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Jessica Wiggan



Feb 19th Virgo Full Moon

A Banishing Ritual and Astro Details!

If there was ever a time to be open to banishing things or people from your life to make room for growth now is it! The full moon in Virgo happens on the 19th of February at 9:53am CST. Full moons typically work to bring energy to a boiling point that spills over in revelations and truth but for this moon in Virgo I see a nudge towards you making a move for yourself when it comes to your own wellbeing and peace of mind.

Virgo is the sign that connects you to your service to others, how you take care of yourself daily (especially when it comes to diet and lifestyle!), and who or what you have been giving the best of yourself to. This impacts not just Virgos or earth signs but all of the twelve signs of the zodiac as the full moon impacts us all. As above, so below!

The astrology chart pulled by Jess to show this full moon…

The astrology chart pulled by Jess to show this full moon…

At the time of this full moon Venus, Pluto, and Saturn are moving through Capricorn, the sign of hard work, commitment and dedication. A practical plan of action is what the cosmos are suggesting is needed to get this dream of yours or real lasting change to materialize. Pluto (planet of rebirth after endings), Venus (love, beauty), and Saturn (commitment and karmic lesson) have been together conversing on what they are working to bring and build in your life. Pluto and Saturn together are forgiving because they understand that for the last year (and for some of you even longer!) the lessons that they have been trying to teach have been tough and overtime can wear even the strongest down. They’re not done entirely done with their lessons that are given to you through your experiences, trials, and tests.

This full moon in Virgo is a culmination of all you learned so far coming to a head again in a way that allows you to examine and use discernment with what you will and will no longer accept in your life. In fact, Virgo vibe is connected to perfectionism- not because this earth sign believes that it is better than anyone else but because it understands that you are the one who actually deserves the best and most.

This full moon is a chance for you to examine and be critical of what you have been giving your energy to. Does it feed you as much as you have been feeding it? If it has seemingly been draining the life from you now is the time to cut the cord. Remember the energy of Pluto if you need help with this. Pluto rules destruction but what will help booster your confidence during the releasing process is the fact that anything that is removed from your life- whether you have cut the cord yourself or the universe does it for you- will then shapeshift into another form. Like the saying goes, “When one door closes another one opens” this is what you will also witness in your life because Pluto energy is that of the phoenix- both you and your cosmic blessing will rise from the ashes in a way that is somehow even more miraculously beautiful and better than before!

Now that you know this have fun with inviting fresh energy into your life! Choose what gives you peace, love, and happiness! The universe is encouraging you to be selective, to look at the fine print and detail of all that has approached you in your life. If something feels off- it is! Virgo energy is very sensitive to vibrations and it lends this gift over to all of the signs of the zodiac- including you!

Now, when it comes to manifesting your dream- pay attention to even the smallest detail that you know will make you feel most happy and fulfilled. Virgo doesn’t miss a thread when it is weaving the fabric of its intention and neither should you. Take your precious time when it comes to calling in what you desire and when taking steps towards your goals. Mercury (the planet that actually rules Virgo!) moves through Pisces and connects you to the power of spoken word and thoughts. Pisces (the sign that the sun sits in for this full moon) is the dreamer so your mind is filled with color, creativity, and incredibly imaginative!

Use this to your advantage! Maybe paint, sing, write a song that expresses your heart’s desires. Sing it out loud (or maybe under your breath if you are shy!) in order to give your intention power and to increase its magic.

If singing or creating isn’t your thing, I’ve creating a ritual and spell to help you banish from your life what no longer serves you!

Banishing Powder and Bottle Spell

Virgo energy is notoriously known for throwing out what no longer serves the greater good. It understands that clutter clogs up blessings from flowing in but also that it can just as easily stop you from being healthy, vibrant, and your best self if you are bogged down by heavy things that are toxic or do not serve to benefit you. Use this simple banishing powder to help remove from your life anything that you no longer want or need. Keep in mind that once this spell is performed and this thing is removed from your life- especially on the full moon- it is usually almost impossible to get it back. Use your discernment wisely. 

For the banishing powder you’ll need:

  • Black pepper

  • Bay leaves

  • Cayenne pepper

  • black salt or sea salt

  • Dragon’s blood powder (if you don’t have this then you can work without or burn and use rosemary leaf ashes)

Crush and mix it all up into a powder using a mortar and pestle. Put all of your emotion into it when it comes to the power and bravery of cutting toxic cords from your life.

The Spell:

Write down what it is that you wish to completely release. As you write make a note of how thinking about those things makes you feel. If you feel sad or low remember that what you are removing from your life has been toxic to you and you are protecting and empowering yourself by releasing it in full now. Good for you! As you write, realize that once this is released you are choosing to be the strongest version of you! You have chosen your vitality, your wellbeing, your peace and happiness!

When you are done writing down what you are banishing from your life (unhealthy habits, relationships, toxic thinking, poverty, clutter, etc.) roll up the paper (or feel free to burn into ash or rip the paper up) and add to the bottle, carefully. Add the banishing powder on top of the paper into the bottle. You are sealing and taking away its power completely.

Add the lid to the bottle and seal it with wax or tape- black electrical tape is my personal favorite because it creates a tight seal that is difficult to remove. Place the bottle somewhere far away from you where it will not be disturbed, throw it the garbage, or into a bonfire. As the moon diminishes in size as the days come take steps to create a healthier you. Next new moon we will work on attracting to replace the energy of what was released under the light of this full moon…


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