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Jessica Wiggan


Aquarius New Moon Details + Automatic Writing Ritual

New Moon appears Feb 4, 2019 at 3:04 pm CST.

February 4, 2019 we will each fall under the spell of the Aquarius new moon! This moon will stir within you the itch for independence, to find and travel towards places that tug at your curiosity, and a deeper need to connect with all of mankind as Aquarius energy is always thinking about the greater good!

For each of you this will be different depending on your own personal goals at the time of new moon but also based upon your natal chart. You’ll need to watch where your mind wanders, where your thoughts and conversation begins to flow, and things that are enticing and intriguing to you now. This is how the new moon will work its magick… in subtle not so obvious ways.

This is because Mercury is moving through Aquarius at the time of the new moon. New moons are notoriously quieter times (not as obvious and loud as full moons can be!) so the changes that it stirs are typically found beneath the surface, flying just under the radar but still felt strongly inside of you. This works to begin to help you to see where you need to plant seeds of intention, what doors are opening up for you and which paths you are being led to to take.

With the emphasis on Aquarius- the sign of the eccentric- you will without a doubt be guided to do things in a totally new way which may deviate from your norm. This is the cosmos way of keeping your life filled with fresh energy but also you stepping outside of your usual day to day will present you with new perspectives and connect you with new people who will need you in their lives and also people you can benefit from as well! Because Aquarius is so openminded it can bring in people from different cultures, places, lifestyles through unique friendships and connections! This can only happen, however, after you have decided to lace up and step out of your neighborhood, try new things, read new literature, study new topics, and be open to these exciting connections!

The Aquarius new moon sextiles Jupiter, the planet of abundance, growth, and knowledge! This creates a friendly energy that lifts this new moon with positivity and potential! I see many people will be signing up for new classes and even traveling! It’s like the cosmos are smiling and laughing as they are in a good mood- something you will feel as well! Focus on the positive, what you would want your life to look and feel like, places you want to go, and set intention that your steps are guided in that way!

Just a few days before this new moon Venus the planet of love, beauty, attraction, and even money moved into solid security providing Capricorn! This creates an extra safety net for you as you step out and explore. It seems finances will be protected and even benefit from connections you make during this moon. Be open to attracting income in from interesting avenues that are exciting and innovative! You may actually receive ideas from the universe as Mercury moving through Aquarius is quick and thinking outside of the box! The ideas that will flow in and the conversations that you have create more solid foundations for your relationships and moneymaking potential.

Lastly, Mars the planet of action is still moving strongly through the sign of Aries and also sends his support over to this moon. Mars is about what we can do and how we can do it so with this I’m seeing another nudge from the universe to take steps forward in the direction of things that ignite the fire of passion within you. You will need to be fearless and bold but you’ll quickly see how worth it will be! 

Automatic Writing Ritual


What exciting adventures is the universe brewing up for you? This new moon is perfect for using automatic writing to connect with Spirit and your guides.

Visualize a ring of fragrant flowers of your choosing around you. Lilies, peonies, and white roses are an awesome to choose but follow your heart or if there is something specific you love- choose that. These flowers are gifts from the Divine/Universe and will serve to protect you. Breathe in the scent of the flowers as you calm and center yourself. Ask you ancestors, guides, angels or the Divine to come to you during your meditation and ritual. With one hand holding your ink pen above the paper allow the messages to flow from spirit to paper without you trying to nudge or understand what is being written. You can find yourself drawing, writing symbols, or even numbers. Either way, allow it to flow. You’ll have a chance to examine it later.

When your hand finally calms down, thank you guides for helping you and providing insight for you in that moment. Close out the circle by dismissing them with love and light. Take some time to research the symbols and words that came through.


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