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Jessica Wiggan

December 22, 2018 at 12: 48 pm EST is a potent supermoon in the sign of Cancer! Supermoons are powerful catalysts for change in our lives and after highs and lows of 2018 you’ll be relieved to focus on your own comfort, stability, family, and peace of mind- all of which this moon will bring. Full moons work to bring the rewards of our efforts to the forefront, any suppressed emotions to the surface, and push us into a place of divine vulnerability. This may sound frightening but what this does is connects you deeper to who you and your desires are. There is no hiding or holding back with these energies which helps you to see what has been stirring for you just below the surface. When you see, hear, and feel all you will then be able to make your move clearly and confidently- that is what this supermoon brings!

The supermoon falls in Cancer, the sign known for the power of its feelings and sensitivities. Of course full moons heighten your emotions but with Cancer this stirs them up even further! You may find yourself feeling tiny burts of nostalgia, contentment, joy, maybe even sadness…  this is all apart of the Cancer moon’s magic! It is showing you how certain things and peoples’ vibrations impact you so you’d be wise to listen to these emotional glimpses that are sending signals to help guide you! If something is making you feel weak- it is time to let it go. Don’t bring that energy into the new year where there are more opportunities for each of us then what we are being asked to now leave behind. Feelings of sadness are a signal that there is still healing and mourning that may need to happen. Remember, full moons brings culmination but also endings so there may be a few reminders of people or situations you were called to release and its okay to feel a sense of sadness with these things as long as you don’t allow yourself to sit and stew in the sadness indefinitely.

It’s important to mention that Cancer is one of the cardinal sings of the zodiac- meaning that they lead and bring change through their powerful actions, actions spurred by intuition and emotion! What this means for you is that your intuition and emotions will be signaled and triggered to help you make your own personal power moves! Connect again with how things make you feel to determine where and what you want and need to have a sense of contentment and security within your life.

For every sign you will need your own sacred space. Cancer rules the energy of retreat- the gift it is to pull back from the rest of the world to restore yourself, soothe, and implement nonnegotiable self care. This full moon reconnects you back to that space. If you don’t have one this is the time to create it or to make an adjustment to your self-care routine!

Venus (the planet of love, attraction, and beauty) connects beautifully with Neptune (the planet of illusion, healing, and fantasy). What this will work to do is surge ‘feel-good’ vibes into the essence of your intention. What you focus on and create during this time will be simply magical, ethereal, surreal. What do you need to make your home environment a space that is more comforting to you? In your intimate relationships focus on romance, building attraction & deepening connection. Sun sits in Capricorn supporting the moon and these aspects ensuring that these feelings and intentions are not fleeting but lasting. Saturn (ruling Capricorn) sextiles Venus in Scorpio- again this creates a bond and connection that not only is budding but has the potential to thrive and last!

With Uranus in close contact with the full moon there is an element of surprise that you will want to remain flexible with. This is a good thing however, because the cosmos are arranging themselves to hold its hand over your eyes and have a gift that should be pleasant Although there are events that are triggered by this moon that may be outside of your control there are still things that you can do to work with the energy of this full moon to help you connect and direct your magick in powerful ways!

Here is a ritual you can use to manifest your desires under the light of this incredible cancer full moon: 


Fill a glass, wood, or ceramic bowl with epsom salts, rose petals, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and jasmine. Mix thoroughly 3 times with a spoon focusing on your intent whether it be self love, comfort, luxury, beauty, peace, etc. Shower and cleanse the body first before you fill the tub with water and the soak. Light candles and incense to enjoy while you soak. Keep quartz or rose quartz near the tub or within the tub while you soak. Visualize your desires manifesting and infusing in your energy field, drawing them in to your aura. Soak for as long as necessary. 


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