vice- yup, not a good time. Watch for obsessive thoughts, jealousy, disillusionment, etc. I’ve noticed in my studies and experience in the astrology that this doesn’t have to play out in only relationships but the things we love and value… so during this time be aware that you may feel super frustrated and unsatisfied with your own work. Think of the artist who paints a beautiful artwork inspired by emotion and gets so frustrated with the process that they rip their artwork off the wall and dump it in the trash. In their fit of rage the tossed away their masterpiece, not realizing its value because they are blinded by their own frustration and emotion.

Yup. That’s the Venus square Pluto vibe. Don’t let it get to you this week ;)

Chatting, Thinking, Moving- Mercury Moves into Gemini- 20th 

Also, this week is the sun (life force energy) moving into the sign of Gemini. No matter WHAT your sign this move affects us all! Here are minds stir even faster with ideas, activity, and movement! Gemini is known to bring restless ideas so thoughts flow, information bubbles and is shared, we feel ourselves whirring into motion! Productivity and multi-tasking increase significantly but also I warn to take breaks to make sure you're not mentally overwhelming or overestimating yourself.

Many of you will be highly active this week! I almost see invitations to parties or get-togethers- way more social engagements and pleasant distractions from the normal day to day life ;) If you work in publishing or marketing or in business this is the perfect start to get a move on with getting your work and name out there!


Mercury is ruling the energy of this week with the focus on Gemini vibes! Mercury rules communication, thinking, and processing and meets with Neptune (the planet of illusion and fantasy) the energies combine beautifully! This is where imagination and creative thinking can soar! While setting intentions for the new moon and during this week priortiotize your heart and intuition- asking yourself what feels right and what you truly want and envision for your life. 

Intuitive Tarot Forecast- 3 of Swords and 8 of Cups (Rv)


This week I ask you to take a moment- and hold your heart in your hands.
Each of us carry wounds, battle scars, disappointments, aches.
Every day you strive to DO better, BE better, FEEL better, and enjoy the experience of life but as a human you have to factor in the flair ups- the moments of frustration, weakness, reaction, or disappointment.
Take your heart in your hands and prioritize it.
I ask that you be gentle with your sweet and lovable Self.
I ask that you to ACKNOWLEDGE your pain, your present moment, and allow yourself the time to equally drift on the wave of life when you sometimes feel like you SHOULD be actively swimming.

It is OKAY to not have the answer, or to not know what to do... or to KNOW what you have to do but not want to do it so you do nothing at all!
It's OKAY- we all have those moments.
But just for today prioritize your healing and be easy with yourself.
3 of Swords & 8 of Cups (rv) reveals all. ❤


Photo by @OrganicPunkOfficial

Photo by @OrganicPunkOfficial

+ I value my beautiful and pure Self.
+ I ALLOW myself to be who that I am, what I am, all that I am. This is my pure state. This is beautiful.
+ I am becoming more and more aware of my inner light!
+ I allow my LIGHT to shine brighter and brighter (thank god!)
+ I give my Self all of the RESPECT, LOVE and SELF ESTEEM that I need without worrying about what others need/ think or what is expected of me.
+ I OPEN myself now to a new experience! Every day is different and magical when I allow mySelf now to flow and follow LIFE ENERGY.
+ This life truly is beautiful- I SEE IT!
+ Life sings- I sing! Life dances- I dance! I am so grateful to be here, in this moment!

DAILY TAROT- Knight of Cups & 9 of Cups- EXPRESS YOUR HEART

Jessica Wiggan

Knight of Cups & Nine of Cups

Knight of Cups & Nine of Cups

It will truly be hard to hold back from fully expressing your feelings& thoughts today with Knight of Cups (heightened emotion) & Moon (emotion) conjoining with Pluto (transformation)!!

Knight of Cups moves from the pull of his sweet & sensitive heart, taking risks for the sake of love!

Astrologically & energetically what you have here today is the PUSH forward to act upon your impulse... most likely expressing something that has been building up emotionally for a little while now...

Looking at the 9 of cups the first thing I think is this question:

"What would truly fulfill & complete the picture of my life? If I could have or be anything- what would it be?"

Asking yourself this honestly allows you to put it (life!) ALL back into perspective instead of feeling like you're aimlessly floating around waiting for life to happen TO you!

Venus currently moving through Pisces is strong & idealistic- a perfect mirror to the Knight of Cups' vibration while Sun in Aries continues to push you to be BRAVE & BOLD (whether you are comfortable feeling this or not!) & fuels you with the energy & motivation to make a move & get things DONE!


  • There is an INFINITE source of love and light within me!
  •  I am bold & brave in the steps towards the path of what I want my life to look, feel, and be like!
  • I ALLOW myself to express my most brilliant & creative side!
  • I TRUST and do not try and run faster than life or attempt to speed up time to rush to my desired end outcome. (YESSSS!!!)
  • I trust the magic of each moment and am grateful for them- they are the building blocks and lead up to all that is to come!
  • My heart is FILLED and I can FLOURISH!
  • I choose now to live for ME and do NOT need the approval or co-signature of others to do what is best for me and to live my most authentic life!