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Transit Report- Week of March 14th- 20th, 2016


Transit Report- Week of March 14th- 20th, 2016

Jessica Wiggan

Moon Ocean

BehatiVibe Tribe- how have you been feeling this week?

The reason I ask is because I took a peek at the energy of this week after I received a few reading requests from people reporting that they too were feeling miserable and I feel that we are all being challenged.

For starters, we’re in eclipse time where movement, awareness, and circumstances can change quickly! This is awesome because this brings opportunity... but it’s the personal planets that I’m seeing that our effecting our day to day moods, especially the moon who rules the energy our day and our feelings.

Well, to put it mildly she is definitely being challenged- facing off with Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (unpredictable energy). Squaring (strong conflict) with Pluto she feels forced into her darker thoughts/feelings creating an intensity that we weren’t expecting following the energy of the new moon time. Our emotions can dip with this, and for some we can feel weepy, moody, or withdrawn. Meeting with the unpredictable planet Uranus tension increases and so does instability- one minute we can feel up and the next minute down. Also, with this transit the word “vulnerability” came to me- showing me that for a lot of you you may really be feeling vulnerable during this time & wanting to pull back and be quiet until things calm down, especially today since luna is moving through the sign of Cancer- where she feels at home, wants protection, and *will* withdraw into her shell until she feels safe enough to come out.

Sun (energy, vibrancy) squares with Saturn- this is fire and ice. With this we may feel burdened and pressure- from what, though? I wonder...

My loves, honor your feelings. You are not crazy for your feelings, you’re in tune to them. You don’t have to force anything to be- don’t exhaust yourself, or push yourself in a way that can exhaust you even further. Say no when you need to or take a rain check on anything that you just don’t have the energy for today. Again, this is eclipse time so you’re going to want to conserve your energy for the times when you need it and want to use it. Get adequate rest, talk with a friend, drink plenty of room temperature water (the moon is instantly connected to water and this energy needs to be nourished!), and connect with your core through the breathe.

If you need additional support or insight, I am here for you! Coaching, healing, and readings are available at J

Love and light to you all,

Jessica of BehatiLIFE