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Jessica Wiggan


Libra Full Moon & Magick Ritual

Cosmic Disruption for the sake of Harmony & Balance….

April 19, 2019 the sky will light up with energy of the full moon. Libra connects us each to the energy of balance, union, partnership, and beauty. But with this Libra full moon you are called to do some serious evaluating that may be difficult and unnerving to do. Full moons are the Universe’s way of bringing light to an area of your life that needs some additional attention and this is exactly what I see happening on or around the 19th of April, the night of the full moon.


First things first, Uranus (the planet of supreme and incredible change) sits almost directly opposite the moon, in the sign of Taurus. This is like setting down a bear trap, covering it with leaves, and forgetting where you placed it. Nerves are high, you can feel that something can snap, and you feel guided to watch your step and your words. Because Uranus is known to be unpredictable it can bring messages and changes that could flip on either side of the coin of feeling ‘good’ or ‘bad”.

The one thing that is sure is that wherever the universe erupts in your life now have most likely been set into motion for quite some time (sometimes under the radar, so you may have missed the signs) but spring to life when they are triggered.

Despite desiring partnership and connection you may actually find yourself experiencing the polar opposite as Uranus forces you to examine if you are actually better off branching out on your own.

Libra rules the energy of our full moon so if you are called to split from others it is because that partnership needs a little extra space to work itself out in way that will be healthy and constructive. You may find that there are better alliances out there for you, or you two are walking down separate paths. The other 50% of the population can actually experience a powerful moment of connection between you and someone or osemting else, as if the universe has guided your steps and mind to sync up and align. This ‘bear trap’ that was hidden under the leaves has a purpose of catching you off guard in a positive way, slowing you down, and enjoying a gift of connection!

For those of you guided to separate- this need for independence comes from more than just Uranus nudging a spontaneous split. The sun (opposite of the moon in Libra) is in Aries, the sign that brings reminders that sometimes to do what is best for you is to put yourself first. The sun is also experiencing tension with Saturn (planet of commitment and responsibility) and Pluto (planet of total transformation). Saturn and Pluto are highly stubborn planets that have been working to revamp and restructure life as you know it, so again it shows that these revelations that are still spilling in as you are learning quickly about who and what you want for yourself as well as what you can expect from others has been building up over time.


For some, balance is the main theme for the Libra full moon. What areas of your life have you truly been giving the most of yourself and where do boundaries need to be defined? It seems that there is a goal that you want to achieve and you are so strongly aligned with it. This is good, but there needs to be healthy give and take for all things and when the balance tips too far in one direction for too long there will be a consequence given to match the action.

Mars (the planet that rules your drive) is moving through Gemini but is getting bamboozled by Neptune’s energy at the time of the full moon. You may be relentless committed to a person, a project, an outcome but your steps to make things work and flow forward smoothly are confusing and seem to be tripping you up at this time. Be careful not to force anything. In fact, Libra is known for straddling the fence and not making decisions… this is what the full moon brings to you now is a moment to pause, observe, and feel what you feel first before you react.

We are all currently in a space where we are learning where we should be giving most of our attention and effort too and if you are open to listening to what the universe is trying to show you will benefit from any kind of restructuring and adjustments at this time. Because Saturn and Pluto are so close to perfecting a conjunction in Saturn- something we will all feel and experience on a global level- flexibility is needed for all developments and revelations made obvious to you at this time because arrangements are being made to not just serve you for the present but for the years to come!


The main ingredient for this spell involves basil an herb that can be commonly found in many homes or easily bought at a grocery store or garden center. Basil is simple but powerful for blessing businesses with growth, success, and prosperity. I choose this spell in particular because at the time of the Libra full Moon the universe will be doing most of the rearranging for you and you will be called to help it along, as needed. For this reason, basil’s quick and easy to access protection is there when you need it, if you feel you need it and will attract blessings and protection to you instantly. Also, basil has many purposes- so this works for love, work, money, health, etc.

  1. Chop or shred a handful of basil leaves (fresh).

  2. Place the fresh basil in a ceramic bowl and pour a cup of hot water over the leaves.

  3. Let it steep from anywhere between 3 hours to 3 days, the longer the better.

  4. Strain and pour into a jar when you are ready to use it.

  5. Sprinkle the potion over your office, your home, or yourself depending on what needs protection, blessing, and growth at the time of the full moon.