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Jessica Wiggan


Pisces New Moon Magick

BONUS: Lucid Dream Mojo Bag Instructions

Within everyone is a dream or a vision that seems impossible… until it manifests and comes to life! This is what is starting to brew in the stars for you at the timing of the Pisces new moon that is exact on March 6, 2019 at 11:03 am CST. 

Pisces is the sign that rules what the rest of the world thinks cannot be done. It connects you immediately to purpose, miracles, and intuitive direction. More people find their true love, create masterpieces of art or music, or experience miracles connected to their destiny under the influence of Pisces than any other sign and that is what I see in the astrology charts for our new moon!

The Pisces new moon is connecting you instantly to this greater vision or dream that you’ve been feeling and sensing for yourself. Usually, this involves the areas of life that it rules (art, love, healing, spiritual development, and purpose) but it is not limited to just that.

Internally you’ve been feeling a longing for something more profound for your life and this has been building up in the cosmos for quite some time. It’s not until you experience an alignment in the cosmos like the one that this new moon brings that is seems timing will be divine and perfect! Let’s break it down…

Saturn (structure and stability) and Pluto (transformation and rebirth) have been moving so slowly through the Capricorn breaking down outdated ways in your life, bonds that hold you back, and even toxic cling-ons in the form of people or circumstances. For the new moon, Saturn sends a soft beam of support- just enough to create a solid foundation for you to regain your footing when it seems like so much has been shifting under and around you for months! Without Saturn, the dream that you’ve been sensing at the new moon could never truly root or come to life. With Saturn, the lessons that he’s been teaching you within the last year apply now to help you create a solid bulletproof idea or plan of what you want and need to welcome in the next cosmic blessing into your life! Next to him is Pluto ushering you through guided steps to what is ultimately positively fated for you in your chart as he sits opposite of the north node in Cancer (the sign of emotional power, home, nurturing, and safety).

In the world of astrology, our eyes are watching Mercury (the planet of communication) who is retrograde at the time of the new moon. Many people find his retrograde period annoying because he (Mercury) is asking you to slow down, be conscious of your words and the things that you agree too, and also works to revamp plans he knows later will not serve a positive purpose for your life. When you see it from Mercury’s perspective you will see how much he is protecting you and that is something to be grateful for not irritated with. This is the same energy he brings to this new moon! He is asking you to slow down, check and double check your emails, be open to his revisions for your life because he is bringing back to you opportunities that you would have missed or at least the option to reconnect with people or things of the past that you could consider inviting back into your life. Soulmate connections that are intertwined from past lives will pop up now, neglected creative ideas stir to life, inspiration and messages that you’ve long forgotten seem to fly in through open windows of your life! All of this happens because of the magic of the Pisces new moon.

Jupiter (planet of abundance and expansion) also plays a strong role in this energy. Jupiter has been moving through Sagittarius and has been showing you a whole new world that is out there for you to explore and discover! You may have been learning so much about your spiritual self and journey, connecting with people of other cultures and places, or even have started new research or studies! For the Pisces new moon, he will send a surge of good feelings that will be the push you need to believe that- again- anything can happen for you and an important seed is waiting to be placed now that will unfold miracles in your life in the weeks, months, and years to come! Opportunities to travel, deepen your spiritual practice, or incredible strokes of luck are triggered at the new moon.

Your intuition and sensitivities will be heightened during this time but this is the universe’s way of speaking to you and guiding you to really feel what is good for you within the core of your Being. Because Pisces connects to miracles you will need to be open to the idea of what you think (or whatever you may think) is impossible. The universe can see the bigger picture and will send you downloads of intuitive information through signs and feelings that you will want to take seriously and respond to. Use mediation to instantly connect with these downloads of information beaming down and around you to guide you to the magic of what the Pisces new moon is working to bring!


Mojo bags are easy ways to carry or hold energy in one spot. Pisces rules the subconscious which can be observed through our dream state, so for lunar magick ritual we will be created a lucid dream mojo bag to tap into the full potential of Pisces energy.

Herbs Needed:

Jasmine, mugwort, lavender, crushed bay leaves

Quartz Crystal, a small sachet/pouch or tiny pillow that you can easily sew together using white or purple fabric.


The night of the new moon after your meditation blend the herbs into your sachet, pouch, or fabric pillow. Hold the crystal in your hand and set the intention for blessing, protection and guidance while you welcome in lucid or prophetic dreams. Stay open with your intention and don’t limit the crystal to the positive messages that it will bring into your life. Add the crystal to the pouch and place under your pillow. Before you fall asleep ask your angels and guides from the Highest lights of the universe to work with you to deliver messages you need to hear while you sleep. If there is something specific you want to know or hear feel free to ask for it. Document the details of your dreams upon waking in your dream journal.