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BehatiLife Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Jessica Wiggan

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide!

How to Make this Transit Work for YOU!

I know everyone gets all worked up and panicky with the mention of mercury going retrograde.

Yes, it can create chaos in the form of missed communications, things tend to get lost or misplaced, progress starts to slow, etc.

Yes, it is true that you shouldn't sign permanent contracts, buy new cars or electronics.

Yes, it can trip you up when you stumble over your words, misread important details, or find yourself lost in translation!

BUT a lot of good things can come from this and as you've heard me say time & time again, "Work WITH the energy of the planets and they will work FOR you- not against you"!

Let me explain...

Mercury Retrograde Gives Us the Chance To:

1.) Slow down and pause!

2.) Readdress and Reaccess!

3.) Revisit the areas that have gone through significant changes to ensure that we are still moving smoothly along our path and the decisions we've made feel right!

4.) Keep an eye out for what bubbles up (hello again, missed opportunity!)

Not bad, huh?

Added Bonus: The Cosmic "Do Over"!

You see, the universe is ALWAYS testing us! Why? Well because as humans with a soul we need to grow. Growth happens when we are challenged!

A lot of us (the majority of us) have been going through some serious transitions and had life changing awakening experiences within the last couple of months.

We've made some serious decisions as far as where we are going in the direction of our lives.

We've had to cut out people and/or start new and more significant relationships. Some moved or had some changes in their home environment that they may or may not have had control over. The list of transformations in all areas of our lives goes on and on- maybe happening one at a time or seemingly all at once!

A lot of what you have seen- these endings and beginnings- would under normal circumstances be relatively permanent.

With Mercury retrograding things of the past (or near past) resurface so we can face them one more time and determine if the fate that we decided for it should remain the same or be altered and adjusted.

When the planet kicks back into a forward motion (a.k.a. "goes direct") we'll know for sure that the conclusion we've come to is right.
Don't be surprised if you hear or run into old friends or exes, previous employers, or if past job oppurtunities begin to call you back now. If you are looking for a job and a previous desired company calls you now to hire you and you decide to take the job- that is fine. If it feels right, do it. Antique shopping, selling your old car or belongings, cleaning out your closet and organizing, etc. are things that are supported during this Mercury Retrograde time.
So for once, let's rejoice in this opportunity to pause! You need a break- I need a break- we ALL need a break! Deep breaths in, label your important belongings, and back up your hard drives and you should (and WILL) be fine!