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Weekly Energy Read~ September 3- 8, 2019


Weekly Energy Read~ September 3- 8, 2019

Jessica Wiggan


Weekly Energy Read

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.”

Covering Sept 3- 8, 2019

Overall Energy of this Week- 2 of Wands, Queen of Swords


This week you are releasing the idea of PERFECTIONISM from others and of yourself. Hear me out first before you grown and roll your eyes, haha! You’d be surprised how this energy of perfection bleeds into your being without you even knowing that it’s shaping you with tension, chaos, and blocking blessing.

Overtime you can become (naturally) hardened by your experiences, particularly the moments that were most emotionally difficult to you. The scars left from those moments are tough. Sometimes you can physically see them and are reminded of what you have endured and other times the scar isn’t as obvious but when circumstances that look very similar to what has hurt you in the past show up in the present it can send you scrambling to “do better” or to guard yourself to prevent another ‘hurt’ from happening.

Does this make sense?

That desire to do better the next time is self protection but also it can manifest in perfectionism- doing things the right way to ensure a successful outcome or result. The thing is- nothing is ever truly perfect, right? Not you, not others, not circumstances and yet there is a divine perfection in that imperfection because somehow~ miraculously~ it all tends to fall into place and fit, usually when you are not trying or forcing ;)

This week when you feel yourself tensing up with resistance or the idea of perfectionism is fighting to take over take a deep breath with the intention that you are cleansing and releasing that tension, fear, resistance.

As you exhale you are releasing anxiety, negative thinking, and unhealthy attachments or beliefs.

Realize that with each breath you have a chance to start over fresh and new, kind of like hitting a reset button.

Your resistance and walls of self protection and boundaries that you put up should not be blocking out love, blessings, health, or your own growth so be mindful of that as you establish and enforce your healthy boundaries, okay?

Monday through Wednesday- 5 of Swords, Ace of Pentacles, and 5. of Wands (Reversed)


I feel strongly a call that needs to be made directly to the Divine- either through prayer or meditation but not so much intention. This call that you make focuses around you being open and asking for help. This year there has been a constant message and reminder to ask for help more than what you are already doing. It is not a sign of weakness to accept a helping hand, in fact it’s a sign of strength and its awesome that you have supportive resources around you that are there as tools and resources to aid in your success! Brilliant! One of those resources is your angels- guardian angels and the archangels, specifically. Maybe there is an ancestor that specialized in the things you are struggling with the most. Well, reach out and ask them to provide their assistance, insight and guidance and be open to ways that they are willing to teach you so that you can learn and grow!

Also, at the start of this week I need you to remember this: What is for you will not pass you and you are in competition with no one but yourself.

Look at relationships and connections where there is always a struggle or chaos. Why is that? You don’t need to answer that question now but see it for what it is and make the decision to put yourself in a space where you are being valued. To stay where you are not welcomed as you are in full is not a place that you need to entertain or stay in, especially if the people around you not only do not value you but are not being honest or respectful with your energy, time, or heart.

These next couple days you are welcomed to be a little ‘selfish’ or ‘self focused’- meaning that you don’t need to be there for everybody in the ways that they have grown to expect you to be. Somethings you truly should not be compromising on and if you sat with yourself and put one hand over your heart you would feel the effect that over compromising on certain things has over you…

Wednesday Through Friday- 6 of Swords, Justice, Knight of Cups


Ooo, I love this message…! A message that is coming through clear as day is: the universe works in overtime to restore balance to ALL things, always.

That is a part of what it was designed to do- give the energy and take it. Move with compassion knowing that are being carried consistently into a space to give you the most peace and balance, always. Even if you feel knocked off course or lost just letting yourself be still for that ‘moment’ (moment: a month, a year, a day, etc.) to be carried with the current of energy that this universe is a part of.

With that, watch what you hear and say these couple of days. STAY SOFT.

Friday through Sunday- King of Swords, Nine of Cups, Knight of Pentacles

What is most valuable to you? This weekend give your energy to that. Cancel out distractions, boo. They cost you too much.
Things to Prioritize: your health, heart, feelings of safety and security, peace of mind. Peace of mind is the big one because without that what are you able to attract and what are you able to enjoy…? Anything that threatens that needs to be healed internally or removed externally. You know what to do so step into the space of detachment to see with a logical sharp eye what needs to cleansed and removed. If you need rest, take it. If you need a plan, make it. If you need healing, go get it.

Sending you my love, babe! I hope this week is an abundantly good one for you :) What are you prioritizing in your life currently?