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May's Daily Healing "Challenge"

Jessica Wiggan

Tarot Challenge.JPG

+ BehatiLIFE’s May Daily Healing Challenge +

I invite you to join me in another (highly requested!) tarot& oracle challenge! This month we’ll be focusing on “HEALING”- on all levels!

Before we get started here are the guidelines:

1. Take your time & work at your own pace! Start when you start, take breaks as needed. These explorations are highly enlightening but can also be draining. Honor your heart & energy, catch up when you can or follow along as it feels good to you.

2. Feel free to share or be private. This is a highly sensitive/vulnerable exploration- many things can pop up, some you may wish to not to share. Of course, I encourage you to post with #BehatiVibeTribe and tag @BehatiLIFE to share & connect with our community but understand & support you in keeping somethings private.

3. Journaling what shows up is HIGHLY recommended- even if at first it doesn’t completely make sense! Most people find their cards to be super enlightening & contribute to their growth- if not now then it makes sense later J

4. Send me your questions or comments if you need support- we’re a family here! I’m here for you to lean on when you need it J

Are you ready? I’m so excited! Let’s get started…


1. Throughout this challenge- what should I remember & stay focused on in regards to my own healing?

2. What in my life is in need of the greatest healing?

3. What is the best way to heal this area now?

4. What areas or places that need healing in my life do I neglect?

5. What has been my greatest wound?

6. How do I heal from this wounded space?

7. What can I learn from this wound?

8. How does this wound help me/will help me in the future?

9. Where/How does this wound sometimes trip me up?

10. How can I use my wounded space to help others?

11. How/Where in my life am I currently transforming?

12. What is the advice of the angels as I transform/evolve now?

13. How can I restore myself when I feel low or am hurting?

14. Open Angel Message

15. Open Angel Message

16. Root Chakra Healing

17. Sacral Chakra Healing

18. Solar Plexus Healing

19. Heart Chakra

20. Throat Chakra

21. Third Eye Healing

22. Crown Chakra

23. What areas of my love life need attention/healing?

24. What areas of my professional life need attention/healing?

25. What areas of my physical body need attention/healing?

26. Mentally what needs healing/attention?

27. What advice can you give me for spiritual healing?

28. Open Angel Message

29. Open Angel Message

30. Open Angel Message

31. Open Angel Message

I'm so excited to begin to shuffle, explore, and heal along with you all! I'll be joining in (of course!) and you can see what I pull as well as insight I receive on Instagram- @BehatiLife :)